Letter: Teenage voting is not for the teenagers

This letter is by Mark Shepard, a former Vermont state senator (2003-2006) in the Bennington District.

How many 16 and 17-year-olds think they will not change their thinking as they move into life with the full responsibilities of an adult, including parenthood? Would any of them want to be living under a world determined by them when they were 10 to 12-years-old? I strongly doubt it. So what would make them think that at this point they would make decisions that would work well for what their world will be when they are 25 or 30?

How about the adults who voted yes on Vermont House bill H.361 (a bill regarding lowering the voting age)? Do these people still think like they did when they were teenagers? If so, they need help.

This teenage voting idea is nothing more than a means to an end and it does not have the good of these young people in mind. Not at all! Rather it is using teenagers to enact laws that few, if any, of them would support after having experienced the array of adult responsibilities. Yet, they will end up living under these laws.

Hopefully enough of them expect to mature in knowledge and wisdom as the years pass and will not fall for this trickery, but rather wait to set their future course when they have gained understanding and wisdom from having to pay their way, manage life and think about things — like what set of ideas they want as the foundation of their children’s education.

Mark Shepard

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11 thoughts on “Letter: Teenage voting is not for the teenagers

  1. The rationale against the idea of teenage voting applies just as much to the practice of allowing college students to vote in municipal elections. The consequences of this is on full display in Burlington. I don’t need to say more. The disaster that is governance in BTV speaks for itself.

  2. You can’t say you didn’t see this one coming…. First it was dumbing down to the

    lowest denominator. Then it was getting the little tykes involved in Leftist wet dreams which of course lead to letting them out of school to protest those wet dreams as
    part of class…Now the Leftist Fascist have a new wave of useful idiots. Hitler knew the power of the youth too. I guess it isn’t so far fetched as it seems with anyone
    being able to chose what ever gender variant/race,color,creed they want to be kids can claim to be adults.

  3. Every clear thinking adult knows what the intent of this bill is all about.
    WakeUP you woke people!!! This effort will change the future of all
    elections and those elections will or could be controlled by highschool
    students. Its one thing for them to vote for class president but an entirely
    different dynamic for them to vote on $82,000,000 school budgets! They don’t even
    understand debt load at the highschool level. Who is behind the curtain on this

  4. How many of these children who vote will stay in the state? Suspect they won’t stay around after graduating from high school.

    • Once adults, you can be pretty sure they won’t stay if they are able to make things as they dream of when they are teenagers.

  5. Dumbing down “education” was not an accident. Self-thinkers don’t make good subjects.

  6. It makes it even more concerning that half of these kids can’t read, write, multiply or divide proficiently as it is. So, will they be able to make reasonable judgements about how governance works and budgets are determined?

    What – me worry???

  7. It’s all part of the brown shirt program, I think they had a program like this in Germany a few decades back. Will we call this the Biden Youth Program? Pelosi Power Kids? New World Fledglings?

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