McClaughry: Meet your new climate government

By John McClaughry

Now, with the legislature overriding Gov. Phil Scott’s veto of the Global Warming Solutions Act, the new Vermont Climate Council is in business. It has eight ex officio members from the current administration, plus 15 citizens chosen by the legislative leadership that engineered the veto override.

Interestingly, three of the four legislative leaders who made those appointments are no longer with us: Lt. Gov. David Zuckerman, defeated 2-1 by Gov. Scott, Sen. Tim Ashe, defeated in the Democratic primary for Lt. Gov., and Speaker Mitzi Johnson. Johnson was defeated in her own legislative district by two Republicans who hammered her for peddling GWSA.

From their published biographies, the 15 legislative appointees are an impressive bunch. Notable among them is Jared Duval, the executive director of the Energy Action Network (EAN), the climate activist umbrella group of businesses, nonprofits, utilities and colleges. He is one of at least eight EAN members appointed.

John McClaughry

John McClaughry is vice president of the Ethan Allen Institute.

Another is Vermont Natural Resources Council lobbyist (the most prominent of their 14) Johanna Miller, coordinator of the Vermont Environment and Climate Action Network. Liz Miller, a lawyer at Green Mountain Power, was commissioner of Public Service and point person for Gov. Peter Shumlin when he launched his climate change crusade in 2011. She later served for three years as his chief of staff.

Richard Cowart is an internationally known expert on “greenhouse gas program design.” He chaired the Public Service Board (now Vermont Public Utility Commission) for 13 years under Govs. Kunin and Dean. He also chairs the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation that manages $47 million a year from a PUC tax on electric bills to promote home weatherization. At the same time he is a principal in the innocuously named Regulatory Assistance Project, which works in Montpelier (and other states and countries) to push “decarbonization” legislation.

Onetime Shumlin Secretary of Transportation Sue Minter, now CEO of Capstone Community Action, was named to represent low income organizations that have lobbied strongly for a carbon tax like the ESSEX Plan. They want the low-skill jobs promised by home weatherization, and of course want to make sure that any carbon tax revenues are used to compensate low income families to offset the burden of higher fuel costs. In her campaign for governor in 2016 Minter advocated a regional motor fuel tax program, later to emerge as the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) that will be before the 2021 Legislature.

Both Minter and Liz Miller are consultants to the Conservation Law Foundation, which sued the state of Massachusetts in 2016 to force its Department of Environmental Protection to move faster to curb greenhouse gas emissions under that state’s GWSA. The Vermont GWSA authorizes “any person” to sue the state for the same purpose, and CLF will most likely be the plaintiff. If it “substantially prevails” its legal costs will be reimbursed by the taxpayers.

Four appointees were named to represent business. Chad Farrell is a solar farm developer, and Adam Knudsen manufactures solar plus storage installations. Michael Schmell represents the fuel sector. The fourth is Kelly Klein, a mead brewer in St. Albans.

The roster includes a student from Hyde Park, representing “youth,” who says she is “passionate about environmental, racial, ethnic, social, educational, mental health and human and Earth rights.”

Rounding out the team are an organic farmer from Wilmington, the state climatologist from the Sustainability Graduate Institute at Goddard College, a Nature Conservancy microbiologist, and two regional planning commission executive directors.

What 14 of these 15 appointees have in common — or they wouldn’t have been appointed — is an unquestioning belief in the legislatively declared climate emergency, and the determination to make little Vermont a pioneer in appearing to do something about it.

You might wonder who didn’t get represented. Fuel oil dealers have their lone voice to keep in business the companies that deliver gasoline, diesel fuel, home heating oil and propane to Vermont customers. Aside from the mead brewer, the remaining two business representatives are dependent on solar subsidies for the success of their enterprises.

Where is the voice of the people who consume and rely upon energy? Mack Molding? Keurig Dr Pepper? Killington Mountain Resort? General Dynamics? Global Foundries? OMYA? Agrimark? Automaster?

Where is the voice of truckers, loggers and motorists? Of schools, colleges, hospitals, and stores? Of the usual involuntary financiers of grand liberal schemes, the taxpayers?

None of these are represented. From the viewpoint of the GWSA boosters, all of those interests are, by relying on fossil fuels, helping to send planet Earth hurtling toward Al Gore’s Heat Death. Why should they have a voice?

