McClaughry: Dr. Judith Curry on the ‘ideal climate’

By John McClaughry

Judith Curry, longtime chair of the climate program at Georgia Tech, published an article two weeks ago that’s worth reading. Here’s an excerpt:

Judith Curry

“Any evaluation of dangerous climate change must confront the Goldilocks principle. Exactly which climate state is too hot versus too cold? … The IPCC uses a preindustrial baseline, in the late 1700’s. Why anyone thinks that this is an ideal climate is not obvious. This was during the Little Ice Age, the coldest period of the millennia. In the U.S., the states with by far the largest population growth are Florida and Texas, which are warm, southern states. Property along the coast – with its vulnerability to sea level rise and hurricanes – is skyrocketing in value. Personal preference and market value do not yet regard global warming as dangerous. While politicians in developed countries argue that we need to address climate change for the sake of developing countries, addressing climate change ranks much lower in these countries than developing access to grid electricity.”

See adds: “The planet has been warming for more than a century. So far, the world has done a decent job at adapting to this change. The yields for many crops have doubled or even quadruped since 1960. Over the past century, deaths per million people from weather and climate catastrophes have dropped by 97%. Losses from global weather disasters as a percent of GDP have declined over the past 30 years.”

Thank you for your rational thinking, Dr. Curry.

John McClaughry is vice president of the Ethan Allen Institute. Reprinted with permission from the Ethan Allen Institute Blog.

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7 thoughts on “McClaughry: Dr. Judith Curry on the ‘ideal climate’

  1. Over thirty years ago I took a tour of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Cold Regions Research Laboratory (CRREL) in Hanover, N.H.
    Part of the tour was the ice core lab. It was very cold in there. A well-insulated woman was shaving thin slices off an ice core taken from a very extensive ancient glacier. Each slice represented an era of time. By analyzing the slices, scientists discovered a lot about the pre-historic climate conditions on earth.
    They found that global warming is real and well documented. They found the same for global cooling. This cycle, from warmest to coolest, has occurred over at least the last 400,000 years. CO2 in the atmosphere tracks temperature, or vice versa, peaking at the warmest and bottoming out at the coolest.
    This is a natural long-established occurrence, not a new man-created problem that, if we throw enough money at it, we can arrive at a “solution”, despite what our legislators believe.

  2. It’s so straight forward that it’s hard to believe that it isn’t more accepted by thinking people.

    • The truth is usually pretty straight forward, and thinking people have already sought out, read, and accepted the research and science of people like Dr. Curry. That leaves the ‘woke’ liberals who are still banging the climate crisis drums, declaring the sky is falling, or working on nonsensical climate legislation in Montpelier…

      • Agreed! The arrogance of the lawmakers really comes to light when they think that they can actually control the climate of a whole planet just like they try to control the citizenry with their nonsensical and unconstitutional legislations. When the issue of climate change is put into proper perspective, any effort made by the miniscule state of Vermont will have not effect the entire planet. The “science” that they follow is akin to the “science” that they followed throughout the whole COVID debacle. They refuse to recognize that certain things are beyond their control and are being handled by a bigger and wiser pair of hands than their own.

  3. Dr. Curry is great resource for all things climate change related. She brings realism to the overhyped non “crisis”. I encourage people to look up her works and commentary.

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