Letter: Parents have ‘a right and responsibility to protect their children’

This letter is by Gregory Thayer, of Rutland. He is the founder of the Vermonters for Vermont Initiative.

As if school closures and mask mandates based on no real science isn’t bad enough, now teachers unions, school boards, and some educators are indoctrinating our children with critical race theory, equity, the 1619 Project, critical gender, and all the other filth and lies they can sneak into a lesson plan.

We The People, the parents and grandparents, have had enough. As you have seen across the country, moms and dads are attending and fighting back at school board meetings. Americans are finally holding the CRT equity bagmen on the school boards accountable for their lies and corruption, and people are learning about these teachings. The tide is turning to our side: the side of truth, facts and God. People want their rights and schools back and are tired of the leftists ruining our country.

But now the D.C. swamp is fighting back against truth. Joe Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland ordered the FBI to crack down on concerned parents. Leftist activists want parents classified as domestic terrorists because parents and grandparents do not want their children’s schools to become America-hating camps. Parents have both a right and responsibility to protect their children from bad actors. This is why we need true conservatives across our great nation who will stand up to this tyranny.

Garland has ordered the FBI to investigate parents concerned about their school boards lying to them. It get worse: the attorney general’s son-in-law runs a pro-critical race theory organization that is financed by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg, who has his own serious ethics issues.

The true problem in America is that Democrats think that the government exists to protect elites from you (whereas we believe that government exists to protect you from them).

Our schools need to teach the Three Rs and truthful U.S. history with facts. I appreciate solutions, and here are a couple real ones. Please visit FAIRstory.org and 1776unites.com for fact-based true American history. These are two curriculums for students from K-12 that are teaching a pro-human approach to our history.

Gregory Thayer, MBA Principal
Vermonters for Vermont Initiative
Rutland, Vermont

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3 thoughts on “Letter: Parents have ‘a right and responsibility to protect their children’

  1. Indeed, parents have the right and responsibility to protect their children. But in our world, where, more often than not, two wolves and a lamb vote on what to have for lunch, beware the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    Re: “The true problem in America is that Democrats think that the government exists to protect elites from you. Whereas, we believe that government exists to protect you from them.”

    Keep in mind, the Board of advisors for FAIR (the Foundation against Intolerance & Racism) ARE ‘the elites’. Democrats are correctly characterized as pretenders. Both can be dangerous to the individual.

    Case in point: Our ‘government’ does NOT exist to protect you from anyone. It exists to allow you to protect yourself, however you see fit, individually, or collectively, successfully, or otherwise – as long as you don’t harm someone else in the process who has provided you the same courtesy. Our government is intended to protect our right to choose our destiny AND enjoy the consequences of our decisions. It mediates in cases of individual and collective conflict. Our government is an amazing balancing act.

    What is ‘true American history’? Imagine the historians of the future looking back at today for posterity. What ‘true American history’ will they see? CNN’s version. Or FOX’s version? Joe Biden’s version or Donald Trump’s version?

    I apologize in advance, for I have become cynical. If I can’t believe much of anything I see or hear these days, why, then, should I believe what anyone said a century or millennia ago? Perhaps ‘faith’ is, after all, the only thing we have to guide us.

  2. A universally recognized truth throughout the animal kingdom: It is dangerous get between a mother and her offspring. Universally recognized except by the Progressives. It chills me to imagine what unconstitutional poisons Garland would support as a Supreme Court Justice. The Tenth Amendment denies the federal government the right to do much of what the Biden administration, through executive orders preempting the legislative process, is now perpetrating on the states.

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