The eight members from the Scott administration will try to represent those forgotten interests, but by legislative design they will be outnumbered 14-9.

John McClaughry is vice president of the Ethan Allen Institute.

Images courtesy of Public domain and John McClaughry

60 thoughts on “McClaughry: Meet your new climate government

  1. Yes, Willem: But isn’t it a worthwhile investment if it stops the sea level from rising, prevents major hurricanes, stops wild fires, and saves our spaceship earth?

    • If the sea levels are rising why did Obama buy a 10 million dollar mansion on the Vineyard. Or did he buy scuba gear to go with it.

      • James – just like the mask mandate so brazeny not followed by useless bureaucrats and governing elites. Fauci was caught not wering mask and said he took it off to sip water.

        Climate Alarmist cult know it’s pure bs or they’d all be headed for high country. It’s part of the globalist agenda(s) of controlling the populace and returning us to an easy to control feudalistic society.

    • Sir, do you have any idea, on Earth, where how this extremely massive amount of water
      needed to raise sea levels as much as a single inch. Imagine the arithmetic for the hundreds of digits needed for the calculation
      I don’t think anyone can even guess how many trillion trillion gallons of such water could be gathered
      for a 1 inch increase..

      Please don’t say iceburgs – they are 80+% underwater even now.

    • The RE folks want you to think they are Moses parting the Red Sea.

      They don’t believe in that, but they think it is a good ploy to scare people into handing them more RE subsidies for decades.

      We can stop GLOBAL WARMING with more subsidies, is their mantra.


    In general, almost all people have not a clue regarding how much it would cost to “meet Paris by 2025”.
    Luckily, EAN has a plan, but did not provide a capital cost.

    Luckily, I have about 40 years of experience estimating the cost of energy systems, so I prepared an estimate of the capital expenditures, CAPEX.

    Based on my experience, I judge EAN’s measures to “meet Paris by 2025” a complete fantasy.

    However, such nonsense is lapped up by Legislators, who know next to nothing about energy systems, and by the GWSA Committee of 23.

    1) EAN wants to have on the road 90,000 additional EVs, at a cost of $3.6 billion, plus chargers, at a cost of $0.18 billion, to reduce CO2, but if the CO2 analysis is performed on an A-to-Z basis, 190,141 EVs would be required, at a cost of $7.61 billion, plus 190,141 chargers, at a cost of $0.38 billion.

    2) EAN wants to perform 90,000 deep retrofits of houses, at a cost of $2.7 billion; regular weatherization, at $10,000, is grossly inadequate.

    3) EAN wants to install 90,000 air source heat pumps for space heating in the 90,000 upgraded houses, at a cost of $0.45 billion to reduce CO2, but if the CO2 analysis is performed on an A-to-Z basis, 139,385 ASHPs would be required, at a cost of $0.7 billion

    4) EAN wants to install 90,000 ASHPs for domestic hot water in the 90,000 upgraded houses, at a cost of $0.27 billion

    5) EAN wants to increase wind turbines on pristine ridgelines, at a capital cost of $0.10 billion
    6) EAN wants to increase solar systems from 438.84 MW of panels to 1000 MW of panels, at a cost of $0.57 billion
    7) EAN wants to increase grid expansion/augmentation, at a cost of $0.1 billion
    8) EAN wants to install battery systems to fight DUCK-curves, at a cost of $0.9 billion, and pay solar system owners $0.3 billion for curtailments, as part of “Fortress Vermont”.
    9) EAN wants to increase in state hydropower, at a cost of $0.09 billion

    Total CAPEX would be $9.25 billion, of which short-life systems would be $5.7 billion, but if the CO2 analysis is performed on an A-to-Z basis, the CAPEX would be $13.7 billion, of which short-life systems would be $10.15 billion.

    ALL THAT BY END 2025!!!

    • Besides all this, VAST amounts of new electricity will be magically needed, not possibly
      available from 8 hours of day light SOLAR available in Winter, notably our heating season?

      This push for electric, when , after an endless fight, we destroyed our most valuable and safe electric source Vermont Yankee.

      65 years ago I survived the CERTAIN Coming of the disasterous! Horrible! 1950’s ICE AGE!!

      • Doug,

        I attended a seminar in the 60s, with one speaker, from Texas, claiming the US would shortly be running out of natural gas.

        A lot of people were sort of scared about that.

