Letter: An insurrection with no guns

This letter is by Gregory Thayer, of Rutland.

Why is Joe Biden glorifying January 6th? It is a fairly simple question.

It’s coming from the guy and Democratic Party that claims to be tolerant, and that wants to stop hate and racism.

To me that day was about joining fellow Americans from around Vermont and our great nation to support our President, and exercising our constitutional rights. To Joe Biden and the left it was an “insurrection.”

Here’s a question for Biden and the left: how does a “so-called” organized group conduct an “insurrection” of the most powerful country on earth without any guns or other means of destruction?

Prior to the January 2021 activities, law enforcement received intelligence of possible protest at the U.S. Capitol. President Trump offered National Guard personnel. Congressional leaders denied the help — why, because the help was coming from Trump and it didn’t fit their narrative.

Today, it is evident by the actions of President Biden and the left that it is about hate, jealousy, and destroying a man. No one of sound rational thinking believes that Trump had our nation on the wrong track. The GDP was growing, inflation was low, energy cost for Americans was affordable, our southern borders were under control and safe; he was standing up against the wokeism, we were respected around the World, and he was holding NATO accountable. America’s strength and resolve was widely known.

Yes, many Americans did not like Mr. Trump for whatever reasons.  President Trump’s strong leadership and doing the right things for every single American was evident.

I can say without reservation that every American has been negatively impacted by the current president’s bad and horrible policies, especially his fiscal policies.

Biden’s celebration scheduled for the Blue Room on January 6th at the People’s House is disgusting.

Gregory Thayer
Rutland, Vermont

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21 thoughts on “Letter: An insurrection with no guns

  1. Gregory,

    You have a short memory of the most recent election.

    Joe Benning accused you of insurrection throughout your political campaign.

    Many people aligned with you at your request to support a write-in candidacy for you.

    After the primary election you at your hands in the hands of otherswent on to endorse and support Joe Benning for lieutenant governor in spite of his claims of insurrection at your hands in the hands of others.

    Joe Benning also supported article 22 something that you were totally against yet you went on to support him again in spite of that.

    I’m a lifelong for Vermonter and I love our state but I am totally opposed to anyone that would turn their back on it in spite of the politics and in spite of that where that may place you in a future run for political office.

    You told us before you went on to support Joe Benning that you were receiving a lot of push back from people in the republican party.

    The people you asked to run a write-in campaign supported you to the end only to be sold out..

    You went on to say we were being dishonest and you eventually blocked us from posting the truth on your pages.

    It is no wonder we keep losing in the state of Vermont.

  2. Its not complex — The people who don’t like and hate Trump are afraid of the adult in the room who acts with integrity and morals. 200 years ago, if they acted this way on ship coming the new world, they probably would have been thrown overboard.

  3. In the Omnibus Bill just passed by the illustrious Mitch McConnel was an amendment of the Electoral Cout Act that makes the Vice President’s role only ceremonial. This is what Rogan O ‘Handley aka
    dc_draino had to say about it.

    “So few people discussing this part of the Omnibus Bill. It amended the Electoral Count Act to clarify the VPs role is only ‘ceremonial’ and they can’t send fraudulent votes back to the states for review. Only proves Pence *could have* but chose not to like the coward he is”.

    And on another topic concerning Jan 6th


  4. The real insurrection took place on November 3, 2020. A very silent but very effective overtake of our country by Marxists.

  5. So the potato head takes a break from vacationing to keep the leftist lie of a insurrection alive. Will the new house be investigating pelosi’s part in dropping security, ordering film crews in and having the fbi participate in instigation? Will they also demand ALL current film and info be released which refutes the lie? Will the bring up two capitol cops on murder charges. If biden wishes to keep it alive then by all means set the information free. biden still proving hes the most worthless piece of crap in the swamp…

  6. Evidence of rigged political structure in Washington

    10x people all voted exactly the same…..but only those in the uniparty voted exactly the same.

