Klar: If China invades America, will leftists rejoice?

By John Klar

God forbid there be a military conflict with China. Yet as tensions increase over Taiwan, spy balloons, and escalating rhetoric, the prospect of a skirmish or broader conflict with that massive nation is a daunting cloud over America. Traditionally, one would expect such a menace to unite Americans, yet today’s far left despises the Constitution and the nation, and indeed tradition itself.  More, the left ignores the human rights abuses of nations such as China in its derisive slanders against America. Bent on destroying the nation from within, will the left simply roll out the red carpet for Red China if it attacks America?

John Klar

After all, the grand utopian fantasies of the America-haters is firmly grounded in Marxism — a power grab to create some new yet undefined authoritarian nirvana.  Deconstructionists destroy — even themselves. The gullible cluelessness of today’s postmodern truth-deniers extends to contempt for gender science, the family unit, heterosexual normativity, even math and economics.  Ignorance of the universal failures of Marxism does not deter the would-be nihilists: those who wave rainbow flags professing love of liberty spout hatred for their neighbors and nation.

And so why would they not welcome China as liberators?  As anarchy in the streets transforms more and more American neighborhoods into desolate Portlands, the plan appears to be to unleash chaos so that authoritarian domination can prevail. Those who elevate “personal identity” as the highest moral value are simultaneously statists who demand that an omnipotent federal government crush individual rights to free expression, faith, and assembly in order to impose the woke cult. This schizoid splintering of normalcy seeks to mutate America’s “thousand points of light” into thousands of rabid Antifa thugs.

In The War on the West, British author Douglas Murray observes the odd contempt of the West-haters, who seemingly ignore China’s treatment of Uyghurs.  The far left defends extremist Islam while demonizing Judaism and Christianity.  Murray writes:

[I]t is remarkable that the new religion believes not just that it owes nothing to its origins but that its origins are in fact part of the problem[.] … The West’s sources — the traditions of Athens and Jerusalem — are in fact the last place that the new devout would look to for guidance or consolation. (p.156)

In a chapter in the book titled “China,” Murray chronicles how that nation is expanding its colonizing dominance even as liberals in the West provide eager escort, and denounce past colonization by the West.  Murray exposes this insanity:

Most people around the world want to think well of themselves and of the country they are born into. … All of this is a very unusual game to be playing. No societies outside the West are engaged in the same self-scourging enterprise. … Aside from the historical illiteracy of the anti-Westernism of our day, there is something else going on here. It is a gigantic moral presumption. That presumption is the idea that nobody in the world can do anything wrong unless the West has made them do it. A presumption that is quite understandably wrong. (pp. 65 et seq.)

Academic (Marxist) elites are rarely held accountable for praising Stalin, Hitler, or Mao.  As Eric Hoffer noted, “[o]ne of the surprising privileges of intellectuals is that they are free to be scandalously asinine without harming their reputations.” Leftists condemn MAGA while lauding Mao — why would they fight to defend America?

In The Marxification of Education, James Lindsay equates the current social justice indoctrination in U.S. schools to Maoist brainwashing in China.  The social justice methodology of conscientization, dubbed “the pedagogy of the oppressed,” parallels China’s path, and,

literally, is to hold up the models of Che Guevara and the Chinese Cultural Revolution — where the brainwashing occurred — as clear success stories[.] … Of course, aside from teaching children to destroy Chinese historical culture and shame and kill their parents, the method of education and re-education established by Mao Zedong to achieve this “success” is precisely the thought reform (brainwashing) process he employed to reorient people to the “people’s standpoint.”  (pp. 107, 108)

Dostoevsky famously concluded his prescient novel The Possessed this way: “Starting from unlimited freedom, I conclude with unlimited despotism.”  This succinctly captures the headlong rush by many of today’s Democrats into chaos and societal suicide, dragging the nation along for that demonic ride.  If Chinese soldiers landed on our nation’s shores, perhaps they would be offered “the jobs that Americans don’t want” or embraced as political refugees and offered free driving licenses and health care.  Or rather, they might be exalted as victims of racist marginalization due to past American transgressions against Chinese railroad laborers and offered racial reparations and free housing.

