Letters to legislators: Proposal 5 is murder for profit

This is part of TNR’s Letters to Legislators Series.

I was to have spoken before the Committee on Human Services about Proposal 5. However I had a medical procedure that same day and could not attend. That being said I am of they opinion the committee and most legislators are not listening to We the People. So I would like to express to the public what would have been said.

People have the right to choose as they believe, but our legislators do not, as they are bound by our Constitution. Concerning Proposition 5: If our mothers had an abortion, none of us would be here because our lives were cut short. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines abortion as the termination of a pregnancy after and accompanied, resulting in, or closely followed by death of the embryo or fetus. Therefore Proposal 5, at taxpayers expense, never to be changed, with no restrictions or constitutional backing, is murder of the unborn for profit, namely for Planned Parenthood.

Liberal Progressive Democrats have been deceived and hate righteousness and have no moral value for life. Know this: Above all, be not deceived, God will not be mocked. What the legislators sow they will reap, either life or death. I hope with all sincerity that this committee and legislators are listening!

Charles Wilson
Lyndon, Vermont

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4 thoughts on “Letters to legislators: Proposal 5 is murder for profit

  1. Well, unfortunately there is that matter of the “saved” fetus going on to kill other people. One who was saved was born at the Elizabeth Lund Home in Burlington– Ted Bundy, who grew up to kill at least 34 and possibly as many as 65 young women. It happened because nobody realized he needed a lot more attention as a child than he was getting. Read the book by his lawyer, Polly Lewis, “Defending the Devil.”

    It takes about $350,000 to raise a child well to the age of 18– day care, schools, food, clothing, shelter, nurturing, public protection, etc.– and a lot of that is taxpayer money.

    So, what we should do to end abortion is offer every woman who is pregnant $350,000 to bear and rear her child. But why do we not hear this from the so-called “pro-lifers”? Is a human life not that valuable to them? Would they settle on offering them $100,000? Fifty bucks?

    As a recovering Catholic, I am pleased to announce the Catholic Church now says that there is no longer a Limbo, so aborted fetuses now go directly to heaven, a notion I can live with.

  2. Prop 5 will assure the death of far more Vermonters…….Baby Vermonters soon to be born then will be saved by wastefully spending billions on climate change………Can someone explain how this somehow makes sense? Can someone explain how this is somehow moral?

    It is stunning how far our elected representatives in Montpelier have strayed from common sense and the value of young lives.

  3. Vermonters are already reaping what they sowed. We did not “grow kids.” Over 100,000 babies were aborted in Vermont since 1973. These aborted babies never grew up to have children or grandchildren. Now we have a shortage of workers in all segments of our society. Vermont is in decline. People refuse to see that all these aborted babies are affecting Vermont. It is only going to get worse. We can never replace what has been lost.

  4. Who’s one with no Morals, that would be progressive DemocRATs, and there
    foolishness agenda !!

    Killing the unborn, hope they sleep well at night, their day will come.

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