Letter: We must bring Vermont back to life

Editor’s note: This letter is from Dorothy Bolduc, an active member of Franklin County Right to Life.

We must bring Vermont back to life. Look around and you will see that Vermont is dying. Our farms are dying Our colleges are dying. Our rural hospitals are going bankrupt. Our churches and civic organizations are in decline. People are moving out of Vermont in droves because of the high cost of living and being taxed and regulated to death.

Since 1973, close to 100,000 babies were killed by abortion in Vermont. Did you think these deaths would not have an impact on Vermont? The babies aborted in the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s never grew up to have children or grandchildren. We are seeing the results in our schools with rapidly declining enrollments. There is a shortage of employees for all kinds of jobs. People are losing hope and dying from the drug epidemic and suicide. Vermont is seeing the results of this culture of death and it will only get worse. Assisted suicide and health care rationing will be the answer for unaffordable health care. Will you have a choice? No. OneCare Vermont will make all the choices in the future. Our Vermont Legislature and the Green Mountain Care Board gave all the power to OneCare Vermont with no accountability to us, the people of Vermont.

In 2017, the UVM Medical Center suddenly changed their abortion policy to allow “elective abortions” for all nine months of pregnancy. In 2019, the Legislature passed a law making abortion legal all nine months of pregnancy with no restrictions or regulations. The Vermont Legislature also voted to amend the Vermont Constitution to enshrine abortion all nine months of pregnancy as a constitutional right.

Most of the Legislature and Gov. Phil Scott made it clear that they stand with Planned Parenthood and not the people of Vermont. Planned Parenthood has networked and wormed its way into every aspect of Vermont government, including our schools and even the UVMMC. We must not allow Planned Parenthood to control our government, our schools and our medical establishments.

The people of Vermont must make it loud and clear that we do not want a constitutional amendment that allows us to kill our own children before birth. Our children are our future. The babies that are dying at Planned Parenthood and at the UVM Medical Center are Vermonters. They are our posterity. We must be a society that welcomes our own children. We must bring Vermont back to life.

Dorothy Bolduc


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  1. This article tells it like it is. We are already suffering from the mistakes of our past. The formerly pro-abortion plaintiff in the Roe v. Wade legislation denounced abortion in America as a “terrible, terrible, holocaust” (1997). People often reflect on the Holocaust of WWII and ask “how could that happen?” It wasn’t actually that long ago, but look at what’s going on right in front of us n.o.w.

  2. Vermont can become the leading state in the nation for adoption.

    Adoption can solve so many problems, it paves the way for recognizing the value of life. It also opens doors so people are not brought up in destitution. It ends the generational poverty trap that Vermont promotes, it gives children and women a chance to thrive. It is a very loving and selfless thing to do.

  3. Unfortunately the author nails it. Certainly a viewpoint of wisdom regarding what is happening to this State.

  4. Every child is unique + precious from the moment of conception.

    Because it is legal to kill an unborn child doesn’t mean murder is moral.

    We need to welcome all of our children to make our state prosper.

  5. Every child is unique + precious from the moment of conception.

    Because it is legal to kill an unborn child doesn’t mean it is moral.
    Intentional killing of the unborn is murder.

    We need to welcome all of our children to make our state prosper.

  6. Here’s a place to take a firm and bold stand, John Klar! If you aren’t willing to completely oppose the killing of babies and promise to roll back any & all pro-abortion regulations, you will reveal that you have no moral foundation and have no chance at all of winning a primary, let alone an election.

  7. What the leftist abortion for birth control proponents fail to consider is their Social Security will not have enough people paying in to support them and all the “climate refugees” they claim will be invading
    the US down the road….

  8. Science instructs us that an unborn child is fully human and fully alive…..a unique and unrepeatable human being from the moment of conception. Therefore, every abortion ends the life of a child already living on this planet.

    The Democrat supermajority should be embarrassed to have done little else in 2019 other than to shield the business of abortion from any oversight or accountability…..especially when abortion was already legal in Vermont without regulation or restriction.

