Letter: Where are we headed?

Editor’s note: This letter is by Kathy Wagner.

I’m a senior citizen who is very worried about the direction of our country as well as our state. For many months our society has been besieged by turmoil. We all see and feel the fear caused by the Covid pandemic. We see nature’s fury with wildfires and hurricanes. We witness protests which originally had legitimacy, but were overtaken by an undercurrent of hatred and violence with evil intent.

Throughout history fear has been used by those in or those seeking power. Economic and societal issues are too often pushed to the side, allowing them to fester by kicking the can down the road. Appeasement only seems to fuel the unrest. Special interest groups prey on our fear to push through their agendas while people now are mostly focused on their job survival or family situation. We citizens must be aware of what is going on behind the scenes. We must do diligent research, know what each candidate stands for, and elect candidates who are working in our best interests. I think we are all tired of politicians who go along to get along and who have forgotten exactly who they represent!

Kathy Wagner
Sandgate, Vermont

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4 thoughts on “Letter: Where are we headed?

  1. Kathy,
    The truth about fear being “used by those in or those seeking power” cannot be stressed enough given current circumstances. As the video in the attached link states, “Fear, he is a liar”. I believe the song in this video sums it all up and its message can offer help in these stressful times.


  2. Excellent post, Kathy! Thank you for standing up and speaking out. The only way we can save America as we know it is if the “silent majority” finally becomes “un-silent.”

    Last week, I listened to a podcast, and the guest said (I paraphrase): When we keep making ourselves small, we become smaller people inside. We get demoralized and start thinking less of ourselves because deep inside we KNOW that we didn’t do the right thing. In the end, cowardice and appeasement have a detrimental effect on our life, destroying our self-esteem. But the opposite is true too—if we stand up for what we believe in, if we take a stand for the truth, we will gain self-respect and that will penetrate every aspect of our lives.

    Food for thought.

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