Letter: There are no safe spaces in the real world

Editor’s note: This letter is from Kathy Wagner, a resident of Sandgate.

I am a senior citizen and am using my life’s experiences to form my opinions here. I read or listen to the news, of which the majority tends to be negative and leaning to one side. Media outlets will ofttimes take the liberty of editing peoples’ comments in a way that distorts what was actually said, in order to suit their agenda. They seem to, more often than not, voice their opinions, rather than investigate the story and simply state the facts, or what is known at the time. I don’t remember it always being like this in the past.

I think much of the change can be attributed to the modern education system. Much of the curriculum entrenched in the schools and universities tends to be negative regarding our country’s history. Throughout my school years we learned much more about our American history. We learned civics, studied the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, learned how our government worked — who was responsible for what — and had pride in our country. We admired our past leaders and their accomplishments. No one ever attempted to eliminate the periods of history that we disagreed with or thought unjust. You can’t judge the past through eyes of the present. Now you listen to the young agitators and protesters scream that our Founding Fathers were evil because they had slaves, so let’s destroy their monuments or rip their names off of universities and schools named for them! Today we watch people tear down statues of historical figures, and I wonder why authorities allow such behavior. Are they encouraging the youth to destroy what they don’t like? If they hear opinions differing from theirs, should we allow them to ban other ideas and debate from the campuses? Why would academia skim over incredible achievements, good deeds and success in overcoming tremendous obstacles to create this great, free country? They seem more ashamed than proud of the USA and are passing their prejudices on to the young, impressionable minds. It seems they are teaching children what to think instead of how to think!

I ponder how we’ve come to this point of such turmoil. Perhaps it started with the participation trophies. Ah, yes, let’s not hurt anyone’s feelings. Don’t just reward the person who trained hard to achieve a winning performance or the person who studied diligently to get As, but let’s diminish those achievements by rewarding those who don’t put forth their best effort or who only make minimal attempts to improve their “output” — either physical or mental. Do we really want to teach children that you don’t have to exert energy to get through life? Life for any living thing is a struggle — be it plant, animal or human. Life isn’t always fair, but you have a much better chance to succeed if you work hard, show ambition and have self esteem. That comes from within and you can’t blame someone else if it doesn’t happen for you.

God gave man a brain as well as emotions. The brain must think and analyze. Emotions are very influential forces, but perhaps the least reliable to deal with. In the short term it is easier to prey on peoples’ emotions, but for solving the serious problems which confront us, we need the thinking and analytical part of our body. If the youth is taught to hate our past, disparage man for destroying the planet, and blame someone else for their predicament, how will they ever cope in life? Success comes as we learn from our mistakes, occasionally failing but always getting up and trying again, and having ambition to better yourself and your life by your own deeds. You are entitled to very little in life and the sooner you realize that the better. Hate is never productive and leads to failure.

Let’s get beyond the nastiness in our discourse and become productive citizens. There are no safe spaces in the real world.

Kathy Wagner
Sandgate, Bennington County
802 394-2635

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6 thoughts on “Letter: There are no safe spaces in the real world

  1. Of recent, at the hearings about impeaching Trump, both the House Judiciary Committee and the House Intelligence Committee (Intelligence ?) the Dems provided videos and transcripts they modified from the actual original sources, presented to influence the hearings and were confronted with their bias by astute Reps. Just to impeach a sitting President on baseless grounds-a political hack job never before undertook.

    When people look at this, this mocks the truth and used to distort gullible minds (young, old and ill-informed) and the media that Trump is a power crazed self-filling operative. Forget what he’s done in a short 3 years.

    I mention this in line with the warping and presenting Goebbels propaganda machine of today relative to this finely composed informative article.

    If elders, media, educators and the Government people do it, it must be OK for the youngsters (as they must-might think, given no alternative information) of which are the future. What does the future hold?

    As mentioned in the herein article, this country has better grab itself by the boot straps and correct matters— It’s so evident and common sensible.

    In the hearings, I noticed the main instigators participants are from NY & CA, highly Liberal. Is that what the Montpelier (our leaders) bunch wants?

  2. Wonderful article. In my view, the first step toward improving the study of American history would be to make it mandatory that students READ the Declaration of Independence. (wonder how many in the US have). These noble signers put their lives, fortunes and sacred honor on the line so we could enjoy the freedoms we have today.

  3. Well done well done. This lack of education also correlates to the increase of suicides.

    It’s of no coincidence that young whit males who aren’t eve adults, nor have had any life experience are offing themselves when the entire world is saying they’ve caused all the problems! They just learned hoe to make their beds and hold part time job, how could they be responsible for all of life’s problems?

    But they shall spare no quarter for these young men, guilty by color. But isn’t that r……..?

  4. Very well said Kathy. You completely stated my exact thoughts for the last 10 plus years.
    We were taught History, cursive writing, respect and obedience or we’d feel the wrath of our parents.
    Thank You for putting it in print.

  5. Kathy, great article and spot-on but ” No Safe Places ” well there are some but those that
    are titled that way are far from safe, just an invitation to harm !!

    The kids today are not getting educated they are getting indoctrinated, it’s sad as growing
    up in Vermont was a great time in my life, we had the same problems but we handled them
    in a different manner, we had bullies, we had punks we dealt with it……. our way.

    Kids today, well just let me say they have been coddled way too much, the world is a tough
    place, I hope they never have to leave the US ……. I feel they just won’t make it !!

    They start the division with our kids………………. shameful !!

  6. Kathy, you just hit it out of the park!!! Excellent letter! Hits you right in the gut what has happened in this great country we live in.

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