Letter: ‘Sen. Mark MacDonald, you should apologize to every Vermonter and resign’

This letter is by Stu Lindberg, of Cavendish.

To my fellow Vermonters,

For the last 17 years I have worked as a fuel and propane delivery driver serving the residents of Vermont. I am just one of the many drivers and employees in the home heat industry working to make sure you and your loved ones stay warm during the long, dark and cold Vermont winters.

Without exception, every one of the drivers, technicians, customer service representatives, dispatchers and managers are laser-focused on the goal of giving the best possible service at the best price.

Those of us on the front lines of this industry are all hard working Vermonters. We are not immune to the struggles of the people we serve. Fuel prices this year have gone through the roof and so have the prices of everything else. Even when prices were much lower it was not easy for many of us to make ends meet while paying to stay warm.

This year, even with the doubling of government fuel assistance, the challenge has been more difficult. While on my daily route I listen carefully to the pain of low- and middle-income Vermonters who have had no choice but to go cold and hope for spring to come early. You cannot help but feel the anguish of your neighbors. I understand it. Everyone in the industry understands it. The dominant political party in Montpelier does not understand it. They are callous to the struggle of their constituents.

The evidence of this rude disconnect is a 30-minute recorded discussion on the morning of April 15 between four of Vermont’s Democratic state senators in the Committee on Natural Resources and Energy. The conversation is revealing and just plain disgusting for those of us being pinched in these hard economic times. They can be found at this link.

State Sen. Mark MacDonald (D) and Committee Chair Chris Bray (D-Addison) were discussing the implementation of the “clean heat standard” legislation. The worst comments came from MacDonald, who is quoted as saying “Before I kill someone to get their clean heat credits, I want to know what the charge is going to be. Embezzlement, scam, securities fraud?” (20:30-52:00)

That was followed up later in the conversation when Sen. Chris Bray stated, “Well for the person who says, ‘I don’t like that. I don’t want to be paying extra.’” To that, Sen. MacDonald says “Well then, get a blanket for Christ’s sake!”

I was once a Democrat, for the reason that I believed this party was compassionate and concerned about the people they are elected to serve. A little over 15 years ago I figured out my beliefs were flawed.  Vermonters would be wise to elect state senators who do not mock the people who pay their salaries. As for Sen. Mark MacDonald, you should apologize to every Vermonter and then resign.

Stu Lindberg
Cavendish, Vermont

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23 thoughts on “Letter: ‘Sen. Mark MacDonald, you should apologize to every Vermonter and resign’

  1. Stu,

    Thanks for the link to the testimony. It would be good for people to take time to listen to it. Senator MacDonald actually is challenging and questioning the premises and assumptions made by this law. Far from being an advocate he comes off as being very skeptical and dubious about what is being proposed and how difficult it is to understand and to explain to people.

    • There is not enough spin to get MacDonald out of this frying pan.
      He is playing Devil’s advocate. It is not a secret he fully supports this and all the other green initiatives. I have watched enough testimony from politicians over the years to recognize that they will say one thing and then vote the exact opposite. MacDonald is that same kind of political animal. He is indefensible.

    • Another thank you to Stu for bringing this Statement to the Taxpayers of Vermont! MacDonald should be escorted out of The State of Vermont!!!!

  2. These people really do hate us all.
    I remember reading this many years ago and quickly said “No that can’t be, they can’t really do that work and hate the people…”

    But, like Stu said, too much happens that you see with your own eyes and then you actually SEE that they really do hate us all.

    Damn near nothing these evil people are doing is actually good for We The People.
    They are all bought and paid for puppets there to shill the products they were hired to shill..
    Their jobs are to find the paths to getting it done for their masters–

    The masses have got to wake up and finally see this.
    We need to vote in our own locals that we know and trust.. and, when they show us how evil they are, they should be gone and shamed.
    What this man said was disgusting.
    It’s clear that he needs to suffer some to learn a thing or two about how many people live so that he gets it.

    Dano is right, the people we once were would have taken care of this all pretty fast.. that is how we’d see a whole lot less of this. We’ve been bound and gagged with all their hate crime and political correctness BS for just this reason- so that we can’t fight back as we historically have done.
    They want to make it so that all we can do legally is vote them out- in their rigged elections.
    Wake up people!

