Mark Shepard: ‘Black Men for Trump’ movement makes a lot of sense

Editor’s note: This commentary is by Mark Shepard, a former Vermont state senator (2003-2006) in the Bennington District. He owns and operates an engineering business specializing in industrial control and test systems.

Some people may act surprised by the “Black Men for Trump” movement, because “it’s not supposed to happen.” I am not at all surprised, because just like immigrants who have escaped oppressive countries, these men have escaped the pattern of oppressive ideas of the Democrat Party, and so they value individual liberty far more than most Americans.

These are leaders. I have thought for some time that if there is any hope for saving America, that hope will come from the Black community and for the reason stated above. The oppression by the Democrat Party, especially against the Black community, has a long history:

  1. Human slavery
  2. Segregation
  3. Legalized abortion – starting with Margaret Sanger’s anti-black eugenics and today focused disproportionately on inner city Black neighborhoods
  4. Welfare that replaced dads with dependency on government (now at 75% fatherless homes among the Black population)
  5. Protecting the government-controlled education monopoly that has utterly failed Black children and trapped Black communities in a state of dependency on the never-delivered promises of duplicitous politicians
  6. Open support for mobs that have been destroying Black communities across our nation
  7. Pushing a defunding police effort that puts all police in a singular group and defining that entire group by the wrong actions of a few individual bad police

The list above is too consistent to be an accident. These confident men for Trump, who have themselves escaped the oppressive world designed by the Democrat Party, are not just people who can lead Black Americans to freedom, but these are the type of people who can lead our entire population back to an understanding that values individual life and liberty, and that understands the grave dangers that come from the groupthink identity-politics of the Democrat Party.

By contrast, and very much to my surprise as someone who did not vote for Trump (or Hillary) in 2016, Donald Trump has pushed for and enacted many policies that shift power from government to the people — which is why I strongly support Trump this election.  Here are a few:

  1. EPA regulatory process that is now open for citizen input, which is long overdue in a government that is supposed to be by the people
  2. Promotion of school choice to help children stuck in failed schools actually get a decent education
  3. Shut off taxpayer funding of abortion, which had forced citizens to pay for something that the millions upon millions of Americans that value people as individuals find morally repulsive
  4. Led the effort to free thousands of people who were sentenced to long prison sentences for small crimes, many of which were first time offenses. Ninety-one percent of those released were black and much of the sentencing ties back to a 1994 crime bill that Joe Biden signed on to
  5. Reduced regulation, bringing much needed relief from government burdens to the small businesses sector, thus helping innovative and agile companies compete with the stale mega corporations

While Joe Biden believes he is entitled to every Black vote (“If you don’t vote for me, you ain’t Black,” he said), Donald Trump has been working for their votes. It is time to stop giving Joe Biden and the Democrat Party a pass on their low view of the people, and not just Black people.   They believe we all owe them the reins of power in this nation because only they are capable of making wise decisions for the masses. That is why since the 2016 election they have worked tirelessly to undo that election. Power belongs to them and them only. They don’t particularly hate Trump; he is just sitting where they “belong” and in the way of bringing all their “good” to America. Democrats think and operate in class terms. The thought of human equality is not within their thinking. Their policy actions and never-filled promises demonstrate that clearly.

America’s greatness is not because Americans are better than people elsewhere in the world.  America’s greatness lies in the awesome words penned in our 1776 Declaration of Independence, which are unlike that of any other nation in the world: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” From that flowed our Constitution and Bill of Rights that attempted to put great limits on the power of government, leaving the power in the hands of the people.

Those who are well versed in human history and the nature of mankind are not surprised that we as a culture have never hit that target. But that does not mean we should abandon striving to meet that goal, for there has never been a higher calling for a culture or for individual people. We must reject the groupthink splintering of America by the Democrats and come together as individuals for individuals. A strong culture is an outgrowth of a culture of strong, clear-headed, responsible, self-governing individuals, and these Black leaders for Trump see that clearly.  All Americans could learn a lot from them.

9 thoughts on “Mark Shepard: ‘Black Men for Trump’ movement makes a lot of sense

  1. I Would Like To Thank Mark Shepard for this article, As a Black Man Who has seen all of this first hand, i agree 100%. the fact that the kkk was started by the democrats jim crow laws should just be enough to convince most black people.but the communistas took over our education system, and convinced most black people that republicans were racists.i Have Been A Trump supporter since the 80`s when he used to stick up for america when Japan was buying up All of our companies and properties. many Hip Hop artists in the 90`s wrote rap songs about President Trump.he was never called A Racist until he ran against Hillary. just by him cutting taxes has helped me keep more of my hard earned money. i decided to vote for him as soon as he spoke after coming down the Escalator. he has done more for minorities than any president in my life time.i have been called uncle Tom, ,coon,Race Traitor Etc. I Was even called a Racist by some white chic in Burlington for wearing my Trump Hat.yes i remember when that crime bill locked up most of the friends i grew up with in philadelphia. i think once the truth is finally exposed the democrat party will exist no more.and the best way to ensure that is to Reelect President DONALD JOHN TRUMP NOV 3RD..TRUMP 2020 GOD BLESS.

    • You are very welcome. The Democrats are masters at projecting their wrongs on others and the good others do onto themselves. Totally deceitful organization.

  2. Obama/Biden did nothing in 8 yrs for blacks except get them to riot for the lame
    stream media promotion of racial hate. this setup obama’s continued effort to
    destroy America’s social fabric and create havoc for Dem candidates to run on.

    President Trump in under 3 yrs had blacks in their highest numbers employed and
    highest numbers of house ownership.. imagine what could have been accomplished
    with a cooperative congress in stead of the d’s trying their best to remove him….

    It should be as clear to blacks as it is to any without blinders on that Trump is for helping All people and D’s are for destroying the country to reclaim power.. There have never been so many out right Anti Americans as there are currently and all from one party…

  3. The DemocRATs have have belittled Black males for years, by
    supporting them on the Government dole.

    ” Black Men For Trump ” , these men have seen that Trump will
    get them out of the clutched of the DNC- Propaganda and will
    accomplish this with good jobs and wages allowing the American

    You don’t have to like Trumps personality, but you have to respect
    his results in these last three years of DemocRATic road blocks !!

    You have a choice vote for the Constitution ” Trump ” or Socialism
    with ” Biden ” ………………….

  4. The 1994 omnibus crime bill, signed by Bill Clinton and co-authored by Joe Biden, was disastrous for black people. It nearly doubled the nation’s prison population, mostly with people of color. It is foundational to our “prison-industrial complex,” and it’s mystifying to me why this isn’t brought to light, especially in election years. Trump could slap Biden hard with this in the debates, for starters.

  5. The liberal elitism is about control and group think. They will never honor the individual because free thinking individuals can’t be controlled. That’s why it is better for the democrats to keep kids in public schools where they can mold them from 1st grade on. And they keep blacks on the inner city plantation with no opportunity to better themselves by providing 70 different welfare programs. There’s lots of truth by commenters on these pages. Truths that you won’t see on the Digger site. And VtDigger is a great example of keeping the truth from it’s readers. Probably the reason they censored then stopped conservatives from commenting on their pathetic articles by young liberal reporters. Censorship by omission and silencing opposing views is how they dumb down the faithful.

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