McClaughry: A socialist faces reality

By John McClaughry

Here’s an intriguing quote from last Wednesday’s Weekly Dispatch: “Freddie deBoer considers himself a democratic socialist, but he’s come to a conclusion that very few of his fellow leftists have. “It’s time for young socialists and progressive Democrats to recognize that our beliefs just might not be popular enough to win elections consistently. It does us no favors to pretend otherwise,” he writes for The New York Times.

“The idea that most Americans quietly agree with our positions is dangerous, because it leads to the kind of complacency that has dogged Democrats since the “emerging Democratic majority” myth became mainstream. Socialists can take some heart in public polling that shows Americans warming to the abstract idea of socialism. But ‘socialism’ is an abstraction that means little without a winning candidate. And too much of this energy seems to stem from the echo-chamber quality of social media, as young socialists look at the world through Twitter and TikTok and see only the smiling faces of their own beliefs reflected back at them. Socialist victory will require taking a long, hard road to spread our message, to convince a skeptical public that socialist policies and values are good for them and the country. Which is to say, it will take decades.”

This can’t be good news for Bernie Sanders, who hasn’t got decades to keep struggling on.

Well, I hope it takes decades — at least. Centuries would be even better.

John McClaughry is vice president of the Ethan Allen Institute. Reprinted with permission from the Ethan Allen Institute Blog.

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4 thoughts on “McClaughry: A socialist faces reality

  1. I’m thinking that the ultimate “…facing reality…” would be for those enamored with the Socialists’ vision to discover that they got it all wrong. I’m looking for them to undergo a conversion experience…for the constitution to prompt an Epiphany…bring them in out of the cold.

  2. Freddie deBoer has arrived at the realization that a significant percentage of the voting public has awakened to the totalitarian socialism of the Progressive Left, is seeing its unfolding denouement and are unhappy with it. The Fidel Castro solution: Promise the people a free and open society with improvements in government administered health care, free higher education for all, a better life. Get enough operatives seated in positions of power – and give them a Fascist nightmare, a universal “popularity” created by imprisoning or liquidating (a la Guevara) all dissidents, their accounts and property seized, business nationalized, freedom negated, the economy crushed, the ruling aristocracy medieval and hereditary.

  3. “It’s time for young socialists and progressive Democrats to recognize that our beliefs just might not be popular enough to win elections consistently. It does us no favors to pretend otherwise,” he writes for The New York Times.


    The 2020 election was not won by SOCIALISM

    It was won by:

    1) Widespread FRAUD by DEM/PROG ELECTION OFFICIALS on a massive scale (voters had nothing to do with it; they were the VICTIMS). Dominium Voting Machines and the US Media were in cahoots with the ELECTION OFFICIALS. Hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars were at stake!!!

    2) Keeping women-and-children-sniffing, grifting-and-grafting, Biden in the basement, and away from the Press, because of the danger that it would be revealed his mediocre brain was, and still is, not connected to his mouth.

    These articles describe only a small part of the WIDESPREAD FRAUD.
    All the described fraud was premeditated byDem/Prog operatives SEVERAL MONTHS BEFORE the 2020 Election.


    PIMA COUNTY, ARIZONA, 2020 ELECTION DATA ANALYSIS, by Dr. Shiva Audit Team, based at MIT


  4. Maybe it’s the continued downwardly sloping Biden polls that has gotten Freddie deBoer’s attention. The polls that have been consistently and ever louder telling Biden that his far left leaning words, actions and policies are not liked by the American people to include many Democrats and Independents.

    Biden’s renomination of Jerome Powell to a second term as Fed Chairman today may also be a clue that he is waking up to the disastrous messages from the recent elections and polls…..AOC and the Squad along with others on the left have been pushing hard to replace Powell with someone with Socialist/ Progressive believes……They have lost that fight.

    Could it be that following Freddie deBoer and the Powell renomination today, Biden has sent a strong signal to the Socialist/Progressives and Bernie Sanders that enough is enough.

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