  3. I have wondered for years why many Vermonters keep voting these politicians into office — people who covet our votes and then turn around and kick us in the teeth. And that also goes for politicians who call themselves Republicans and vote against almost everything the GOP stands for. I don’t wonder about the Democrats and Progressives — they tell us exactly what they plan to do to us. Wake up, people. Many Vermont legislators have nothing but contempt for the people who put them into office. They view us as their little social experiment and Vermont as a playground for bringing UN Agenda 21/30 to fruition. They do not care how it hurts ordinary Vermonters. Sounds like “Let them eat cake!” My heating bill last year was over $2,000 and now they want me to buy a $55,000 electric car. Yikes!

  4. RICO violations – they are guilty and it can be proven. As magistrates, which we are under the Constitution, must now collectively pursue them for their criminal conduct. It can be proven and there is evidence to do so – WEF/WHO is a criminal syndicate and our Legislature and administration are colluding with this criminal syndicate.

  5. We are just peons to be pilfered for their whackadoodle schemes set forth
    by more whacked out leftest in Commifornia and the UN. The D/P party is not
    for the people it’s for the agenda which has no merit. There’s no proof of any
    scheme they push forth and no valid reason to be doing any of it from gorebull
    warm mongering to gun grabbing… the sooner the uniformed leftist voters learn
    that the sooner we can get back to living our lives for us not them..

  6. I’ve never seen a Vermont senator or representative with their hand in their own pocket. In days gone by, there would have been a blanket party for the senator from Orange county as they were escorting him out of the state for being so royal about himself. Guess the voters will have to have their own “vote the bum out”, party in November. To stay warm, he wants his constitutes to get blankets to keep warn while he saves the planet through punishing energy price hikes with a plan that he neither understands or can explain. That’s who you have representing you, Orange County voter and it hurts us all.

    • These smarmy jerks passed a law to prevent harassment and intimidation aimed at them, so they now feel empowered to show their utter contempt for the rest of us.

      • Kay mentions the fact that Republicans are as guilty as the Democrats in destroying the state of Vermont.

        My supposed representative Tom burditt, a rino from West Rutland Vermont, voting in favor of this bill to suppress vermonters from speaking out against this all out attack on all of us.

        We had a bunch of rinos that supported our traitorous Governor Philip Scott in calling for an early removal of Donald Trump from office…

        As Republicans they should understand we believe in the rule of law and our constitutional rights which clearly state you are innocent until proven guilty.

        We are in trouble in the state of Vermont because we are being attacked not only from the outside but the inside

        Our beloved state is being torn to shreds

  7. It’s amazing how little they think of the very people who put them in office.
    We should seriously be looking at those who are stepping up to run against them. They may be unknown, but I’ve met some very concerned and willing citizens who are obtaining signatures to get on the ballot. They feel like the writer of this article and they are moved to try and change the mess we’ve got in Montpelier. They’ve been worried, and frustrated, unlike our current “leaders” who are insensitive and out of touch. When someone knocks on your door, or shows up to walk in a parade in your hometown and asks for your signature to get on the ballot for a seat in Montpelier, please sign it. Share your thoughts and frustrations. I think you will find someone who is willing to fight for you. Not against you.

  8. Well said Stu. But until Vermonters stop electing these people, nothing will change. I cannot understand why Vermonters continue this destructive behavior,

    • It begs the question “Are Vermonters really electing these far-left representatives?” For the well indoctrinated socialists among us, one of the tenants is that the ends justifies any and all means necessary to promote the socialist agenda, including lying and cheating.

      It is imperative that we guard our elections against the possibility of manipulation. We also must guard our free press/media, who has the power to report (or not report) the election results.

  9. $935.00 last home heating oil delivery. A senior citizen on, a fixed income. We should hold a “Blanket Party” for this jerk!

  10. Stu, thank you so much for writing this important letter. We need people like you in our legislature.

    Mark McDonald is a terrible human being, and the rest of those out of touch legislators aren’t much better. It looks like the implementation of the law will be delayed a year, but energy prices are not going abate anytime in the near future due to global concerns. Heat pumps and insulation are good but these do not heat your home when it is very cold, which is about 4-5 months a year in VT.

  11. Let the senators endure 40 degrees in the state house next winter to
    see how wonderful it is to combat global warming personally.

    • I know huh? What’s the R value on marble and granite. Are all these law makers net zero? Lord I hope so if they are waving the flag!

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