Letter: H.R. 1 takes control of elections away from the states

Editor’s note: This letter is by Anya Tynio, of West Charleston.

H.R. 1, the “For the People Act,” should be called the “Democrats Consolidating Control of Elections Act.” It is one of the most disgraceful pieces of partisan legislation imaginable. It would effectively allow the voting disaster that took place in November to become commonplace, and will destroy any election integrity in the future.

In its 800-plus pages it calls for taking the control of elections away from the states and placing it in the hands of the federal government. It also calls for reducing election integrity requirements, limiting the removal of voters from the voter roll, expanding mail-in and early voting, gerrymandering districts in favor of Democrats, and much more.

H.R. 1 has 222 sponsors and cosponsors from the House, all Democrats. The fact that they even call it a bill “for the people” is mocking American voters — the bill is for themselves and no one else. Their wish to destroy the Senate filibuster, forcing bills like this through along party lines, is the height of government overreach. States’ rights matter, and allowing the federal government to control elections is dangerous. It shouldn’t take a Republican to know that, either.

Anya Tynio
Orleans County VTGOP Committeewoman

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  1. And you thought “ballot harvesting” involved Spanish speaking children, bent over and sweating for 12 hours a day …. Just wait till president Harris takes the helm. The first thing she’ll undertake [other than Joe] is to DX the playing of “Hail To The Chief” ….

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