        Not me, I told them the world had gas for hundreds of years.
        All we had to do is develop technologies to get it.

        And guess what, the US did.

  3. “Climate government?”

    But it is not democratic, not controlled by the people, hence unAmerican.

    “Climate directorate” would be more appropriate

  4. The AGW cabal is a fanatic religion; they are confirmed dogmatists. If their dogmatic universe was geocentric, they would persecute (if not incinerate) any disputants. They would demonize them, bury their argument like the MSM buried the Hunter hard drive. Estimates have been voiced that we have a six hundred year fossil fuel reserve. O.K., maybe that’s hyperbole – let’s say three hundred. Three hundred years ago we heated, cooked with wood. Traveled by horse, by sailing ship. Walked to the outhouse. Chased the darkness with tallow or whale oil. Is it reasonable to assume that, given another three hundred years, mankind’s technology will advance enough to do without fossil fuels? We might even have flashlights you don’t have to bang against something to get them to light. And Vermont isn’t going to have any control whatsoever of the climate short of having its own volcano.

  5. Vermont contributes 0.1% to the total US carbon emissions. Think about that if we go 100% electric everything we stop 0.1% of the problem!! At what cost? Vermont is already in the top 5 of most expensive states to live in.
    Real lack of common sense!!

  6. Just wondering why the abundant, sustainable, green, inexpensive, and readily available hydro electricity from our very near neighbor to north – Hydro Quebec – doesn’t receive even a mention… from anyone?

    Everything is relative. If you want accountability, establish a basis. Vermont already uses HQ power. And there’s enough HQ power available to run the entire State – today – for less than half the cost of any of the other so-called ‘green’ alternatives.

    If alternate recommendations can’t compete with HQ power, then ………..?

    • It has NEVER been about the environment.


      Which is why commons sense environmental issues are always avoided.

    • Using one energy producer for our energy needs is not a good idea – we need competition – they all should be allowed to compete minus any subsidies to reduce the price. Also – GMP is Canadian owned – I do not believe that sale should have been allowed. There have been past problems concerning HQ.

      • I am NOT saying alternative sources shouldn’t be allowed to compete. Just the opposite. I said that HQ Power, as the currently least expensive, greenest, most abundant energy available should establish a basis for other alternatives. If those alternatives can’t compete, go with HQ. When the alternatives can compete, well…?

        It’s all about the free market. Subsidized wind and solar, even nuclear and natural gas, are just that…subsidized…crony capitalism foisted on us by ‘factions’. Why would anyone not want to use the least expensive, least intrusive power source available, and THEN use the savings to invest in alternatives – if the free market risks and rewards justify the investment?

        Past concerns are just that… in the past. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

        • Free Market – exactly come join the club – mebership is free lol. My comment stated that there should be *No Subsidies* but that all should be competing in the mix including HQ. It is actually the power companies that choose what gets into the mashup – grid operators aslo have some sway.

          If wind and solar or any wish to compete with no subsidies they will *all* need to find efficient ways to make their product more affordable. It could be that HQ *is* last man standing – if so would need strongly worded conditions in the contract to prevent past problems.

          • …if so would need strongly worded conditions in the contract to prevent past problems…

            …or, buy your electricity elsewhere. Your call.

            But if I’m allowed to choose, today, I would buy HQ power and cut my electric bill in half. Otherwise, I’m always willing to buy something faster, better and cheaper.

            The point is: today – HQ power is the best deal on the block. And all we can do, unfortunately, for now at least, is stay in the face of this energy cabal and/or go off-grid on our own.

        • Jay,

          Solar is by far the most expensive electricity on the Vermont grid, about 21 c/kWh, not counting the cost of other generators adjusting their outputs, about 1.0 c/kWh, plus not counting the grid-augmentation/expansion to accommodate solar, about 1.0 c/kWh

          Having more SOLAR would disturb the distribution grids, which would require VERY EXPENSIVE, custom-designed, site-specific, utility-scale battery systems, with 15-year lives, that would add about 20 c/kWh, just to store solar at midday and supply it during late afternoon/early-evening (peak hours).

          That would be off-the-charts idiotic.

          I have written this to all legislators, but NEVER hear a peep, even from Republicans.

          The COMMITTEE likely will ignore me as well, because that would interfere with lining their pockets at everyone else’s expense

      • Stardust, just to add something to your revelation: GMP is not only Canadian owned, it is owned by the government of Quebec!

