Left-wing protesters harass politicians, RNC guests leaving White House after Trump’s RNC speech

Protesters in Washington D.C. harassed and blocked people trying to leave the White House as the Republican National Convention ended late Thursday night, numerous videos show.

A crowd swarmed and shouted at Sen. Rand Paul and his wife as they left the White House after President Donald Trump closed out the RNC. A police officer escorting the Kentucky Republican appeared to get shoved into Paul.

Protesters collided with a police line at 15th Street and F Street NW, video shows. Around the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, protesters yelled at police officers and a few physical altercations occurred.

The protesters asked Republican Florida Rep. Brian Mast, “what do you think about police killing black people in this country?” while he was leaving the White House, video shows. He replied “anybody murdered is wrong … nobody should be killed,” before trying to part from the crowd, video shows.

Mast, a double-amputee, tried to walk away from the crowd, though protesters followed him chanting “black lives matter,” video shows.

Outside another gate, protesters confronted a man attempting to leave the White House, video shows.

“Go hide ya f—’ pussy” a protester yelled at the gate before the crowd began chanting “George Floyd” and “Breyonna Taylor,” video shows.

Earlier in the night, an elderly man was harassed and knocked to the ground as he tried to walk through the protests.

The protests outside the White House came as the RNC wrapped up its final night with Trump accepting the Republican presidential nomination.

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11 thoughts on “Left-wing protesters harass politicians, RNC guests leaving White House after Trump’s RNC speech

  1. I hope the folks are paying close attention as this isxa small taste of what Sleepy Joe and his crew will bring to Washington and the rest of the country if Joe Biden is elected in November. What ever happened to law and order????????

  2. This was a terrible situation.
    I just learned tonight that our own NH RNC Committeeman Chris Ager and his wife was also caught up in the same mess.

    Howie Carr spoke about this tonight and said many of these thugs are bussed in radicals.
    Enough is Enough.

  3. Actually I kind of like how the protesters so called are just looking worse and worse, works for me

  4. Looks like city officials either don’t have a clue on how to handle this nonsense
    or they just don’t care……..tax payers beware, you’ll be funding the cleanup !!

    When these idiots come to your town lower the boom on them, they are just like
    any bully ……. ” hit them hard, go home early ” with a little more head bashing
    you’ll see a lot less trashing.

    If you cannot walk the streets in peace because of ” Domestic Terrorist “….shut
    them down and lock them up !!

  5. If these subhuman oxygen thieves persist in attacking and attempting to injure peaceful citizens exercising their Constitutional rights, they’re going to discover more and more Americans with not only the ability, but the desire, to plant them in the dirt. Permanently.

  6. Water cannons and tear gas should have been used to disperse the illiterate, low-life, hooligan, unemployables, who have no permits to “peacefully” assemble and harass

    The more protests, the more disgusted the voters in the hinterland, the more votes for Trump.
    Biden and his Bernie socialist leftists can no longer control the protesters

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