    From the fall of the gavel in January to the end of the session, abortion was the central, overriding focus of lawmakers who set the agenda. Pro-abortion lawmakers were so obsessed with ensuring abortion throughout pregnancy in statute as well as a constitutional amendment, that other legislative priorities were sidelined.

    Nothing new to see here…..just Planned Parenthood, the largest single provider of abortion in Vermont, the United States of America, and in the world, using the Vermont Legislature to set an example for other state legislatures to follow suit……joining a long line of special interest groups who seem to dominate the State House these days.

    • Yeah, I loved how in state wide papers and internet news they were reminded how they were supposed to vote! Clearly planned Parenthood thinks they are working for them, they are not representing the people or defending the Constitution, such is the case in our fine state, sadly they may be correct.

  9. Millenniums ago before the Jewish nation existed the pagan nations worshipped gods that demanded the sacrifice of children, especially their first born. They burned them alive in huge stone idols named after the false god Baal. The Jews had a law that required a life for a life if a pregnant woman was injured and she gave birth to a still born. This one law reflected God’s mind on the death of a fetus. That law is still valid as a Christian principle. There are many denominations of Christianity but true Christians never willingly destroy life including fetuses. God never changes, even though many denominations may think so. Just because a fertilized egg is invisible doesn’t mean it isn’t a life. Just because bacteria and viruses are invisible doesn’t mean they don’t exist or should should be taken lightly. A hundred thousand murders since 1973. I wouldn’t want to go meet the Creator on judgement day with any of those on my slate.
    Just because the unborn are given a scientific/medical label to dehumanize the procedure doesn’t change the fact that the abortion is murder in God’s mind. The historical numbers and current laws show how degraded VT’s society and government have become in respecting life. If it can’t respect the defenseless life of the unborn, which they can’t see, how can the population expect them to respect their lives?
    What is most horrifying is that a law can be passed allowing a child to be murdered as it is being birthed. It is disgusting to see the amoral depth to which some Vermonters and their government have sunk.

  10. No babies were killed, because that is a crime.
    Almost all aborted fetuses were legally aborted during the first three months of pregnancy.

    • Baby/fetus – legal semantics. Just because it’s “legal” doesn’t mean it isn’t the destruction of a human being, aka murder. All just rationalizations to make those who choose the death of an innocent and helpless child feel better about themselves and their failure to responsibly protect themselves against unwanted pregnancies or subsequently take responsibility. They are only fooling themselves.

      • Rachel,

        When I was young, I was hot and irresponsible
        Twice I had a girlfriend who became pregnant.
        Neither of us we ready to get married, so we decided, after some agonizing, to legally end the pregnancy.

        Legally ending pregnancies is a necessity in the US, or anywhere else in the world.

        Unwanted pregnancies and births are all much less desirable.

        When people are married, they may engage in family planning, but stuff happens, and ending a pregnancy may be needed for various reasons.

        Continuing or ending à pregnancy should never be the government’s business.

        The government could give a generous tax credit to someone ending a pregnancy.

        It would reduce population growth.

        Thanks to modern medicine, ending a pregnancy usually is a minor medical procedure.

      • Rachel,
        Fetuses are not human beings, according to the law.
        As a result ending a pregnancy is legal.

        After birth, the fetus is called a baby,
        It legal standing and rights, but not before.

        • In some states causing the death of a fetus brings murder charges. There is a need to bring a definition that is universal.

          • Keith,
            Legally it is defined.
            Before birth it is a fetus and has no legal rights
            After birth it is called a baby and has legal rights

            Causing the death of a fetus by accident is unfortunate.
            Causing the death of a fetus otherwise, such as having a medical abortion, is entirely the business of the person carrying the fetus, i.e., not the bureaucrats of the state.

            It is her body carrying the fetus. She alone ultimately should determine the destiny of the fetus.

          • We need to update our laws to reflect more correctly you vision of life. The state and men should no longer be financially responsible for the P.O.C. , as they ( one) are only responsible for terminating the POC. If we don’t make these changes to align with your thoughts, Vermont’s legislation will be responsible for overturning Roe v Wade.

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