Letter: Walt Heyer presented truth with love

This letter is by Renee McGuinness, of Monkton.

Walt Heyer, de-transitioner and international speaker on the risks and complications of so-called gender-affirming care, presented truth with love at Vergennes Union High School that pierced through rhetoric from individuals, organizations, and media that hosting such an event at a public school is hateful and dangerous.

Pro-trans activist leaders and ideologists portray themselves to be open and accepting of diverse people and opinions, simultaneously disregarding Walt’s own lived experience, while members of ANWSD administration and school board have determined themselves to be the arbiter of the entire community’s values.

Heyer presented several key points: 1) terminology was changed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) from ‘gender identity disorder’ to ‘gender dysphoria’ in 2013, making hormones and surgeries accessible without requiring therapists to determine the necessity of medical and surgical treatments through an identifiable diagnosis; 2) Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) can cause trauma that affects identity during brain development, which requires a focus on mental health, and that parents are best equipped to work with therapists to identify and treat causes of trauma in their own children; 3) an extensive list of side effects and complications from hormone blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgeries; and 4) Sweden — a pioneer of ‘gender-affirming care’ — has medical records on everyone in that country, and found that the suicide rate is 19 times higher 10 years after transitioning.

Much of the information Heyer presented can be found through links on his website, sexchangeregret.

The most encouraging part of the evening was seeing three individuals from the concurring Pride Joy protest among the 105 in attendance, taking in Walt’s presentation. I could not perceive their reactions but was grateful for their presence, as were other attendees. Most likely they heard facts about so-called gender-affirming care that they had never heard before — facts that were delivered with much care and concern. Hopefully, they will disperse the truth to others who were unnecessarily afraid to attend.

Renee McGuinness
Monkton, Vermont

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3 thoughts on “Letter: Walt Heyer presented truth with love

  1. It was sad and yet typical of the media (Digger) to report there were only 60 people in the gym.
    The actual number was 100. I counted several times and also guessed at about 250 protestors.
    I attended out of interest as we all should be educating ourselves about the concerns with
    humanity. We should all be educating ourselves about it. When the opposition wants to shut down
    free speech please know there is something very wrong no matter which side it is. If you don’t want to listen to the other side, then don’t. But to shut them down means you are censoring differing opinions for a reason and often it’s because the other sides message scares you. Thank goodness we have the first amendment… for now. All public facilities should be open to nonviolent presentations. If either side gets violent, they should be removed. Free speech is what has made this country great and to try to eliminate that part of who we are means we are in serious trouble.
    Walt Heyer seems sincere and had a lot to say about the dangers of the trans lifestyle. It is the duty of all of us to educate ourselves and understand what is going on. God Bless America.

  2. most likely what was spoken about, what was said wlll never be presented on VT Digger, VPR or Front Porch Forum, only nasty things to be said about the people. Why?

    Because they cannot stand against an opposing idea. More so truth, science and love. Yet our educational system is trying to find ways to prevent this and will at all costs stop it?


    Marxist training can not stand up against truth, love and science. Marxist training is all about power, money and compliance by any means necessary.

    This is why we are censored in Vermont.
    This is why we have no free press in Vermont.
    This is why our school system is so messed up.

    But most importantly this is why our kids are struggling. We’re feeding them mental garbage.

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