    Those who are free to think and those who are not controlled by the uniparty…..modified their votes, put good candidates up for consideration.

    The uniparty has the election rigged. They are happy ONLY with their two choice, pick one they say. Oh, and you’ll own nothing and be happy. (they’ll own you, the politicians and everything you do with social credit scores, cashless society and complete control of your food sources (just ask the Amish and Scandinavians)).

    Interesting display here, not sure why nobody else in the media is calling this out…..:)

  7. Only in a Dictatorship could you get 100% of the Votes, 9x in a row.

    The DNC is not a “democracy” or a “republic” ….but clearly a dictatorship, even Putin couldn’t beat that record! Or Mao! Or the little fat man….

    Rigged, Rigged, Rigged…..

  8. The real insurrection and demonstration of a rigged system is laid out for all to see in Congress this week. It demonstrates a RIGGED election backed by the deep state.

    They say 20 “hardliners” are keeping congress from functioning. They are insurrectionists, terrorists, etc. This is spin/propaganda from the deep state.

    1st – they put up 2 men who are solid and responsible, not given to be NWO waterboys or swamp creatures aka….puppets for lobbyists.

    2nd – you’ll notice the others all what 400+ want only two people and will only vote for 2 people. So nobody else could be a speaker out of the whole group? No this is clear evidence of a fixed election in the house. McCarthy even moved in before the vote. They vote 9x exactly the same.

    3rd – demonstrates how parties have complete control, it’s no surprise to us in Vermont, we see this with the dems all the time! Only in dictatorships do you get 100% of the vote 9x in Row!!!!

    20 people are making a HUGE difference in American politics. Think if 40 people were together with them, it would be game over.

    Just think if 30-40 people got together in the VTGOP and put up common sense solutions for Vermont we’d have something. We could build a party on that!

    I’m waiting for someone in Vermont leadership to declare these 20 people insurrectionists/terrorists for casting their votes. They are looking for solutions. Notice nobody is looking or publicizing their requests? Only calling them names?

    It’s amazing the spin, hopefully people aren’t buying it.

    • McCarthy taking over and moving into the office of speaker of the house is far more illegal than the tourists on Jan 6th.

      They should swap McCarthy for the citizens in Jail. Many of us are fasting for those in jail this week.

      Lord, please hear our prayers.

      • This is the biggest exposure of deep state/lobbyist/un control of our country. And because they have “built” this fake dichotomy of Republican vs. Democrat they can’t change their position. They can’t “work together” because it stops the division and hatred, which is their only control over the American People. When you look at the people put for leadership of the house you see two deep state puppets on both sides.

        They were using the classic example of you have two choices to vote for (both of which they want you to vote for). This tactic is used by elementary school teachers. This tactic with more choices is used across our state for many local and state decision. And we’ve all experienced town “leaders” holding votes many times over to get what they want, usually outside of the normal voting periods for people.

        Nice to see people working together, thinking for themselves and not complete puppets on the swamp. Also notice they go against Trumps wishes…they aren’t lemmings.

  9. It was a protest not a so called insurecttion. One person died, an unarmed protester. Damage was done and those should be held accountable. But why when we had over 500 riots(the summer of love) the 2 years before and how many people died during these it is not news. Why when they burned a police station and did billions of dollars’ worth of damage very few if any are being held accountable? No one want to talk about those “Protests”. And the media makes sure no one hears about it.

    • Mark actually 2, the woman shot and the woman who was beaten while lying helpless on the ground. But we’re not supposed to speak about that because it goes against the narrative.

      • Also, the police officer who stroked out at the event (they tried to turn that one around, but the family cried foul and told the Truth) As well, a few police officers committed suicide after the fact. The officer that shot Ashli Babbit was given an award and the J6 prisoners sit in cells to this day denied due process under the law. DC is not United States territory – we can certainly see that now.

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