    • As a follow up to Jay’s comment on Hydro-Quebec:

      I recently suggested in writing to a member of the House Committee on Energy and Technology who vocally and strongly supports the GWSA that clean, cheap, reliable and renewable Hydro Quebec power be considered as an option in the battle against climate change……….No response from this legislator on the Hydro-Quebec option.

      One would think that the option of hydro-power would be at the very top of the list of energy alternatives to meet GWSA goals……..Apparently not……Low cost, clean, available, reliable and renewable energy is not of interest to this member of the House Committee on Energy and Technology or at least he doesn’t want to talk about it…….Wonder why?……..Could it be that hydro is not on the wind and solar industry’s approved list of energy options that has been pounded into the heads of our legislators over the years by the wind and solar lobbyists?

      • Of course, they don’t respond. This is what ‘factions’ do. After all, many of the legislators and appointed oligarchs are personally invested in the alternatives they vote to subsidize. It’s ‘crony capitalism’… in spades.

    • The real reason H Q is not on the list of desirable alternatives (if carbon emissions are the real bugaboo) is because no one from VT can CONTROL HQ. These fools are using the carbon emissions argument to foist control of our lives on a minute by minute ritual. This is the real goal, and has been all along. The folks who voted to unseat Johnson, Zuckerman, Ashe, and perhaps some others see through this GWSA nonsense and do not want any part of it. Oh, there were other kingfish that bit the dust in Rutland County; Robin Chestnut-Tangermann and David Potter. We have a few more that probably will be on the list in two years, such as Sen Hooker, Rutland County as well. The people that unseated these taxers and spenders, did a good job of explaining the voting records of these unseated folks. The majority of taxpayers don’t have a clue how the voting records of elected legislators impact the tax bill. Taking the time to explain those impacts pays dividends on election day. Congratulations to the winners who will be representing constituents as needed.

  7. What this legislative overreach provides is a excellent opportunity for those who believe in smaller practical and less ideologically driven Vermont state government.

    While Governor Scott should definitely challenge the constitutionality of this legislation, should that not succeed, the impracticality and costs of that will result from this legislation should become the center piece of the next election cycle just two years away.

    A successful campaign strategy might well be not to debate the issue of climate change, but the impracticality of taking such sweeping action on a global issue by a small state like Vermont. Once the details of the so called “solutions” that will be proposed become evident, many people, even a good deal of those concerned about our warming planet, will realize the many costs and the extremely limited benefits of this flawed legislation

    • John,

      “practicality and cost that will result from GWSA”

      Here are some numbers to achieve Phase 1, a 26% CO2 reduction from 2005 levels, by 2025, TO “ACHIEVE PARIS”, as inspired by Duval of EAN

      GWSA essentially is a big stick, wielded in a threatening manner, by Vermont’s RE interests, to hit Vermonters over the head to cough up lots of money out of their empty pockets, to implement the VT CEP, including highly subsidized wind and solar systems that produce expensive, weather-dependent, seasonal electricity, that would do nothing regarding climate change.

      VT CEP Financial Implications:

      Almost no one, including most legislators, have any idea regarding the reductions of CO2 and the turnkey capital cost to achieve them.

      Here is a brief summary of the turnkey capital cost of Phase 1, i.e., reduce CO2 by at least 26% below 2005
      The below CO2 emissions reductions for Phases 1, 2, and 3 are based on the VT-CEP goals, as mandated by GWSA.

      Phase 1

      26%+ below 2005, i.e., (1 – 0.27) x 10.22 = 7.46 MMt, by Jan. 1, 2025, to “meet Paris”
      The Council would take about a year to develop plans, which means most of 2021 would have elapsed before any action.

      The actual CO2 reduction would be from 9.02, at end 2018 (latest numbers) to 7.46, Jan. 1, 2025, or 1.56 MMt, during the years 2022, 2023, and 2024, effectively a 3-y period.

      The turnkey capital cost would be about 1.56/2.28 x 13.70 = $9.37 billion, or $3.12 billion/y
      The CO2 reduction appears to be a physical and financial impossibility.
      See table 1 and Note.

      Phase 2

      40%+ below 1990, i.e., (1 – 0.40) x 8.59 = 5.15 MMt, by Jan. 1, 2030
      The CO2 reduction would be 7.46, Jan 1, 2025 – 5.15, Jan. 1, 2030 = 2.31 MMt, during the 5-y period
      No capital cost estimate was made.

