MAGA Patriot Party has filed with the FEC

By Kaylee Greenlee

The MAGA Patriot Party National Committee filed with the Federal Election Commission on Monday, despite former President Donald Trump saying he’s not considering starting a new party, according to a senior advisor.

The statement of organization filing says that the MAGA Patriot Party National Committee collects monetary contributions and pays fundraising expenses for Donald J. Trump for President, INC. The party does not list any other affiliations with communities or organizations.

Trump reportedly considered the possibility of creating a third party, The Washington Post reported Saturday.

The filling says “this committee collects contributions, pays fundraising expenses and disburses net proceeds for two or more political committees/organizations, none of which is an authorized committee of a federal candidate,” though the only listed organization is Trump’s presidential fundraising committee which is still active, according to the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

Only one person, James Davis, is mentioned on the filing as the custodian of records, treasurer, and designated agent. Davis’s addresses are all listed for Florida, though the party lists its base in San Antonio, Texas. 

Trump reportedly said that a third party would give him an advantage over Republican senators during his upcoming impeachment trial, the Post reported. Trump has over $70 million in funding to use towards political efforts.

The MAGA Patriot Party National Committee did not respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/James McNellis

2 thoughts on “MAGA Patriot Party has filed with the FEC

  1. Hopefully they will be like the Tea Party – more of a caucus than a party running own candidates. However to be fully fleshed ready for primetime shadow party serves as a warning to the lying, pompous smug groupthinkers lol

  2. For those who either don’t read the national news or for whatever reason can’t get reliable information, The Trump presidential team has disavowed the fact that they are responsible or connected to this filing. In fact, president Trump says he is working within the republican party, has opened his former presidential office for continued communications to the people and will work to remove RINOs and those responsible for hurting the party. Third parties split the vote and the correct road forward is to oust establishment, anti-American and untrustworthy republicans from office. Does Mitt Romney, Liz Chaney, Ben Sasse and others like 10 republicans who voted in the house to impeach a private citizen since Trump had already left office deserve to serve in the party? RINOs need to be flushed out!

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