Letter: An invasion of privacy

Editor’s note: This letter is by Dave Soulia of Pittsford.

Think your vote for the Legislature doesn’t matter? You might want to consider the new “red tag” rule that prevents hundreds of Vermonters from filling up their heating oil tanks and shames them in front of anyone with an internet connection. Read on if you value your dignity and privacy.

H571/Act 76, the above ground storage tank rule, was passed in 2016 by a legislature controlled by Democrats and Progressives. We have come to know it as the fuel tank “red tag” rule. Essentially, the “red tag” rule directs fuel dealers to inspect your fuel tank prior to delivering heating oil. If your tank does not meet the standards, as set by the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, a red tag is affixed, and you cannot receive heating oil until the tank is brought up to said standards.

The bill, introduced by then Representative Daniel Connor (D), included a section on creating a list of those not in compliance for the fuel dealers. The bill made its way through the philosophically lopsided statehouse and was signed into law by then Governor Peter Shumlin (D). Without any public fanfare, this list was started and made publicly available on the Vermont ANR website! To make matters worse, the list continues to grow as new “red tagged” tanks are discovered and reported. Is this the state government that you want?

For those of you who have yet to vote, please, take a little time and reach out to your current representatives and senators and find out if they voted in favor of this invasion of your privacy. Unfortunately, you will have to take them at their word as they only held a voice vote every step of the way. That means there is no actual record of how they voted. There is no accountability. For the representatives and senators who were not serving then, ask them if they are even aware of “the list.” Again, is this the state government that you want?

As candidate for Representative of Rutland-6 (Brandon, Pittsford and Sudbury), I call upon the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources to immediately password protect this list you have created. Our state government must respect and protect the privacy and dignity of the citizens of Vermont!

Please vote for the change Vermont desperately needs!

Dave Soulia
Candidate for Representative
Rutland-6 (Brandon, Pittsford, Sudbury)

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5 thoughts on “Letter: An invasion of privacy

  1. I’m really mad about this and I don’t even live in Vermont.
    If these people had the money to deal with this, I’m sure they would.
    And being that winter is here, they must be pretty broke.
    I think this is discrimination against poor people.
    They are being denied the right to heat their own houses because they cannot afford to comply with this rule.

    We just destroyed the economy to protect the elderly population and now Vermont wants to see them freeze in their homes.

  2. thank you so much for this insight and legal hypothesis.. based on this car inspection is 4th amendment violation .. i mean i can beat inspection laws already and license and registration laws but this concept also enforces it reguarding cars

  3. Shame on the state, who do they think they are? No everyone can afford this stupidity. Really, this is all about who burns fossil fuels and ostracizing them for it. We have an additional heat pump system in our house and constantly receive letters from Efficiency Vermont about using more electricity than our neighbors. Who the heck are they to know our business and tell us off for it?

    The heat pumps are loved by the lefty climate people but these dumb people do not seem to understand we require some sort of power source/ heating to keep our houses warm………..I fear this is just the left trying to get rid of our citizens for using any sort of fuel. Time to leave this state. Can someone say “class action suit”?

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