Lindberg: In Vermont, all politics is not local

By Stu Lindberg

Former Speaker of the U.S. House Tip O’Neill used to say that “all politics is local.” This may have been true in his time as speaker (1977-1987), but it is not true anymore, especially in Vermont. As evidenced by the midterm election, a very large majority of Vermont voters are clearly not paying attention to local issues. This majority is fixated on the presidency of Donald J. Trump.

The founders of our republic limited the powers of the federal government. The executive branch, the presidency, is one branch of our government. The doctrine of enumerated power — the main restraint on the new government — was most famously stated by James Madison: “The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the state governments are numerous and indefinite. The former will be exercised principally on external objects, as war, peace, negotiation and foreign commerce. … The powers reserved to the several states will extend to all the objects which in the ordinary course of affairs, concern the lives and liberties, and properties of the people, and the internal order, improvement and prosperity of the state.”

The founders never intended for the federal government or any branch of this government to be the center of power or focus in our daily lives. The Vermont voters’ feverish fixation on President Donald J. Trump comes at the expense of ignoring the major problems facing this state. Being angry at Trump and voting Democrat to express your anger does nothing to clean up the waterways of Vermont. It does nothing to ensure the affordability of this state for all Vermonters, especially the elderly and working class. It does nothing to fix the state’s aging infrastructure, put a dent in the opiate epidemic or protect our rural schools from being closed by the Vermont State Board of Education.

Every one of the Vermont Republican candidates that ran for office this term had a laser sharp focus on addressing these issues and bringing this message to the voters. They were mostly ignored by the media and, thus, the voters. Day in and day out for the last two years, media outlets in Vermont — specifically Vermont Public Radio, WCAX, the Rutland Herald, Seven Days, The Burlington Free Press, Vermont Digger and the Valley News — have made Trump a target that must be destroyed at any price. They have expanded this targeting to anyone that dares call themselves a Republican.

This scorched earth campaign by the media is to the great detriment of the people of this state. Without a balanced government, without checks and balances and a diversity of ideas, we will find ourselves in a state of financial and spiritual ruin.

Stu Lindberg writes occasional commentary for True North Reports. He lives in Cavendish, Vermont.

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9 thoughts on “Lindberg: In Vermont, all politics is not local

  1. Not to worry, eventually these prog/dem/libs will run out of other people’s money and end up taxing themselves.

      • I have found peace in my life Stu since dropping you as a friend I no longer have to put up with your filthy remarks.

        Deceipt is one of your finest characteristics.

        • Dear boy R. Ley. You fit the mold of a delusional Liberal for sure, name calling, degrading people etc and that’s all you and your elk offer. Look at your writings.

          I have followed Mr. Lindberg’s writings in various media sources and in all cases they are right on, very astute person giving his expertise. There’s been NO crapology as you exhibit. Yopur position shows how bad off Vermont is and getting worse. Don’t like people say so—get real. You’ll suffer in your own financial Vermont problems you instigate and endorse.

          Noting your rhetoric: “I have found peace in my life Stu since dropping you as a friend I no longer have to put up with your filthy remarks”. Just who’d want you as a “friend”, more of a back stabber.

          Take me to task, it your persona.

          • As an after thought Mr Ley, why don’t you write an article expressing your thoughts/opinion about the state of the state of Vermont? Apply any language you desire. I’m sure people would appreciate your efforts. I enjoy reading liberal positions.

            I listened to 1490 am in Brattleboro with their Libreal programs consisting of Stephany Miller, Thom Hartman, Randy Rhoads. “the other side (of reality)”, very liberal and constantly put down anyone conservative. In rationalizing them, the fact distortions (I cross linked with many sources for accuracy) was amusing, comedy programs.

            Lately I tuned in, the programs are gone replaced by Country Crock (modern Country Music). Apparently there’s no financial support for these programs—gonzo! Liberals can’t keep a liberal program. Too bad Lberals in Vermont went the same direction.

            So, It’d be interesting to learn of your stance. Gutter language.

  2. Oh, it’s even more than that. Have your read the book The Smear by Sheryl Atkisson? We in Vermont are clearly, purposely being manipulated by a completely controlled press. The censor ship of ideas other than left is extreme. When the main editor and leader of the senate share a life together, some topics get favorable treatment.

    Just this week, Vermont Digger changed what was in an article, I”m sure because an astute reader pointed out the connections in a comment that never reached the light of day. They talked about a group called nobobys above the law, or something like that with three supporting local groups, one being rights and democracy and I forget the other two soros funded groups. Well those three groups aren’t in the article anymore. It’s not a coincidence.

    There is a difference between news and propaganda. When EVERY cartoon in Vermont digger is anti trump, there is clear intent. Our education system has totally failed, we don’t even know the difference between socialism, democracy and a constitutional republic. We teach our kids to protest but they have no ability to think for themselves.

    There’s a saying you can tell a tree by it’s fruit. Vermont has had the highest minimum wage for decades, yet we’re always the poorest and struggling the most. That’s because we’re unaffordable, we make things expensive. Our press never calls them out. We are putting more people into generation poverty by big city social programs than anyone could imagine, and many consider this good. The machine keeps growing because everyone is getting rich by creating more poor and government assisted in our state. We are incestuous and everyone is in denial or ignorant of what is going on……la la la….

    And we are literally giving away or school funding property tax dollars to developers via TIF, South Burlington is trying to take 20 million out of the system for their “free library town offices”. If you aren’t outraged you’re not awake, which they love or you’re on good ole boy benefit plan.

    They’ll blame the unfunded retirement fund on Republicans and everyone will eat it up. It just keeps going on and on…crazy times we live in.

  3. Hold on Real Vermonters and watch what your newly elected Progressive DemocRATs
    will do with our state and it’s growing debt.

    Watch all the frivolous bills they try to pass and since they have already mentioned, that
    they have the ” votes ” to stop the Governor’s veto……Hold on to your wallets !!

    Follow the Money.

  4. Well said and sadly true. The liberals are staying to their socialist agenda at all cost and are destroying this State in the process. It’s no wonder that the natives are getting to hell out of Dodge.

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