      Phase 3

      80%+ below 1990, i.e., (1 – 0.80) x 8.59 = 1.72 MMt, by January 1, 2050
      The CO2 reduction would be 5.15, Jan. 1, 2030 – 1.72, Jan. 1 2050 = 3.43 MMt, during the 20-y period
      No capital cost estimate was made.

      I sent this to all legislators.
      Not one peep from any of them, including Republicans!!!

      The 21-CLUB/COMMITTEE likely will be just as responsive.
      Full speed ahead to their NIRVANA, i.e., line their pockets with state and federal gold.

      Vermont is getting worse than California.
      TESLA likely will move out of California to TEXAS
      Oracle Systems, the largest database company in the world, is moving from California to TEXAS.

  8. ” Stick this where and when the sun don’t shine” That is what I ask this Klimate Kabol to do with their plans.
    And do stop all fossil fuels from being available or delivered to any of these advocates. Let them eat cake!!!

    Everything Neil Johnson said and more. “? members from “Business?” Are you kidding? Do you see any of them heating their homes or driving electric trucks to put those huge “solar” arrays on the neighbors roof.

    All this and our new “Pre$$ident From China”. “Probable Deniability” about his ongoing preference$$$
    Biden loves China, and China knows that “power is power”, and is building coal fired plants as fast as possible!!

    Same illigitimates who stole our sole nuclear plant which provided perfect power for 50 years

    • AND, let them recharge their solar cars and heat their solar homes on a long winter NIGHT!?!?! Precious 8 hours of sometime sun right now

  9. Do most young people, especially students in this state, even know that 25,000 years ago the Laurentide ice sheet covered New England? And that approximately 13,000 years ago it largely completed the melting process south to north across Vermont, ultimately forming what is now known as Lake Champlain? Clearly the earth has been warming for a considerable amount of time and there is scientific research which supports these events. Much of what is occurring is natural. Forcing us to use alternative heat, transportation and electric sources will not reverse the trend.

    • The young people of this state (and others) have not been taught anything but the “science” of the NWO. They have been taught that they can control climate, viruses, morality, and a wealth of other things via legislation, mandates, and dictates. They lack the ability to think for themselves and have only been taught to parrot the ideologies of their “educators”. Common sense, rational thought, and patriotism have been lost to the last two generations of young folks. Our society and culture has done them a great disservice and we are now reaping the harvest of what has been sown.

  10. It’s the liberal playbook in action, folks. Just go back and review anything over the years that fits the “we know what is best for you, and by gory we are about to bring it on” concept. The Demise of Vt Yankee was the first warning.
    The problem here is this: they have gone too far without any significant resistance.
    There had better be some now or we will be in a world of hurt , as much or more as from the federal non-sense poised to take over on 20 Jan.
    It will never end unless we all become pro-active like we have never done prior to.

  11. Welcome to the New World Order!

    Signed and agreed to by George Bush Sr., when wa that? 1993? I forget the date, down in Rio ?

    And we for our own newest little new World Order plant in Vermont, little miss Molly Gray, who doesn’t meet the most basic requirement of being a citizen and having lived here for four years. Everyone in politics, who have been sworn to defend our rifle of law, the constitution, sit by and are too afraid to even ask for a ruling by a judge.

    Gov scott? Deb Billado? Sen Benning? Deb Bucknam?

    Everybody slams me for not being a good conservative, not towing the party line that is all for America!

    Who’s defending me against employer mandated vaccinations?
    Who’s defending my right to keep my business open?
    Who’s defending the assurance our election was legit and followed our rules?

    We need a reformation.

    We are getting the New World Order instead! You’ve been sold out, traitors or weak, take your pick. Hope you enjoy you new mandates from the United nations! While people fought within because of a divided party and parties focused on party defense not American defense, we are in our current position.

    just like they planned. They can refer to all whom the shoe fits, one being a former Republican, George Bush Sr. president no less.

    • Agenda 21 signed by GW, name has changed a few times plan still the same, implemented by all those lobbyists and PAC’s John so elequantely pointed out.

      Most of the people ion both parties has gone along with this, through being uninformed or part of plan.

