Letter: Censorship, weaponization of government agencies the real threat to democracy

Editor’s note: This letter is by Kathy Wagner, of Sandgate.

I think most of us hear a common complaint when we speak with people in the grocery store or post office or elsewhere: words to the effect of “I hate to turn on the TV; It is only bad, negative news.” I consider myself fortunate not to have a TV, as there are other outlets to access well-rounded reporting.

I see montages of MSM personalities declaring and bemoaning the threat to our democracy by parents who are showing up at local school boards expressing concerns about what their young children are exposed to. Yes, it must be terrifying for the board members to hear moms and dads say they don’t want sexually explicit materials in the classroom or biological males who claim to be females to use the same bathroom facilities as their young daughters. But do these members really need to call for the FBI and DOJ to intervene, to classify these parents as domestic terrorists? C’mon man! (A phrase commonly used by someone in Washington, D.C.)

Another popular threat to our democracy, instigated by conservatives I’m sure, is how people dare to express opposing opinions of policies that are enacted by this administration. Just the fact that they question the agenda must mean they are racists, white supremacists and haters. So we must silence and cancel them. We’ll show them what democracy is!

A third and perhaps even more serious threat to our democracy is how conservatives relentlessly push for election integrity. They want to fill empty positions for their precinct committeemen and also have ample monitoring of the polling stations in order to keep an eye out for those pesky, not-always-legitimate mail-in ballots that might be hiding under the tables. It is so anti-democratic that conservatives want to ensure election integrity! Last November, for example, a responsible Mesa County, Colorado, clerk legally took forensic images of voting machines when she saw irregularities. She passed this information on to the Colorado secretary of state. So then the state apparatus just had to send armed agents to this Gold Star mom’s home to plow through her personal items, which certainly must have been intimidating. Sounds a little heavy handed for simply questioning irregularities, doesn’t it?

What all this comes down to, in my opinion, is, if your policies and governance are unpopular with the American citizens and your poll numbers are swirling down the bowl, you must find someone or something else to draw attention away from your shortcomings. What I find is threatening to our democracy is obvious weaponization of government agencies, who along with big tech want to eliminate First Amendment protection for opposing voices. De-platforming, unjustified cancelling of accounts and harsh targeting of stand-up citizens is not representative of a free and just society.

Just because one party and ideology now controls the White House, Senate, and House of Representatives, as well as the MSM, institutes of higher learning, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, etc., doesn’t mean they should bulldoze through rational, balanced, normal means of restraint or procedure. There are many threats to our democracy, and It is up to We the People to stand united against forces which are continuing to clamp down on our rights and freedoms. We must, via the ballot box, via legitimate elections, vote in true representatives of the people who will fight against government tyrannical overreach and economy-killing multi-trillion dollar pork-filled bills! An informed populace must be vigilant and make sure that our elected officials don’t succumb to the power grabbing tendencies of the D.C. establishment. God bless a free America.

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2 thoughts on “Letter: Censorship, weaponization of government agencies the real threat to democracy

  1. They’ve won the battle for now because of the propaganda demonizing those who protest against the government and through scare tactics such as described above, and as described in the documentary, “Capital Punishment.” https://capitolpunishmentthemovie.com/

    They’re censoring medical information and censoring doctors.

    Censorship and intimidation are always the start of totalitarianism. Now the Governor says it’s OK to “show me your papers.” Slow but steady steps to a world only fit for tyrants grand and petty?

    Maybe Vermont has too many petty tyrants just salivating at the chance to dictate to others where they can go and what they can do? For “the greater good,” of course, as if God came down and anointed them with the power to see with prescient clarity the good and evil for everyone else.

    The founders had it right: our greatest good is that we are each free to determine for ourselves our own greatest good.

  2. The Left in American has lost their minds..
    Why on earth are we giving power and control to the people that flooded the streets wearing vagina costumes?
    I mean think about this People.. why do we listen to them- never mind vote for them..

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