Letter: It is 2020 and I am prepared

Editor’s note: This letter is by Stu Lindberg of Cavendish.

When I was out on the campaign trail in 2016 my platform was repealing Act 46, replacing Act 68, Vermont’s education funding law, returning governance to local democratically elected school boards, stopping the dumping of raw sewage into Vermont’s waterways, and fixing the state highways.

In 2016, I was not prepared for defending myself against allegations of racism, sexism, homophobia and xenophobia while I went door to door campaigning as a Republican. I was not prepared for defending then-candidate Trump, who had nothing to do with the issues I was trying to address.

I was not prepared for the harassment of my oldest daughter at GMUHS because her father was a Republican candidate for the Legislature.

I was not prepared for the tires on my car being slashed while going door to door in Weathersfield. I was not prepared for the hysterical laughing of the Weathersfield, Vermont Democrats when I publicly confronted them about the damage done to my car.

The silver lining of my run for office was that I was compelled to gain a better understanding of race relations in the United States. With the power of social media I started to follow the black community.

What I learned is that this community, like all human communities, is made up of individuals who by their nature are extremely diverse in opinion. I learned that the Democratic Party does not speak for the black community. I learned that the Republican Party does not speak for the white community. I learned that we all speak for ourselves as individuals and when not influenced by the media and deceitful politicians we make voluntary associations on our beliefs and not the color of our skin.

I should thank the Democratic Party of Weathersfield for the ridicule and derision they directed at me. If it were not for them I may never have expanded my intellectual horizons. I would not have made so many dear friends and great Americans who by chance have a different color of skin than my own. I am blessed to have them in my circle.

In 2016 I was told by liberal Democrats to shut up about the issue of abortion (which affects the black community far more disproportionately) because I am white and I am a male. In 2020 I have been told by the same people that “white silence is complicity with blacks being murdered.” As I stated, in 2016, I was unprepared to defend myself against the fallacies of the liberal social arguments. It would appear that the liberal Democrats have given me permission to speak. It is 2020 and I am prepared.

Stu Lindberg
Cavendish, Vermont

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7 thoughts on “Letter: It is 2020 and I am prepared

  1. Sad, but the days of civility in public discourse have been left behind thanks to the Russia debacle, the likes of Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, her Democrat shills and the main stream fake news press. Of course this is all Donald Trump’s fault. The days of cooperation for the good of the country have dissapeared. Back in the day of Tip O’Neill and Scoop Jackson and their associates got together to work with Republicans to find common ground for the good of our country. Now it’s all about getting Trump regardless of cost the the Nation. Again, sad, sad, sad.

  2. Thanks Stu. I could feel your message was straight from your heart. I’m not having any of that Dem BS either.

  3. Sad to see what our state and nation have become but given many other examples of calm rational conservatives that I know in other locations being bullied thusly – unsurprised. Difficult to believe there are such meanspirited and hateful ppl in this world – and in what was once mostly good neighborly ppl here in VT. My Dad was Dem Chair for our town and it was never like this – ppl voted and treated each other with respect. Good luck Stu.

    • Stardust,
      Your comment gives me, once again, belief that commonsense and goodness will prevail. Thanks

      • When I read this was so sad. Really tired of the hateful Dems. We need more ppl like Stu who are willing to put themselves out there – I’m sure not. It takes guts – look at all the garbage thrown at Keith Stern and it’s still coming. My daughter and her husband are the nicest ppl you could ever hope to meet, politically connected, selflessly serve their town, live in NH and have *lots* of stories. We laugh but it’s really not funny – the lefties are always pulling something and it’s relentless.

        But it’s a stategy to terrorize reasonable ppl and silence their voices. Shame on them all and good on you again Stu!

        • Hear, hear!

          But its not as though this hasn’t happened before. History is replete with examples of propagandized intimidation, and I suspect I need not elaborate further on examples that have occurred and continue to occur to this day around the world.

          I wish Mr. Lindberg all the best and look forward to seeing his positions on the various specific issues we must consider.

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