Letter: What is the greatest threat to our country?

Editor’s note: This letter is by Kathy Wagner, of Sandgate.

I often wonder who or what is the greatest threat to, or enemy of, our country. If you ask people this question you may get a variety of answers. They may say China, Russia or Iran. Others might feel it is the drug cartels, sex traffickers, or the tens of thousands of illegals now flooding into our country via the southern border. Many may think the greatest threat is the push for critical race theory that is being channeled into grade schools up through the universities and even the military. So many dangerous scenarios.

All the above should be taken as very serious threats, but I offer another possibility and one which I feel is the greatest danger. What about those who see themselves as a governing elite, who are the best and only ones capable of running our lives? These elites control the vital avenues of information — the almighty media, be it television, movies, social media, internet sources and our vast education system. These are the elites who decide what should be reported and what should be taught, and they want no questions asked. They don’t seem at all interested in a debate of opposing ideas and they expect or demand that everyone fall in line — or else!

It seems now that we are confronted with a narrative pushed by most media outlets that shows true bias regarding the issues at hand. What happened to investigative reporting or true journalism as we used to have? Has it turned into just printing the talking points of the ‘bosses’? Are the news sites no longer interested in delving behind the scenes to get the rest of the story, as Paul Harvey used to say?

How can we have a strong, vibrant, united country to confront the aforementioned external and internal threats if our society is hampered by false messaging, censoring, de-platforming, suppression of alternative solutions, or threats to any opposition (with possible loss of one’s job or career)? People have a right to know and deserve to know the truth. This is the only way a free society can survive.

Free speech is one of our foundational principles and we must fight to maintain it. We must not allow ourselves to be steamrolled by thuggish tactics and fear-mongering. The media has a great responsibility to truthfully inform the people and also be a watchdog which exposes any harmful forces knocking at our door. They must report without bias and only allow their personal opinions in the editorials. Let’s hope they return to being the protectors of all the people.

Kathy Wagner

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7 thoughts on “Letter: What is the greatest threat to our country?

  1. It is a fact that Joseph Stalin began his rise to power as being a party secretary of information. As everyone can easily see nowadays in the USA, the tactic has been adopted and spread throughout the USA, cadre or bloc unions among teachers carrying the banner. It’s probably the main reason why after George Mason’s 1 Amendment, they added the 2 one – which is all about guns. But it goes a lot deeper than George Mason and the other founders: when William Bradford and Myles Standish and the whole congregation went to church due to external threats at that time (contact period people unhappy over their presences – a little bit like current Euro-trash socialist politico economic “experts” around us today ) they carried their Bibles, whatever else they scribed to be spoken at meeting – AND, their (loaded) guns. This is something the Russians (for one group of the unwashed, that someday, WILL be) never had.

  2. Not being educated in Truth and Love, scripture is our biggest failing. It is what made this Nation Great, it is the foundation of Western Civilization, it is the polar opposite of Marxism, Socialism and Communism.

  3. Many of our politicians from both sides have sold out the American People all for the almighty dollar and we have to do what ever it takes to get back our country! This also includes big businesses that have also worshiped the dollar. It is not going to be easy but we must push to get back to our founding principles.

  4. I just read an article by National Pulse – Representative Peter Welch, a member of the Intelligence Committee, is invested in a number of Chinese companies. According to his financial disclosure statement, there be a number of lucrative stock holdings as well as holdings in companies controlled by the CCP. The problem we have is our Federal and State elected officials are compromised and crooked as a dog’s hind leg. Along with that rot at the top, there are plenty more officials compromised and corrupted in the same vein. Infiltration – not invasion. We are at war w/o a bullet fired

      • Yup, that’s how they do it!


        It’s really communists and subversion, they infiltrate our schools, churches, buy our politicians, non profits, press,,,,

        And voila, Vermont becomes the first colony of the United Nations, lead by the Republican Party and Phil Scott!

        now star dust will be here shortly,,,,

        If the Vermont Republican Party loves America more than power and party they will no longer allow RINOs, aka sell outs, you can build from that.

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