      The people are shouting our leaders are very quiet, shhh don’t rock the boat we have a coup going on, we don’t want anyone to know until it’s over.

      Sun Tzu , the Art of War. The highest form of war, is to take over a country with out firing a shot.

      I know not what God has planned, thankfully we’ve been given wonderful advice in how to conduct ourselves, from slave to tyranny he gives us good advice. I am very troubled and sad, for it appears we may not have been able to keep our wonderful, beautiful republic.

      • I have in the past supported all those of whom I mentioned, I have definitely been part of the problem. Please forgive me.

        We all need to change our direction, self included. Please forgive those as we also ask for forgiveness. But make no mistake, we need to change our directions and actions, I think the proper term is repent, politically and spiritually. TGBTG

      • We are on the cusp of WW3 which could happen any day and by some accounts has begun – there’s plenty of evidence. I’m standing in solidarity with the best game in town which is contained in the patriot Republican Party want and will studiously avoid the Brownshirted Democrats or their leftist surrogates whenever possible.

    • False dichotomy much lol. Each time Democrat legislators rear ugly head going full-Marxist on us, typical response is to straw-man conservatives with blame for the newest outrage. But never Dems – tho they appear as begrudgingly included. And Chancellor Phil *is* opposing this.

      Personally find the vitriolic hatred, death threats and continual beatdown of conservatives courtesy of Democrat party and their terrorist wing Antifa as well as the terrorist caucus in congress frightening. Kindly remember they do not believe conservatives should have a voice in the public square or even be alive.

      Old-school Dems merely look the other way and keep voting for traitors to our nation and their globalist goals. Tho Republicans can be added to the mix – more Rs which includes the Freedom Caucus are not of that feather – there are *no* Dems.

      Our president is falsely accused of everything under the sun and blamed for each adverse event known to man – as he says it is not him they are after it is we his supporters – he’s just in the way, however it we patriot conservatives who are blamed for his presidency.

      Adding your voice to the chorus by also blaming conservatives and further blaming our leadership – tho not new deeply offensive and demoralizing – how is this comment and position any different from the rest of the aforementioned Democrat voices? May I suggest you write own thread on the topic – additionally could write an open letter to each or all of our leaders.

      • Who’s defending me against employer mandated vaccinations?
        Who’s defending my right to keep my business open?
        Who’s defending the assurance our election was legit and followed our rules?

        And we for our own newest little new World Order plant in Vermont, little miss Molly Gray, who doesn’t meet the most basic requirement of being a citizen and having lived here for four years.


        Trump is.

      • The VT GOP is good enough and strong enough to take some criticism and perhaps think of a course correction. Many of us who vote would cherish a slightly different course of action and slightly different plan, as we want the best and we want better results. If something doesn’t work it’s no big deal, let’s try something different.

        • — Neil Johnson: “You’ve been sold out, traitors or weak, take your pick. Hope you enjoy you new mandates from the United nations! While people fought within because of a divided party and parties focused on party defense not American defense, we are in our current position.”

          Reply not the point. Blaming conservatives including officials each time Democrat Party members pull another fast one – predictably strawman GOP for everything bc conservatives will not enjoin fascist Democrat policies – blaming their crimes on “infighting” – this time calling them “traitors or weak”. Unless you have messaged the leaders you decry you do not know who has asked for a review or what course of action is being taken. Chairman Phil is claiming this unconstitutional and supports judicial action. Why must state officials or anyone really submit to the demands of a website commenter.

          Namecalling us by declaring conservatives unAmerican instead of offering evidence for your ‘findings’ places conservatives in a bad light also insulting – removes Democrats from glare and who are the real problem here.

          You don’t say what you think should be different but things cannot work the way we need them to as long as lawmakers take bribes from special interests and foreign nationals whose ‘product’ benefit no one but an ideology. GOP head and shoulders above Democrat Party at very least a backstop regardless of imperfection.

          • I’m calling them to task, asking them to do something. What is wrong with that? Who else am I going to ask? Am I going to ask the NWO pimps to stop their march on the republic?

            Stardust I respect your love and also the fact that perhaps a public forum is not the best place to argue or hang dirty laundry. I’ve done that in private. MANY have, I am not alone.

            The rabid defense of something that clearly needs to be done, and isn’t being done….gives them a pass Great job you say, don’t pick on any elected officials, don’t call them to task.

            Do you realize how censored our state is? Almost completely, cept for this site.

