McClaughry: Another heat pump report

By John McClaughry

The Vermont Climate Council wants us all to keep warm with electric heat pumps, to defeat the menace of climate change. Here’s another report from a heat pump user to keep in mind.

Rod and Mary Ann Sanborn live in Richford, on the Canadian border. He writes Senator Russ Ingalls:

In the Spring and Fall seasons, the cost of warming with the pumps was tolerable but last heating season we attempted to heat our home with the pumps and in one month including just two days of subzero temperatures, the cost of electrical usage with Vermont Electric Coop increased in a month’s time from $150 to $395.

How on earth can anyone, especially the aged and disabled, afford to ever be able to heat their homes for these types of costs?

My wife is teaching and I’m on Social Security disability and even with both incomes, we had to discontinue heating with the pumps and return to propane heat in the winter months, on a $200 per month budget plan payment.

Those in support of the Affordable Heat Act seem to have either a very limited understanding of the dire effects their act will cause to all Vermont home heaters, or it seems, they simply don’t care.

Yes, Rod, they really don’t care,  because they are in the vanguard of the great global battle against climate change, and in that you aren’t very important.

John McClaughry is vice president of the Ethan Allen Institute. Reprinted with permission from the Ethan Allen Institute Blog.

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5 thoughts on “McClaughry: Another heat pump report

  1. Get used to buying products you dont want, from companies you dont like, at prices you cant afford.

  2. The tunnel vision agenda seekers fail to see the increase need for higher and higher costing Electricity which is not money staying in Vermont. Though they now have heat pumps with enhanced electric grids to bolster their sub 0 degree effectiveness it take a heck of a lot more juice to run them. Without going to a new nuclear reactor here this is going to drive more to black market Natural fuel and more wood burning killing the co2 feeders that thrive off burning Natural fuel. We are being run over the cliff by ijits and stupid uninformed voters.

  3. This all just proves that liberals are inherently stupid. They think that electricity just comes from nowhere. Any electric heat is very inefficient in the cold. It’s time to round up the liberals that have ruined my state and eliminate them.

  4. people thing electricity ‘just happens’ at the outlet or the power pole.
    It is always there, wonderful !! But electricity does not just happen
    another form of energy is used to convert to electric power.
    We have a lot of power for our current needs, so people believe
    they can double, triple or quadruple our usage – NO PROBLEM !?!?!?!

    • How about the snow storm last week that knocked out power at the state house?? Back up DEISEL generator kept the lights on…… How would they run a heat pump ???

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