Liam Madden: Hey conservatives, I’m way better than Becca Balint

The following “letter to conservatives” is by Liam Madden, a self-proclaimed independent and the Republican candidate for Vermont’s U.S. House seat.

Dear Vermont conservatives,

I admit it! I read the FEC website, which has zero restrictions or specifications about the age of a donor (only subjective criteria) and I had my son donate to my campaign so I could debate. Was I dishonest? Well, I filed that donation with FEC and I openly discussed it on air during a radio interview. Why? Because I saw no reason to lie. In my view, I was navigating a very subjective set of criteria and didn’t make any ethical missteps. I thought I was using a loophole to get around a totally absurd rule to disqualify and marginalize candidates without huge donor lists and networks of elites. I’d do it again. Money should not prevent any candidate from taking part in debates.

Liam Madden for Congress

Liam Madden and family

Did my campaign even benefit from this? A candidate could spend unlimited amounts of their own funds, so I materially benefitted from the spending power of that money not at all. Besides, I gave it all back (legally). Did those debates tip the Republican Primary …  hahahhaha! The VPIRG debate has 99 views on youtube. Let’s be real, the Vt Progressive Research Group probably had around 1 person, at most, who watched their debate and then voted in the Republican Primary. Even if ALL of those viewers voted for me, that is still a drop in the bucket relative to the margin I won by. That donation is therefore completely immaterial to the election results, even if the donation was a bureaucratic error on my part.

While Redic would like to think she is the judge, jury and executioner regarding election law, the FEC is the one who determines if any rules were actually broken. There’s a reason we don’t let the loser of the primary determine who is eligible for an election. Speaking of eligible, as a convicted felon, Ericka is, by the GOP’s own rules, not eligible to be supported by the state Republican Party, even if she had won the primary. So this whole pissing contest is deeply ironic. She’s so upset that I told everyone I was an independent, won the primary despite that, and then, GASP, decided to keep the nomination of the people who voted for me — because it was competitively more logical. Meanwhile she couldn’t even receive any party support had she won! You couldn’t even make this up.

This is why, when you asked me for my response to Ericka’s call that I drop out of the race (for using money that I could have given my campaign with no restrictions), my response was “LOL.” I think it is hilarious that she didn’t call for Becca Balint to drop out of the race for ACTUAL campaign finance violations when she coordinated with a superPAC.

I want to remind conservatives, without Redic in the race, with a shred of pride swallowing from the losers of the primary, given the amount of undecided voters, we’d stand a chance at beating Balint. I want to remind conservatives:

I oppose assault weapons bans
I support strong borders
I want to lower taxes on small businesses
I am skeptical of carbon regulations and support nuclear energy
I am voting against prop 5
I take election integrity seriously
I oppose big tech censorship
I oppose lockdowns and mandates
I support investigating the Hunter Biden scandal.
I support term limits (6 years)

I rake Balint all the time on sacrificing public safety for dog whistles to her woke clique.
The entire point of my candidacy is to improve the representation of our political system, something conservatives in Vermont would benefit from disproportionately.

I am far closer to you than Balint! And I am polling more than 300% the amount of votes as Redic. If you really, really want to anoint Balint, then by all means split the vote, give Redic a whopping 8%, and keep bitching about how liberal Vermont’s delegation is for the 30 years of Balint’s incumbency. Just don’t be a hypocrite and blame anyone but yourself. The point of a primary is to stop this situation where the vote gets split! Redic’s ego is not a good reason to ignore the results of a primary, spitting in the face of the plurality of primary voters who chose me as the best candidate to actually stand a chance of beating Balint.

Conservatives, there’s not enough of you to beat a Democrat in Vermont. Your only chance is to vote for either a moderate or an independent who shares at least some of your values. If you are not overjoyed with the thought of being represented by an independent at least be rational. That is really all that I’m asking. Be rational, please. Vote for the best chance to beat Balint. That is me.


