McClaughry: Montpelier climate protest

By John McClaughry

First a climate mob interrupted the workings of the Vermont House. Then another bunch of climate protesters stopped the Strolling of the Heifers Parade in Brattleboro. Last week they struck again — not the same individuals, but the same climate-intoxicated friends of civil disobedience. They won’t be satisfied until, well what? The climate stops changing?

Guy Page

Simon Bennett (in green skirt) reads Extinction Rebellion climate change demands Tuesday morning on State Street in Montpelier while lines of cars, unable to turn onto State Street, idle at a nearby stop light.

This last protest took place all morning long last Tuesday, on an intersection on State Street in downtown Montpelier. The “Extinction Rebellion” climate change mob stopped traffic all along State Street. This mob demanded “immediate, overwhelming government response to the climate emergency”… saying “we do not trust our government … we demand a Citizen’s Assembly to oversee the changes as we rise from the wreckage, creating a democracy fit for purpose.”

Eyewitness Guy Page, who publishes State House Headliner report, observed that the protest got the attention of both Montpelier and Vermont State police, all of whom told him that the protesters were in violation of their permit because they were blocking traffic. There were, of course, no arrests.

Maybe it’s time for ordinary Vermonters to make demands. Try this: “We demand that climate change civil disobedience protesters be arrested, booked, put before a judge, and if convicted, sent off to a rustic camp up in Essex County without their cell phones to plant carbon dioxide-sucking trees for a week or two.”

That sounds reasonable, but it won’t happen, because weak-kneed prosecutors will let them off.

John McClaughry is vice president of the Ethan Allen Institute. Reprinted with permission from the Ethan Allen Institute Blog.

Image courtesy of Guy Page

10 thoughts on “McClaughry: Montpelier climate protest

  1. “FROM OCCUPY TO EXTINCTION REBELLION – Exposing the Common Purpose”
    XR but another astroturfed movement employing paid whip-crackers and naive braindead bots as volunteers coming to a neighborhood near you from Paris-Accordville courtesy of EU and its man-behind-the-curtain – bagman and globalist goon Georgey Soros. And preaching same climate-change end-of-the-world gospel including 12-year expiry date used by Soros- plant in US congress – infamous bombthrower Ms Cortez and Green New Deal nuttiness.

    I smell VPIRG youth activism involvement.Tis the season of friendly bikeriders appearing at door politely requesting donations. Website info includes pending legislation.
    Comfy-cozy relationship with State House is well known as they share the same bed and would explain so-called in-session State House ‘protest’. Suspiciously sanguine behavior of LE – Montpelier/VSP non-response and VT media blackout is well, strange:
    “This appears to be based on a prior agreement with the Metropolitan Police Force. From both Extinction Existence spokespersons and the Met there have been widely reported statements about the light-touch the police have taken towards protesters.”
    Oh and valiant defense of publically-employed Lt.Gov Mr Zuckerberg making ‘surprise’ appearance at “Strolling” debacle including he and LE praising the protesters…Sound familiar?

    Globalist inspired and corporately linked movement:
    Which brings to mind VPIRG-connected beneficiaries of their activist and donor-largesse: VT lawmakers plus wind and solar company owners who must be getting mighty itchy for the passing of statute which would outlaw carbon buildouts in VT and resultant windfall. Passing of which represents a corporate monopoly using the same drumbeat of alarmism as pretext for the “Emergency”.

  2. The only guy missing from this misguided mob is Don Quijote. He had better luck with his wind mill than these clowns fighting a myth.

  3. What ever happened to the Harri Crishnas at the airports? I had this really funny vision of these climate a**holes dressed up like the Crishnas.They were singing Harri climate,Harri climate, climate climate,Harri Harri.

    It does seem like it’s a religion for them.

  4. The fact that have not seen one statement from any state official about this terrorism, tells us that we do not have one person in Mount Stupid — including all the high level bureaucrats that should be there — because not one of them cares about the “people.” Its only about “their” liberal agenda.

  5. Thanks John. Post Script- next day police said traffic disruption caused accident on Main street. Sort of Vermont climate policy in microcosm – more pollution and human suffering now for longterm “gain”.

  6. Don’t forget the VPIRG gang that shows up at your door bothering you at home. They are more sophisticated in their approach but the end result is just as crazy. They want your money to steel your freedom of choice and to use it for the climate change religion. Just like politicians who promise a better world, VPIRG does the same and they trick people into supporting them. It’s all politics all the time. Most of these people are not from Vermont. The police allow it to continue.

  7. Why is it that these liberals can pull whatever they want and get away with it but when it’s a conservative cause, our government does all that they can to stifle or stop the event?
    where’s the right to free speech then?
    All those people should have been arrested. period, no excuses

  8. “This mob demanded “immediate, overwhelming government response to the climate emergency”… saying “we do not trust our government … we demand a Citizen’s Assembly…”

    Um…we have a “Citizens Assembly” of sorts…aka US congress and State House. In VT these climate-hoax alarmists are the terrorist wing of “the government” they claim to distrust aka “Citizens Assembly”…just as the so-called kids supposedly ‘demanding action’ from “Citizens Assembly” are the tip of their gungrabbing parents spear…and our lawmakers.

    Quite sure ‘activists’, and their t-shirt/sign manufacturing organizers poutrage could be assuaged by a lil ole carbon tax…the bigger the better…

    Leadership starts at the top. So looks like TJ and sidekick Phil Scott have added their friends – the climate-change hoaxsters – blocking our roadways along with excessive-speeding illegal immigrants aka criminals to the “DO NOT STOP” and “DO NOT ARREST” list and another protected-status to the official “Sanctuary State” policy. Make no mistake this ‘policy’ would not be in effect if our leaders weren’t giving Aid And Comfort to the Enemy of the ppl – aka ordinary working Vermonters…iow *we don’t count*.

  9. The next time there’s something I don’t like on the agenda at the Statehouse, I’ll block traffic in Montpelier, Burlington, Winooski and Colchester. Let’s see who’s ‘special’ in this state and who isn’t.

  10. Lock these fools up, if they are blocking Streets & Traffic the police need to do there
    job have them move or be arrested………..

    Hell, I’d just ” Taz’em ” ……….lesson learned !!

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