Mark Heinrichs: My prediction for upcoming SCOTUS action on elections

Editor’s note: This commentary is by Mark Heinrichs, of Barton. He is pastor of Sutton Freewill Baptist Church in Sutton.

It seems to me that this whole impeachment effort has failed to bring about the desired results. Trump will be not only vindicated in the mind of the voting public, but stronger politically.

The U.S. Supreme Court is scheduled to confer on Feb. 19 about four different lawsuits regarding the 2020 election and the alleged fraud involved. My expectation is that the court will choose to throw out one or more of the lawsuits and not try to overturn the election. However, the court will schedule a hearing on at least one of the remaining election related lawsuits. It will take months for the Supreme Court to put it on their schedule, hear arguments by the parties involved, and then decide on the merits. My prediction is that the court will establish some kind of legal framework for the legitimate use of mail-in balloting that will protect the integrity of the election process but also allow for the accessibility that mail-in balloting provides. This may involve the court decertifying the electors of one or more states (Pennsylvania perhaps?) that managed the mail-in balloting very badly, but not enough to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

At that point, the 2022 congressional elections become the focus with an invigorated and vindicated Donald Trump on the campaign trail, working to help elect congressional candidates who supported him through all this. I believe there will also be some kind of a new media enterprise created that will provide all the advantages of Twitter, Google, and major media outlets to patriots, conservatives and libertarians, but without the censorship.

For the United States, this may prove to be the best of all possible worlds. Consistent with the framework the U.S. Constitution provides, the courts will enforce election integrity and the future of America will be decided by the rank and file voter at the ballot box. This will be legal, ethical and moral. The issues will be decided by the voters in the free exchange of ideas, rather than by violence and intimidation. The trust that the founders of our great nation placed in the average voter will be vindicated. The sovereignty inherent in our political system will remain with the average person who votes after carefully weighing the candidates and issues involved, not with organizations or political parties that only seek power and are corrupt.

There will be a cost to this. Those who lose by free and fair elections will attempt to create violence and blame it on the other side. There will be more attempts to intimidate by fascistic groups who hold Americans in contempt. The major media conglomerates will continue to try to deceive and distract. More false flag events may be in the works, although I hope not, and pray that God will protect us. Yet America and all that we stand for will be stronger, smarter and even greater than before. Behold the bright future that awaits us.

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3 thoughts on “Mark Heinrichs: My prediction for upcoming SCOTUS action on elections

  1. The Supreme Court’s primary job is to protect the citizens rights under the Constitution. Instead they have been a bought and paid for political entity. Their not taking the Texas case claiming that the states challenging the election had no standing showed this. They had the chance to right this and failed to do their primary job. The election was thrown because the states in question violated the Constitution. The states that did this disenfranchised all the voters in the states that followed the law.
    I put no faith in John Robert’s Supreme Court.

    • No matter what we do, pandora’s box has been open.

      The evil actors had figured out how to manipulate mail out, or mail in voting
      to elect Democrats/Progressives who would have lost election under these
      now challenged rules.

      I have always favored individually requested absentee ballots, used them on occasion. But now evil forces have learned how to use “requested” absentee ballots falsely and illegally, and get away with it. Telephone book, or census results and paid ward healers, will make fraud easy

      Four States were the proving ground – bought the Presidency, and bought the entire Congress for Dem/Prog’s. Next is DC and Puerto Rico as states!!.
      Then pack the Supremes!!!

  2. Our country has suffered the plague of “some kind of legal framework for the legitimate use” of whatever, for far too long now.

    Legal manipulation will not resolve the infestation of influence and corruption that permeates our Judicial system, nor does legal framework insure the will of one person one vote will set the legislative agenda when NGO’s (Non Government Organizations) & Central Banks are free to corrupt those elected.

    An honest Executive branch of government does not exist if the Judicial and Legislative branches are corrupt. No branch of government can withstand the influence of a flawed financial system, it is at the root of all evil.

    So the future of America and the World will not be decided by the rank & file voter at the ballot box alone, the unethical and immoral profiteering of our financial system must be addressed as well, we must all understand how it has been ripping us apart and forcing us to choose sides against our own best interests.

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