Letter: Don’t forget these conservatives, too

Editor’s note: This letter is by John Klar, a resident of Brookfield.

Fellow Vermonters, please remember these strong conservatives voices on November 3.

Realtor, beef farmer, and LRUHS graduate Russ Ingalls is running for Senate (Essex-Orleans), where he will ensure a strong, experienced voice for the Northeast Kingdom. Also running for an Essex-Orleans Senate seat is Jonathan Morin, a NCUHS graduate and veteran of Afghanistan (101st Airborne Division). Jonathan has nearly completed a Bachelor’s Degree, and works for the Newport Police Department. These unique experiences and training will serve us all in Montpelier.

Vicki Strong honors us to agree to represent us for another term in the Vermont House, where she has well demonstrated her integrity and commitment for all constituents. She is joined in 2020 by Jeannine Young, a lifelong NEK resident and graduate of Woodbury College (paralegal degree) who has worked in business and school systems for many years — Jeannine also served for 15 years as Derby’s Water & Sewer Commissioner (and Village Trustee). Jeannine will bring business sense and a sharp eye to our State House!

In the Orleans-Lamoille District, Mark Higley has proven his devotion to our community in his many years of tireless service. Mark is a contractor and farmer of many decades, contributing the frugality, experience and common sense that seem so short in supply in Montpelier.

In Caledonia County, Charles Wilson seeks a Senate seat. Charles knows the value of hard work and frugality: he was a painting contractor here in Vermont for thirty years, and has also farmed! He will represent us with similar determination in demanding accountability and results in Montpelier!

In 2020, these House and Senate seats are more important than the statewide governor’s and other races. Please make sure you vote in 2020 for these and other conservative candidates. Vote Red!

John Klar
Brookfield, Vermont

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2 thoughts on “Letter: Don’t forget these conservatives, too

  1. Rock on John – in words of Harry Truman “I intend to” lol Keep up the great work on behalf of our state and all VTers – bright lights are a_shinin on you sir 😀

  2. To all Vermonter’s Conservatives running for office may not have all the answers,
    but we all know who has been in charge and caused the problems of this fine state !!

    Vermont’s in debt, along with high tax rates, no real jobs, drug concerns, and the
    legislative powers in charge today, are ready to pass more foolishness like GWSA
    with no concerns for its citizen’s financial hardship…… it’s about their only agenda !!

    It’s time to try and save the state from the cancer in Montpelier…….

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