McClaughry: How scientists let us down on COVID

By John McClaughry

Nicholas Wade, formerly a senior science reporter at the New York Times, issued a dazzling investigative report last week on the origins of the COVID virus. He leans to the conclusion that COVID somehow escaped from the Wuhan laboratory, although the case isn’t closed yet.

But also of interest is his analysis of how the virology community and the mainstream media failed to raise awkward questions about the official stories of COVID’s origins.

“Nor,” Wade writes, “have other scientists stepped forward to raise the issue. Government research funds are distributed on the advice of committees of scientific experts drawn from universities. Anyone who rocks the boat by raising awkward political issues runs the risk that their grant will not be renewed and their research career will be ended.”

“Science reporters, unlike political reporters, have little innate skepticism of their sources’ motives; most see their role largely as purveying the wisdom of scientists to the unwashed masses. So when their sources won’t help, these journalists are at a loss.”

“Another reason, perhaps, is the migration of much of the media toward the left of the political spectrum. Because President Trump said the virus had escaped from a Wuhan lab, editors gave the idea little credence.”

Wade might have said the exact same thing about the climate science reporters, who breathlessly repeat the scare stories they are being fed by the climate science establishment.

John McClaughry is vice president of the Ethan Allen Institute. Reprinted with permission from the Ethan Allen Institute Blog.

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3 thoughts on “McClaughry: How scientists let us down on COVID

  1. Examining the death data, it was found on only 7% of all deaths were entirely due to COVID.

    ALL the other deaths had 2 or more reasons, such as smoking history that weakened lungs, or drinking history that weakened livers, or old age issues, such as weak hearts, or weak physiques.

    What COVID surely did was winnow the chaff from the wheat, I.e., survival of the fittest.

  2. So many scientists have to know that what they do is wrong, and must know the actual reality vs. the public version…
    How can they be so smart, yet so stupid at the same time?
    Like after 9/11. It doesn’t take a physics degree to learn how gravity works, the acceleration of falling objects.
    A little learning is a dangerous thing, because any school child can see that the emperors have no clothes.
    Not enough adults want to risk the cost of blurting out the truth. They brainwash themselves to actually think as they are expected to do.
    Just like how obvious is the so-called “scientific community” in lock-step, about every major issue, regardless of evidence any person with a moderate knowledge of everyday science can see through.
    They are in love with their apocalypses, so they can tell us “told you so”.
    I’ve lived long enough now to have missed several of them.
    Courage nowadays is what? A blistering tweet in the general direction of the enemy?

    • The battlefield is one of propaganda.

      Courage is standing firm and saying, “no, we’re not letting you get away with this.”

      How long will it take before the American people realize that Anthony Fauci betrayed them?

      How long will it take until the American people realize that the election was stolen?

      How long until we realize that this was all about the Great Reset, so that Gates and Schwab and their globalist pals could monitor and manage us, for our own good?

      How long until we realize that yes, there’s real evil in this world, and there are people that manifest that evil and justify it and promote it, and in the process they deliberately betray good, honest, decent people of all races and creeds? Just look at Anthony Fauci.

      If Anthony Fauci wanted us well, we’d have had hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin and other simple, cheap treatments long ago. The globalists don’t want us well. They want us scared and able to be easily herded. It’s for our own good: they’ve made up their minds.

      Just say no.

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