As Os Guinness concludes in Zero Hour America, “[i]dentity politics has no place for the notion of human dignity, individual worth, and personal responsibility” (p. 152).  This is the identical commie creed of China, touted by America’s leftist enemies within.  David Horowitz shares the same observation in Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America (at p. 30):

Today [Progressives] no longer call their earthly redemption “Communism.” They call it “social justice.” Like Communism, social justice is an impossible future in which the inequalities and oppressions that have afflicted human beings for millennia will miraculously vanish and social harmony will rule.

Indeed, the Chinese Communist Party extols the “Harmonious Society” as its official societal goal — for which the individual must sacrifice, and which shall be achieved using constant high-tech surveillance, brutal lockdowns, and government domination of both the economy and media.  This system is indistinguishable from that proposed by America’s postmodern social-justice-warrior race-baiters and nation-haters.

Malcolm X saw that “[y]ou can’t hate the root without hating the tree.”  Far-left contempt for the American creed extends to all humanity, a broad misanthropy by so-called environmentalists; globalists who seek to control the world so that human overpopulation will be stymied, and people will own nothing and be free.  Whether utopian or nihilist, American self-hatred is welcomed by China, which is being practically invited by the American left to invade the borders of a nation divided against itself.

With a few more years of Marxist social justice such as Biden’s executive order edicts on race, climate, electronic currency, and transhumanism, the Chinese will have no need to launch an attack. They will simply annex America and Taiwan as allied territories, and drop Hunter another check.

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield. This commentary originally appeared at American Thinker.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Joshua Doubek

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  1. Why not ask Phil Scott, Jim Condos or Dave Zuckerman? They met with the CCP under the Golden Dome in February 2019. What did they talk about? Anyone know the details? We saw the happy photos and the statement located on the NYC Chinese Embassy website (where the Chinese operate a police station as well.) Anyone know? Anyone care?

      • I bring it up many times to perhaps enlighten Vermonters of infiltration, not invasion. For many here, ignorance is bliss until it hits their own doorstep or bankrupts them.

  2. Unfortunately for us the Chicoms are who the leftist commies adore. The unfettered power to control all aspects of peoples lives is the goal of the brain dead left. They wish to make you adhere to the WEF and UN agenda for a one world planet. They hate America exceptionalism and the constitution which gives us that. On the other hand Conservatives are more like Russians, hate wokeness, mentally ill gender manipulation and being led by anyone other then Americans. Putin’s war in Ukraine is mostly about stopping the WEF and world orgs who want to keep Ukraine a money laundering, kiddo porn and bio weapons stronghold.

  3. Thank you for this piece John!

    The wokites think so differently from us. I don’t see any chance that the two sides will agree about anything. I’m more convinced than ever that the U.S. will break in two – Red and Blue – in the not too distant future; and that the Blue half will ally closely with China. Maybe New Hampshire should start selling itself as a safe haven for conservatives from VT, MA and ME.

  4. If China attacked America, I couldn’t wait until they welded the libtards in their houses.

    Samuel Adams: “those who prefer the tranquility of servitude had best be prepared to crouch down and lick the hands which feed you”.

  5. John,
    What do you mean, If China invades America, first off the ” CCP ” is already here,
    in more ways, than most realize, with help from within……………….

    As far as the leftist ” rejoicing ” hell, these crybabies will be wetting themselves
    under their demands……but don’t worry lefties, the ” right “will protect and defend
    as always !!

    Wake up people

  6. Neo-marxists believe that advanced capitalism creates a consumerist second nature, not conducive to Marxism (aka neo-communism). The United Nations in “Social Justice in an Open World” also negatively critiques capitalist systems as “deify” production and consumption at the expense of balanced, long-term growth relative to achieving Social Justice and Equity.

    As James Lindsay pointed out, Robert Marcuse in “Essay on Liberation” states that to change society, to create a biological need for socialism, a new morality needs to be interjected into each person until it becomes second nature.