Liam Madden

Candidate – Vermont’s U.S. Representative

• Climate Fellow – Echoing Green
• Institute for Policy Studies – Human Rights Award Winner
• M.I.T. Climate Solver
• Chairman Iraq Veterans Against the War

Image courtesy of Liam Madden for Congress

13 thoughts on “Liam Madden: Hey conservatives, I’m way better than Becca Balint

  1. Look how many votes he got just because he had an R next to his name!

    There was a candidate not too long ago that ran on the GOP ticket, their strategy was to not do ANY interviews, he got 30+% votes. Never did one interview.

    There is much to gleaned from election results.

  2. Hey Madden traitor to VT conservatives Erika Redic is way better than you…hence received mine and my husband’s vote

  3. Ericka Redic is more conservative than Liam Madden. Liam is just a typical smarmy politician. He will say anything to get elected. He is not genuine. Ericka Redic was endorsed by Vermont Right to Life. Vote for Ericka Redic!

  4. Hey Liam, you may be way better than Becca Balint, that wouldn’t take much,
    but you’re not as good as Ericka Redic.

    I’ve been a conservative, my entire adult life and I will be voting for Ericka, I don’t
    care what banner she’s under, VT-GOP made this happen………………….

    Wake up people, and do the right thing on Tuesday !!

  5. Laim Madden, Republican candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, has stated he would vote to do away with the Electoral College in favor of the popular vote. He would be representing the small state of Vermont. This would mean that states with large populations, think California and New York, would forever control the outcome of elections. Amazingly none of the other candidates or the Republican Party have called him out on this!

  6. This campaign has turned into one big joke. I was hoping we could prevent the Bernie clone from winning but the infighting and political attacks has made that impossible now. Oh well, better luck next time.
    It kind of reminds me of my campaign against used car salesman Phil.

  7. Im voting for Ericka, so are most people i know. If you want to unite against Balint, Ericka is the choice.

  8. So now Madden brags he is more moderate than Balint ?
    Madden suffers from the affliction of trying to remember what lie he told last time so he doesn’t out himself.
    Madden has been a sad joke on Vermonters since the day he signed on to run as a Republican. Go back thru any of the writings and statements he has made.
    Full of ” Whoops, didn’t know about that. ” Or ” I didn’t realize that was required. ”
    Or ” What I broke the Law ? ”

    But by far the greatest example of how he spit in the face of every Real Vermont Republican was when he responded to a comment by saying how glad you should be that he made it possible for no Republican running for Congress this year.

    Madden is almost as confused as Biden, trying to justify one screw up after another.
    He will get his Butt handed to him tomorrow, because all the Marxist that voted for him in the Primary are voting for Balint now.
    He was used to promote the left agenda. And now they don’t need him anymore.

    • Jim, in fairness – can you provide a couple of specific ‘lies’ Mr. Madden has told? I didn’t see any listed above?

      • Self explanatory by his words Jay, that is why I sited his writing and the Articles posted here and in Vermont Daily Chronicle. Mostly about how he was a Republican and then he wasn’t.
        About how he is a Champion for those who oppose the Military after using them for his personal gain.
        About not being for Gun Laws while promoting them.
        And then saying he is against ” Assault Weapons. ”

        There is no such item as an Assault Weapon. They are tools, the assault is by the user. Just like assault Hammers and assault Fists.
        So despite his claims that he is not Balint, he really is.

      • He got caught in a lie by manipulating the election laws.He lied by borrowing $25K from his wife’s business, then he gave it to family members to donate to his campaign so he could be in the debates. He even used his 2 or 3 year old son as a donor. While he didn’t speak a lie, his actions created a lie. If not caught, he would have lied on the election financial reports also. The donations weren’t from political supporters, therefore a lie. There are others as his stand on the 2nd amendment.

      • As I said, his own words multiple times. He lied about being a Republican and then not as it suited him. His stance on assault weapons, ( there are no assault weapons, they are inanimate objects ) His stance on being Pro 2 A.
        Along with his self funding ton become eligible to run.

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