            How is asking the leading republicans to defend the following a straw man? A Bogus argument?

            Defending my right to a fair election?
            Having officials that meet the constitutional requirements to hold office?
            Being able to run and open my business?
            The right to assembly peacefully and freely?
            To defend my liberties that I am the one to choose what goes into my body, not my employer or state.

            Respectfully…..I should never have to ask any government official to do this. We only have republicans to ask for this, how is it wrong to ask?

            Many of have been begging for them to stand up. We didn’t expect them to win, but at least say something. After repeated requests, directly and privately and the refusal of anyone to address it what are we supposed to do? Say Great JOb?

            And you won’t even admit they need to be done. Like so many of the players in VTGOP you attack me. Attack the problem.

            We have a very serious problem. NOBODY is publically talking about it????/ Hello….It’s ok for the VTGOP to admit, hey this is where we are at. We only have, say 12 real republicans in office….we need to build. We need to defend, those that do will get support.

            If we don’t change, quickly, majorly. What will we have in Vt, progressives and democratic socialists.

            All will be forgiven, but if the continue digging in, not changing course….it’s really too sad. If you can’t simply say, you know what we could be doing better, Neil can you say this in private? And then people make changes…….speak out. We’d be getting somewhere. Nobody is willing to admit some change may be needed. Pride is a serious problem generally speaking, the whole Vermont Strong is a classic example, we don’t know anything, myself included, that’s the first step toward wisdom.

          • on a lighter note, if Gov Scott and Sen Benning are a lot of things, many good. A conservative? Those are some powerful rose colored glasses, they may be a bit out of fashion, just saying.

          • What dirty laundry? Lengthy reply does not address attacking conservatives exclusively which is offensive as I happen to be one – we are already continually assaulted by the Dem dictators. Or fact that using TNR comment section is not the place to have a meaningful discussion with the conservatives you continually attack. Suggesting own thread or open letter if that is what you truely wish to do. However no one need reply to public attack – there’s phone calls and email for that.


    California: California has had a GWSA law since 2006, which resulted in:

    – Rapid increases of electric rates and gasoline prices
    – Huge DUCK-curves, due to midday solar electricity surges
    – Unwise/untimely/political/ideological shutdown of gas plants, which resulted in rolling blackouts, when, during a multi-day heat wave, solar disappearing in late-afternoon/early-evening (DURING PEAK HOURS), and not reappearing until mid-morning THE NEXT DAY, while all that time wind was minimal.
    – A host of rules, regulations, taxes, fees and surcharges, and penalties to enforce behavior modification programs

    With high levels of weather-dependent wind and solar, huge storage (multiple TWh) would be required.
    That storage would cost several trillion dollars, if materials could be found to build such capacity. It would need to cover:

    1) Single and multi-day heat waves over large areas
    2) Wind/solar lulls throughout the year, as frequently occur in New England
    3) Short-term and seasonal variations.

    The ADDITIONAL environmental impact on millions of acres with wind and solar systems, would be enormous all over the US.

    It would be much better to build millions of PASSIVHAUS-style buildings all over the US.
    They would need only 1/3 the energy of the current energy hogs.

    Vermont: For Vermont, the only thing that makes any sense is to stop “emulating” California.
    Vermont should immediately scrap GWSA, and concentrate on:

    1) Energy conservation
    2) Energy efficiency
    3) Building net-zero-energy, and energy-surplus houses and other buildings, by the thousands, each year. See Appendix
    4) Provide incentives to buy vehicles that get more than 35 mpg, EPA combined; the more above the limit, the greater the incentive.
    5) Charge annual fees, paid at time of registration, on existing and new vehicles that get less than 25 mpg, EPA combined; the more below the limit, the greater the fee.

    The above 4 items would save money for Vermonters, and make the state economy more competitive
    Most of the other energy measures are just expensively subsidized hogwash and behavior modifications that would not make one iota of difference regarding climate change.

  13. Sad and interesting to have so many ex gov people and a :”The roster includes a student from Hyde Park, representing “youth,” who says she is “passionate about environmental, racial, ethnic, social, educational, mental health and human and Earth rights.” and who all I consider are power greedy / attention seeking individuals dictating and affecting peoples lives from an non-elected panel. Bet the “student” was brain washed in the liberal government school system (just by her wording signifies that).. Another brown shirt.

