Letter: Biden contributed to Russia and Ukraine crisis

This commentary is by James Hall, a resident of Center Rutland.

There is no question that Vladimir Putin is a certified thug. He actually earned this title after his work in Crimea, and the former territory of (Soviet) Georgia and other parts of the former Soviet Union. Putin has taken this mind-boggling invasion into Ukraine as has been planned by him for quite some time. Now Ukraine, a former state of the USSR, became a sovereign nation after the collapse of the former Soviet Union.

The predictable results of weaknesses of the current U.S. leadership are playing out with destruction, deaths of Ukraine people, family divisions, with the infrastructure
and housing in urban areas being subjected to Putin’s wrath, and people leaving the country in droves.

Now, the king of thugs is upping the concerns and worries of the world by alerting the nuclear assets within the Russian command. This may be a “for show” tactic, but it must be taken seriously.

Biden’s ties to the former Soviet Union have no doubt contributed to the situation we are in. For example, he contributed mightily to the well being of Russia by shutting down the U.S. energy infrastructure that had, up until Jan. 20, 2021, made this country self supporting 100% in petroleum. This brought huge windfalls of cash into Putin’s coffers so he was able to use this money to finance the war he inflicted on Ukraine. And, as a result of all that, we are now reliant on petroleum from wherever, all of which has resulted in ballooning gasoline and heating oil costs which are poised to continue ballooning. I do not have to say anything about economic sense or anything else; a fifth grader studying such actions would know better.

Further, NATO has historically looked to the U.S. for leadership and guidance. The detailed responses which would normally be coming from that organization in a time like this are painfully quiet and lacking. As long as the current leader of the U.S. is in place, this will not change.

As I write this, crude oil is posting at a $3.54 per barrel to a total of $95.08. Great going Joe-Joe.

James B Hall
Center Rutland, 05736

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8 thoughts on “Letter: Biden contributed to Russia and Ukraine crisis

  1. Jim,
    Do you really think that Putin would have been appeased by this? Putin has been following Hitler’s pre-WWII playbook regarding expansion into other countries with ethnic Russian minorities. We all know how well appeasement worked back then. Putin who poisons his opponents is following Stalin’s playbook after WWII in trying to create puppet regimes that will bend to his will and will kill those who oppose his will.

    Ukraine has never threatened Russia. NATO has never made any aggressive moves into any Russian territory. It is a defensive partnership. Freedom loving people are defending their homeland against an unjust brutal aggressor. Even many Russian are protesting this invasion which means for them immediate imprisonment. Think about it, which side do you want to be on?

    • NATO in Ukraine threatens Russia. Period. The US said, we don’t care. How’d that work out?

      So when Russia put missiles in Cuba did we say that they had every right to make that “defensive” move? No threat, go ahead, that’s not a red line for us?

  2. Putin is a puppet and a douchebag same as Biden.

    What cracks me up is the hypocrisy of people like Dubya Bush decrying Putin’s actions.

    The US military/intelligence/industrial complex has toppled dozens of democratically elected governments all over the world over the past 100 years. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

    Furthermore, Ukraine has been shelling the hell out of the separatist states in Donbas for the past 8 years and nobody seemed to notice or care.

    Reality is those areas and Crimea are overwhelmingly Russian. The only reason Ukraine had Crimea was because Khrushchev arbitrarily handed it to them in the 50s. It’s historically been a part of Russia for hundreds of years.

    Quite frankly, I’m more concerned with the crooks running my own country than I am with whatever happens in the Ukraine.

  3. Biden is only about a third of the way thru his sleepy Willmington Presidency,
    and the crap is splattering all around us! World Wide!!

    Even heaven cannot help us! If Biden ‘strokes” out – we get Kamala Harris!
    Dear Lord! Were these Democrat Choices “on purpose” if so – for what purpose??!!

  4. Putin’s massive invasion of Ukraine is a turning point. The resistance of the freedom loving people of Ukraine to this autocrat has inspired the world. The United States of America has played a leading role with the effective use of our intelligence services, and with our diplomats rallying opposition and ratcheting up pressure with the use of unprecedented sanctions that have caused the Russian currency to collapse. At the same time even more countries are joining the United States in providing military aid to Ukraine and NATO, the defensive organization created in response to Stalin’s takeover of Eastern Europe is now more united and invigorated than it has been in decades.

    The mistake of Putin to try to take over Ukraine has galvanized the world. At a time when those who would impose their will be force had been seen increasing, the people of Ukraine have shown the strength of those who value freedom and democracy.

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