Letter: House Bill 106 must be defeated

This letter is by Gregory Thayer, of Rutland.

House Progressives have introduced a bill, H.106, that violates every student and family in our great state of Vermont. A question to the sponsors of this bill is what happened to parents’ rights for you folks. Do parents and guardians not matter to you? This proposal is crazy and completely out of touch with the majority of Vermonters, including liberal Democrats around the state. It violates MLK, our Constitution and free-speech.

The bill’s statement of purpose proposes to “protect the academic freedom of public educators and their right to teach on matters of gender identity and systemic and structural racism.”

This bill is to broad. It is irresponsible and is not necessary to educate children. This bill will codify the right of educators, school boards, superintendents, teacher unions, and activists to teach our children anything, in any way, with any props and tools that they chose and without regard or respect to your children, and without parental knowledge or permission. There will be no-opt out provisions either. This is the CDC’s plan and union plan to cancel parents and take control of our children.

This type of education is not the job of our public school education system, it is the parents’ job and responsibility. The progressives do not understand simple separations. We need to educate them all.

I am asking that you contact your local House member and your senators immediately. They may have a “super-duper” majority, but “We The People” still have our voices and the right to free speech.

For every single parent or guardian, you need to run for your local school board this March or the State Legislature in 2024. Lastly, a bold statement, you may transfer your children to another means of education — to an independent or private school, or to a Home Study program.

Gregory Thayer
Rutland, Vermont

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5 thoughts on “Letter: House Bill 106 must be defeated

  1. Repubs did a very poor job of campaigning for H.106. Abortion in Vermont is well protected and clearly they weren’t going to get anywhere with advocating for revoking it.

    They should have focused on trans issues and the threats to children and parental authority.

    P.s. every child confused about gender should be mandated to have a guardian ad litem.

  2. When education of our greatest value, children, takes back seats to the heirarchy it is time to take stock and make adjustments where needed. These will not come easily but must be done for the betterment of the long term and this country.

    Pay attention to MR Thayer and MR Eshelman.

  3. Push for “Home-Schooling” vouches as well. Florida is issuing vouches for whichever education option parents chose. Home school, charter, private or public. THE MONEY follows the student, wherever the parent decides to pursue education. Imagine the increase in Home schooled students, and parents get the tax credit! This bill is simply part of the NWO take over of OUR children, so they can be indoctrinated without resistance or accountability

    • Yes, absolutely. Homeschooling should be supported with vouchers too.

      Ultimately, I suspect, so-called home schooling will be the prevailing education governance, with parents and their children choosing from an à la carte menu of education services, including but not limited to a combination of social institutions (i.e., schools), pods (i.e., smaller neighborhood class instruction), theme-based education services (e.g., intern and apprenticeship programs in arts, sciences, and athletics), and various remote learning and foreign exchange programs.

      Just try to imagine a truly free market-based education system when the current public-school monopoly is eliminated. When the ‘Ma Bell’ phone system was broken-up in 1984, we went from the party lines of the 1970s to the internet and smartphone communications with more computing power than could have possibly been imagined.

      Meanwhile, the public-school monopoly plods along to this day incorporating century-old governance.

      Go figure.

  4. Again, the issue is not that we shouldn’t contact our legislators and ask them to forego this bill (106). The issue is that doing so simply puts that voice on record. It doesn’t affect the outcome. Consider that these legislators were elected by a majority of voters in the first place. What would make anyone think that majority won’t be calling to support this legislation? Sure. Go ahead. Joust with the windmill.

    But Mr. Thayer’s last statement is the key. Yes, ‘you may transfer your children to another means of education — to an independent or private school, or to a Home Study program.’ If you can afford to do so. This IS the key.

    There are currently Vermont law suits put forth by the Liberty Justice Center (LJC) demanding that the State’s School Choice tuitioning voucher be made available to all Vermont parents, regardless of their zip code. If anything, we must support these legal challenges to public-school monopoly tyranny… all the way to the SCOTUS, if necessary.

    I suggest contacting the LJC [https://libertyjusticecenter.org/] to ask how you can best support the cause. As it is in Vermont today, the tyranny of the majority can only be stopped in the courts.

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