Letter: Is stripping the ability of self-defense from the innocent the common thread?

This letter is by Mark Shepard, a former Vermont state senator (2003-2006) in the Bennington District. He owns and operates an engineering business specializing in industrial control and test systems.

Why is it that after every tragic gun-murder, those who respond loudest for guns bans are often the same people who respond the loudest against anything that might limit abortion? Clearly the loss of innocent life is not the common thread in their thinking. Could the common thread be stripping the ability of self-defense from the innocent?

The hundreds of gun-killings are extremely tragic and painful, most especially for those directly impacted. If we really want to address the callous view of human life that is behind such killing, let’s be honest, serious and consistent.

First, embrace the reality that every human life is a unique and creative creation of God with purpose, not some meaningless result of random chance. Second, overturn one of our nation’s darkest periods by ending the legal killing of our youngest. Sixty million legalized murders is horrific. And third, support the right for all law-abiding citizens to have whatever means they may deem necessary to defend their own life, the lives of those they love, and the life of their neighbor, if needed.

Mark Shepard
Vermont State Senator 2003-2006

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5 thoughts on “Letter: Is stripping the ability of self-defense from the innocent the common thread?

  1. There is little connection between taking guns and killing the unborn, beyond the need for the commies to control people and they are doing it by pandering to the really stupid with no morals and ethics. And these politicians are the ones that should have been aborted.

    • ” pandering to the really stupid with no morals and ethics.”

      There in lies the connection.

  2. The most disturbing part of the slaughter of the unborn is the suport from members of the republican party in Vermont.

    Prop 5 should be declared criminal!

    We can no longer turn our heads and pretend we are doing the right thing by re-electing these individuals to office…

    God will judge us all.

  3. The Marxist Left,Commicrats are in control of who lives and who doesn’t,it’s the states decision and to bring this demented goal to fruition they have to bring a end to civilian firearms in America,without that they can not achieve complete control.

    The second amendment is about defense of ones self from predators and tyrants,forign and domestic, if the right of defese can be nullified then the need of the second amendment vanishes .

    Former justice Stevens called for just such a occurrence,that’s why, the of the second amendment.

  4. In numbers gathered by the CDC for 2019, 195 abortions were performed for every 1000 live births.
    My math tells me that in the US, all conceived individuals stand a 1 in 5 chance of getting the knife prior to birth. As tragic as every mass shooting is that involves innocent victims, there is simply no justification for the claims by anti-gun folks that they are afraid to send their kids to school when compared to those abortion statistics. In my view it is an odd and hypocritical juxtaposition to be pro-choice and anti-gun. (I am pro-choice and pro-Second Amendment)

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