    Follow the money.

    The only hope is to completely over turn / over haul / replace the politics in Montpelier and get a breath of fresh air. This past election might be a start. Hopefully when policies get financially burdensome to people, they will vote to change and save themselves in turn.

  14. The backgrounds of the appointees selected by Ex-Speaker Johnson and Ex-Lt Gov. Zuckerman indicate why they were defeated in the recent election and are now EX-State Officials.

    The good people of Vermont do not appreciate being treated as if they are stupid by their elected representatives …….And that is exactly what Johnson and Zuckerman did by loading the Climate Council with appointees who are or are perceived to be believers in the climate emergency as opposed to open minded problem solvers…….They treated the people as if they are stupid.

    Hiring foxes to guard the hen house is never a good security or political strategy, a lesson that Johnson and Zuckerman apparently never learned.

  15. This article alone should be reason enough for the Scott administration to bring this to court. I assume committee members will be voting on recommendation’s to put into their study/report. It seems to me 13 of the 14 have conflict of interests and should not be voting on anything.

    But, since our States Attorney / (Governor Want To Be) says he will fight hard to maintain this GWSA ACT then this may leave only one other solution.

    This should be reason enough for every House and Senate Republican to sign on to and push hard for a repeal and replace bill that would bring about an unbiased study and common sense solutions to Vermont’s microscopic addition to global carbon levels.

    • Great comment – if anything after this bill is passed and everyone else awakens from slumber – very likely will bring out the droves to defeat the Democrats in coming elections.

      • I do not believe GWSA would survive a court challenge. Legislators are drifting into executive branch territory. Cannot construct a side-bar form of governance and simply by fiat assign executive power to an unelected board which has this type far-reaching effect and unlimited power using only a rubber stamp.

  16. It’s a shame the other choice is even worse but we tried robber baron economics and free people want to make their own choice in life instead of having a tyrant government do it for them. Some people just don’t get it that people don’t want the government in their bedroom, living room, garden or doctors office.

    The flower children want power, it’s not about carbon because if it was they would be promoting sin taxes on pleasure travel and entertainment.

  17. Ernie Broe
    I’m 82 years old and need the fossil fuels to heat my house and since I live in the country I need my car. I can not switch to all electric as I don’t have the money. The pie in the sky kids that are voting these laws into effect are really not in touch with reality – it’s cold in Vermont and rural. Citizens, it is time for us to demand this mandated movement be stopped!!

  18. Everyone wants sensible environmentalism, but it seems that there are is an abundance of crackpot environmentalists in the State of Vermont. How does the damaging ramifications of these policies elude supposedly smart people? What ever happened to reasoned progress and why do the people of Vermont keep voting in these asshats?

  19. Since we know who they are, it would be easy and appropriate to refuse delivery of any fossil fuel to any of them. Maybe they should be trespassed from gas stations as well. These people will play very seriously and so should the rest of us.

    • They should all be doing as they say in order to set a proper example to follow. It is almost a certainty that they will instead, give themselves exemptions to not have to follow their own rules. As most people know, rules aren’t for the rulers, they’re for the ruled. Maybe the members of the GWSA need reminding that they get a salary from the taxpayers making them employees like any other politicos. To my knowledge, it is illegal to have a totalitarian group in charge of taxpaying citizens, especially when they never had an opportunity to understand their effects and to vote on it. If Vermont citizens understood the GWSA’s proposals and had a chance to express their choice through a vote, GWSA would have been overruled. Why were Republican politicos so mute? I never saw any public information campaigns. The Dems have certainly had many for GWSA; protests, marches, etc. I remember all the negative campaigning and misinformation that the Dems/RE Industry used to kill nuclear power, that produces no atmospheric CO2.

      • It’s just like the Wuhan Flu mandates: rules for the “little people,” but they don’t apply to the rulers.

        • That’s a dictators special set. Some are more equal than others as they say. Just ask Bernie, he’s more equal for sure.

  20. Welcome to Liberal Vermont and it’s Progressive Legislators and there dream
    come true policy for destroying Vermonter’s financial wellbeing for an agenda !!

    You vote these fools in, now you’ll pay the piper……………………

  21. Than you John for again pointing out the arrogance and hypocrisy of our little government. This is kind of like appointing 9 Russian judges to a 10 person judging committee at the world skating championships. The likely outcome is questionable ?

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