Letter: Where are you, America?

Editor’s note: This letter is by Josephine Katz, a concerned Vermonter.

America has a new look. Even on a sunny, spring day its residential streets sport only a bicycle or two. Downtown, stores are shuttered. Such cars as there are seem to meander about. Is it a nuclear holocaust that has sent everyone indoors where they are apparently awaiting a slow death?

Well, it isn’t a nuclear holocaust but it might as well be, because everyone seems to have agreed that life as they knew it is not worth living any longer.

“I want America back!” Too bad, lady, a virus that is very contagious is coming to get you and your neighbors and you’d better succumb to the new protocols. Personal rights or, for that matter, responsibilities? Not for you, lady, and you must make sure you report those who act as though they still have them.

Yes, it is a very contagious virus, from which 99.9% of those infected survive. And it has closed down the entire American economy.

One of the early goals — to “flatten the curve” so the hospitals not be overwhelmed — has been achieved. But what is the price we’ve paid for our concentration on a virus? Hospitals across the country have closed for lack of income because patients have been barred from getting their hip replacements, colonoscopies, chemotherapy — all interventions that could have extended lives.  Who is the winner there?

Doesn’t someone want to question the “experts” about what their policies have wrought, not to mention the errors of their models? When businesses shutter for two months, when livelihoods are permanently destroyed, there is great suffering. People beset by these calamities die before their time, as do older people cooped up in their rooms for weeks on end, unable to connect with their families.

Fear seems to have gripped us and we are unable to find the courage to move through it. We fear a virus, so much that we can’t question the policies supposedly aimed to deal with it. We fear being told we are selfish or cold-hearted.

It is interesting that it is especially those of lower income, those who cannot work from home on their computers, who are suffering most. Could that be the reason the “experts” aren’t open to changing their policies?

There are so many questions to be asked by those who are curious and restless. The ultimate one is the hardest to ask: Is the evidence now conclusive that America is no longer the “home of the brave”?

Josephine Katz

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  1. My 11 year old son came to me a few days ago and told me how lonely he was and how he missed his friend and he wanted to go outside and play with them, then he said he didn’t want to live in a world like this anymore—this is what we are teaching our children, to let fear keep them from living their lives and pursuing happiness. I am a brittle type I diabetic and an asthmatic, I am very likely to die if I catch the virus, but it is not anybody else’s job to protect me, it is my job, mine alone and no one else should suffer because of me and certainly not children who have no choice in any of this.

  2. Fear is widespread. They have purposely chose to perpetuate fear so people need and do as they are told. Good media outlets who try to spread the truth are silenced. There are no more heroes except our brave military who still fights the good fight. As we see with Lt. General Flynn even the most honorable of men are being targeted and conspired against and still we are silent.

  3. Furthermore Ms. Katz, your thinking reminded me of the charge of the light brigade in Balaclava in 1854 during the Crimean War as part of the seige of Savastpol. Guns to the right of them, guns to the right of rode the brave 500, and guess what, they got slaughtered. Foolish bravery can be lethal.

  4. Ms. Katz, be ware. If one follows your position to it’s logical conclusion, many, many more will get sick and those in the at risk category will DIE. Just hope that your free wheeling advise will not lead to your getting sick. While it’s true that most survive, I would suggest that those survivers did not go through pleasant experience. As old fashioned as it may be, I’d much rather be safe than sorry, and I’m not a belt and spender kind of guy.

    • Anyone who wants to cower-in-place is welcome, and they should be supported by the government so that everyone has the means to be scared witless if they so desire.

      The rest of us would rather be free of forced lockdown and the continued destruction of centuries of American freedom, for a paltry little flu.

    • The propaganda of fear or the search for truth and solutions. The choice is ours to make. Only in free society can we rise up and help our brothers and sisters in love. No need to worry Mike, fear is ruling the day.

      Fear, it’s the oldest trick in the book for any government to control their subjects, it’s been written about for centuries, for thousands of years. One book even tells you, if a person says they know the end of times, know they are a liar.

      The only difference now is our perfect tools in which to spread the fear and control. Welcome to a new world, the new world order. Hope you enjoyed your freedoms and liberties to which others traveled insurmountable journeys to enjoy and which we throw out without so much as coming together and shouting NO!!!!!!!!!

      • Fear will make people willingly give up their freedoms, sad to say. Here what an ordinary woman in California did about this. This is FREEDOM IN ACTION: (START at the 3 min. 45 sec. mark)

        When will the people of Vermont say “enough!”??

