Orleck: Margolis is right and wrong about Gov. Scott

By Bob Orleck

I rarely put stock in columnist Jon Margolis’s opinions, but he is right about the governor likely being re-elected. (“Margolis: Democrats hard-pressed to find officeholder to challenge Scott“)

I think he is wrong, however, when he says the Democrats are “floundering” and about “Scott being in control.”

Consider this example: Most dogs are loyal to those who feed them and treat them well, but there are some dogs who bite the hand that feeds them. Gov. Scott has this characteristic of such a bad dog and was willing to leave his loyal base to embrace the schemes and ideals of his alien Democrat masters for small treats of promised support in exchange for allowing himself to be led around like a dog on a short leash. These alien Democrats only want power and control, and this managed attack dog they own, that is willing upon command, to openly flout his party’s national leader on illegal immigration policy and other important issues, will help them keep them.

What a gift Gov. Phil Scott is to the alien Democrats. A Republican governor who is loyal to their deep desires for personal gain fueled by tax wet dreams of great wealth and control gained through the selling of an addicting drug on Vermont street corners under a scheme they call “tax and regulate.” There will be tax revenue but there will be costs associated with legalization that will far outstrip this money coming in and there will be no real regulation. Study Colorado’s experiment in doing this and that will become clear. Their high potency THC marijuana problems are monumental and while they tout the revenue, why then are they facing a half billion-dollar deficit in the upcoming year and cutting many key programs? Where is all that money going? I think you know. Now, cities like Pueblo, Colorado, that was once but no longer the sixth most desirable city in the United States to live, is a city over-run with marijuana businesses and many who are homeless, who have come only to do marijuana. The influx of such people has diminished this city that is now an unsafe and undesirable place to live that many wish to flee. Look closely, because Vermont will soon look much the same.

Just as the governor ignored his own commission and all the factually based opponents in signing H.511 (legalization of marijuana for recreational use), so will he cave when the Legislature moves to inflict full commercialism on our citizens, making Vermont a drug mecca rather than a place to come for a family vacation.

Who is Gov. Scott anyway? Some say he is a Republican, and indeed he did run under that party’s banner. In thought and action, however, he appears to be an alien Democrat in sheep’s clothing. Why would the liberal-progressive Dems want to run another candidate when they have Phil Scott doing their bidding and accomplishing their purposes better than they could themselves? It is time for all caring citizens to put labels aside and vote only for those who are doing the right thing for Vermont and its people. We all must better analyze the office seekers and vote only for those who are interested in properly representing the people and not special interests like the marijuana industry.

To the older loyal Democrats, they need to wake up and realize that those in power in Vermont are not their father’s Democrats. They are aliens who have co-opted their once great party, the party of John F. Kennedy. I am a lifelong Republican, but I say to others of my party, that they should look for a replacement for Phil Scott in the upcoming August primary. To continue to return these aliens to office will eventually destroy us and our state. Our property values will eventually plummet. Our children will be injured, and many will die as the result of their actions. The pure “Vermont brand” will be damaged and all that is associated with it. Doing nothing is not an option if we choose to live and prosper in a safe and secure Vermont we call home.

Bob Orleck is a retired pharmacist and former Vermont assistant attorney general. He lives in Randolph.

7 thoughts on “Orleck: Margolis is right and wrong about Gov. Scott

  1. I would turn away from Margolis, Vermont digger and their liberal puppets. Any comment I ever submitted that was critical of the far left loon Margolis was always censored. They have banned me from commenting on digger, ironically the ban started right after I was critical of someone who pays digger a lot of money. Digger appears to believe in open dialogue, as long as you lean far left and don’t criticize a big donor.

    • VTDigger is just another left wing puppet of the Knight Foundation I stopped reading them shortly after I left Vermont.

  2. I’ve lived in VT for just over 66 years, so I have been around awhile. In our last Gubernatorial
    Race I saw a Light, a Republican ( conservative ) as Governor again, this would help the state
    get back on course, away from the fiscal irresponsibility ( Debt , Taxes ) our current state of
    affairs !!

    Along with his support for Constitution and the Second Amendment I was feeling good, as he
    knew these new gun bill were not needed !!

    Boy was I wrong, he has fallen to the ” Liberal Mindset ” that’s SAD ! The Liberals have been pushing a feel good gun policy for years, even though VT Is one, if not ” the safest ” State in
    the Nation and every bit of data states that, thanks to My Fellow Vermonters and Gun Owners .

    But with all the elected ” transplant ” politicians we now have trying to change VT is shameful !!

    Our Governor has now taken a stand with the Liberals in the State House, using the Horrific
    Tragedy in Parkland as a selling point ( shameful ) for there feel good policy ( agenda) to take
    away my rights as a law abiding Citizens, that will do nothing curb Crime & Mental Illness !!

    I have lost all respect ( what little I had ) for Montpelier, they have NO respect for the job they
    should be doing for the Citizens.They make problems when there are none, if there is a problem
    just ignore it …………………… it’s all about an Agenda

    God Help Us ……….

  3. I’m afraid that without ridding the legislature of the liberal progressive democrats, a truly republican governor will only be able to follow the path of Governor Jim Douglas who faced a veto proof legislature. This was the ultimate frustration that made him throw in the towel.

  4. When a person votes for people to assume office in opposition to the entrenched majority Liberals, you’d hope there was some sort of fighting balance to oppose. I haven’t seen it. Look at Scott’s record, nothing hoped for. In VT, even Repubs are brainwashed into Liberalism. There’s no hope, no absolute challenge and the past Repub gov wasn’t a VT earth shatter. Where are the likes of Richard Snelling?

    While Snelling was from Allentown PA, he was a good guy. Too bad he went West (aviator’s articulation of one’s death, I am a pilot). He had the Superman’s (old TV show) creed, long lost in VT. It was a time I lived in and respected, disgusted now.

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