Letter: Vermont Family Alliance response to Sen. Ginny Lyons on gender dysphoria

This letter is by Carol Kauffman, president of the Vermont Family Alliance.

During the second reading of S.37, Senator Lyons made an attempt to make a case that “sexual ambiguity” was a historical example of “gender dysphoria.”

“I will take a step back,” Lyons stated, “historically, we’ve had children born with sexual ambiguity for many, many years. And so what we’ve seen is that sometimes a child will be born. It looks like it may be a male, so the child will be raised as a male. Similarly, we might see someone that looks like a female and frequently there may be surgical things that happened right then that happened in the past.”.

With just a google search Senator Lyons could have easily accessed better information than she received from her list of committee experts. “Ambiguous genitalia is a rare condition in which an infant’s external genitals don’t appear to be clearly either male or female. In a baby with ambiguous genitalia, the genitals may be incompletely developed or the baby may have characteristics of both sexes” Mayo Clinic

Senator Lyons continued, “Today. There are medical standards, and data-informed practices that are used to determine when and how gender-affirming care is put into place. That is determined by just like any of our other health care provisions, is determined through professional medical practice. And so there are as I read the letter from one of our very outstanding medical practitioners in this state, that those clinical determinations are data-informed.”

Is Senator Lyons’ “data-informed” assertion correct? Did Senator Lyons make sure State Senators had access to the following empirical data from her list of expert testimony?

  1. Data on youth historical suicide rates through 2023 (if youth are committing suicide, today, because of the lack of exclusive “gender-affirming” care, then history should also show an exponential rate of mysterious youth suicide because “gender-affirming” health care was not available)
  2. Data on Lupron and side effects
  3. Data on cross-sex hormones and side effects
  4. Data on double mastectomies and side effects
  5. Data on Phalloplasty surgery and side effects
  6. Data on Vaginoplasty surgery and side effects
  7. Data on the adolescent brain
  8. Data on parental and adolescent “gender-affirming” informed consent
  9. Data on youth resolving childhood gender dysphoria
  10. Data on detransitioners

Both youth patients and their parents are reporting the lack of informed consent in growing testimonies and lawsuits against “gender-affirming” health care. Was legislative informed consent also missing through the legislative process of H.89 and now S.37?

Vermont Family Alliance submitted a public record request for the “data-informed” documents from Senator Lyons’ committee experts referenced by her during the second reading of S.37.

Carol Kauffman, Addison
Vermont Family Alliance

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3 thoughts on “Letter: Vermont Family Alliance response to Sen. Ginny Lyons on gender dysphoria

  1. I think we need a ‘nut case’ test that every candidate for every office is required to take before their name can be on a ballot — and the results of it have to be public before anyone can vote. — Simple questions, like can a boy become a girl, should we have a waiting period to buy a vehicle because some drive drunk, should everyone had their money taken and given to others who have less because they won’t work, use drugs etc…

  2. There is no logic in the law.

    The state can physically alter the physical appearance of your 8 year old, changing the outward appearance of their sex, give them some nasty drugs to stop puberty, a natural occurrence. They can do this against the parents will.

    We all know 8 year old children should be able to make serious life changing decisions. It’s high time the state lower the age of becoming and adult to 8 or even 5 years old.

    They should be allowed to vote
    They should be allowed to hold a full time job
    They should be allowed to drive
    They should be allowed to get married.
    They should be allowed to go to war.
    They should be allowed to start a family.
    They should be allowed to stop school or choose the school of their choice.
    They should most definitely be allowed to pay taxes.
    They should be allowed to run for political office, for president!

    When is the insanity against these young people going to stop?

    When will this ageism stop. It’s high time we free our children from their tyrannical and oppressive parents and give the to our state!

    If they want to eat ice cream at every meal, let them, they are clearly adults!

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