        • Great Question:

          30% on public assistance +/-
          30% on public payroll +/-

          so do 60% of the public see Vermont as a Utopia? Perhaps they do?

          Yet Vermont gets rich off keeping people poor, they are in a poverty trap created by those “helping them”, their net worth will be less than $500. They will never be part of the middle class, by Vermont Design (taken from our friends at the united nations)

          Our state employees have the gravy train of retirement and benefits few, very few ever see. I wish them no ill. But we need to have an honest accounting and description of pay which includes all benefits, for all to see. Daylight struggles with this topic.

          Many in Vermont see no issue. Yet our DCF has adopted the big city solutions that are bringing drugs and broken families across our state, increasing every year, like I mentioned, there is good job security in not solving many of our problems.

          Tis the problem with a Democracy, the mob can rule the few, strip the rights of the minority. It’s nice to see well spoken young people voicing their concerns and displaying their understanding of our constitution. Refreshing.

          When is enough? When we run out of other people’s money? Great question, when is enough?

          • Well said… a voice crying in the wilderness…. I feel the same way and have for years.

      • I’ve seen some of Mike’s comments and along with others, believe MIke should really study the situation and read / understand the comments herein and in other articles. We provide proof and links to back up the real situation, not just mouthing the liberal point of view. I will not be a prisoner and have to right to free roam and wouldn’t jeopardize anyone. After all I’m a life loving human not a caged animal.

    • No, Mr. Gilhooly, you aren’t doing anything more than feeding fear. The real statistics are against you and your buddy in Montpelier. And you ignore the deaths that will result from starvation, poor health from being inside too long, and the suicides, all guaranteed by the iron hand of tyrants upon us. I’d also advise you (not “advice,” as you intended) to get remedial education for grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

  5. Fear not, NOBODY called.

    The dance will remain perfect. Everyone shall know their scripts perfectly. There will be no changes. There will be no changes in any leadership. There will be no change in the direction of this ship. A few passengers will shout, look there’s a large reef up ahead! There are rocks to our starboard, ice to the port side, large reef to the bow.

    Fear not, pile on the coal, fire up the boilers, we’ll jump this reef! Like Pat Leahy, there will be no change will come to Vermont leadership anywhere. Everyone, everywhere will remain the same, all the while expecting different results.

    Vermont will be like Fonzi, jumping the shark in a leather jacket. At lease Fonzi got off his motorcycle and did something different, he did waterski.

    Fear not, fear not, change is not in Air of Vermont.

  6. It’s so very sad, depressing and overwhelming. A few of us banded together, a few of us spoke out, some very eloquently, Backed by science, scientists, critical thinking.

    It appears that the corruption and group think we have sown for decades is now coming home to roost. Corruption takes its natural course to government failure. corruption of the press is a serious contributor to demise. Corruption breeds corruption. Historically it’s been proven and demonstrated for thousands of years, they’ve written books about it.

    The natural laws of money and its use cannot be broken without serious consequences. No can cronyism and abuse of power continue in ANY form of government without serious consequence, ultimately government collapse.

    We don’t even know what we don’t know, that is how lost we have become. Meanwhile so many have stood on the side lines and watched, unwilling band together for the common good, unwilling to step up in what is the most wonderful experiment the world has ever witnessed for truth, freedom and Love, our country.

    We have chosen to not change our course, we turned our backs to the natural and supernatural laws and expected paradise?

  7. I couldn’t have said it better myself. We’re cowards. I see fear everywhere, and yet of all those people in face masks, scared to get closer than six feet, wiping disinfectant everywhere: the vast majority of those people are scared of a simple flu, because this virus notoriously leaves most people with either mild or no symptoms and attacks the weak: just like a normal flu. Yet we act like we’re going to wet our pants at any minute.

    Makes me want to yell, stand up! For God’s sake, people, stand up!!

    Are people going to die if we stand up? You bet. That’s too damn bad. But at least we’ll have a choice about what’s “too damn bad” and won’t have the government deciding this for us. No one will blame the frail for wearing face masks, but to see young men and women scared witless over a disease that leaves the vast majority of victims basically unharmed is too much.

    Where are you, America? Cowering because Fauci is fear-mongering this at every turn? Maybe you should stop listening to the fear-mongers and ask instead why they’re pushing the fear button so relentlessly? Because they want us on our knees? Is that it?

    Stand up!

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