    Transformative Social Emotional Learning is the tool being used to interject this new morality, according to Lindsay. SEL is to be interjected systemically into every school subject, home, community and all institutions. Transformative SEL is equivalent to liberation theologist Paulo Freire’s Regenerative Theme model. This model replaced education with a dialectal process between educators and learner’s. Through this process, educators glean insight into the relevant cultural and oppression issues that are important to the learner, and then feeds this material back to the learners to transform them into marxist activists to achieve Social Justice. Transformative SEL is used to interject the correct political understanding.

    Freire in his book “The Politics of Education” characterizes teachers as educators with the duty to develop political literacy.

    The World Economic Forum put out a report titled “The New Vision for Education: Fostering Social Emotional Learning Through Technology. SEL is an important part of WEF’s vision for the future. The report states that SEL will need to be taught to children and parents. Nurses will make home visits to expecting parents to help parents make the right decisions about healthcare and learning opportunities.


    The WEF even states that SEL scores will be included on resumes and will determine hire ability.

    A paper written by Ben Williamson and published in the Journal of Academic Policy sheds additional light on the true intent of SEL. The paper is titled, Psycho data: disassembling the psychological, economic, and statistical infrastructure of SEL (2021).

    The first sentence states: “SEL needs to be understood as part of an economy in which attributes need to be understood as part of a political economy in which the measurement of humans psychological attributes is seen as integral to economic forecasting and the political management of populations.”

    The International organization, OECD, is working with the WEF and collecting and reporting on U.S student SEL data. OECD is developing a global SEL metric international comparison of cognitive skills and best practices. The OECD has shifted focus from literacy and numeracy skills to cognitive skills. The OECD rejects the concept of virtue and character.

    In conclusion, SEL has three primary functions (Lindsay):
    1. A thought reform tool to program children to function in the economy of the future envisioned by the United Nations and WEF.
    2. A data mining operation via tech Ed programs, wearable devices and AI to make children predictable and marketable consumers.
    3. A means to collect data to build out a new social infrastructure to manage, govern and control people.

    Please share this information. I as a parent do not envision this future for my child.

  7. Mr. Klar, you forgot to mention that China is the largest supplier of Fentanyl to kill people in the USA. They ship it to Mexican cartels for little or no profit (China doesn’t care), and the cartels rake in the free $$….they then smuggle across the wide open border that Biden allows….and it creates havoc in USA. Deaths, overdoses, crime, devastation. Chinese simply provides no cost Fentanyl to destroy the USA from the inside. China also excels at manipulating so much of social media. China also destabilizes the US by funding thru shell companies, all kinds of leftist Soros type groups.. China aims to destabilizes us without ever having to step foot in USA. China is also documented as buying large swaths of land near…..USA military bases…to spy or otherwise, and WE ALLOW IT. Or should I say ignorant liberals turn a blind eye. China is very patient and has 10, 20 and 30 year plans to destabilize us….I would also guess that China has already hacked & stored and waiting for right time… massive amounts of peoples data here data ….easily thru places like Tik-Tok and other vendors here….which millions of people blindly join and provide ALL their data.Chinesw controlled “shopping” sites give great, cheap, merchandise deals, but YOU give them your credit cards and banking info! It’s blinded idiocy.

    • Look at this data from 2021…It is even worse by 2023. China simply floods the USA with Fentanyl…China gives at no cost to cartels to distribute it for them and profit $$$…so China can KILL 71,000 people a year in the USA….71,000…without ever stepping foot in USA or firing a single shot. Joe Biden and every Liberal has this blood on their hands….via THEIR wide open border policy allowing MILLIONS of people in illegally a year…I saw an interview with one person crossing and he said it is all over in Mexico to come & cross now, because they all heard that Joe Biden WANTS THEM TO.:

      “Since 2018, fentanyl and its analogues have been responsible for most drug overdose deaths in the United States, causing over 71,238 deaths in 2021

      • News today. Turns out China is very actively flooding illegal drugs in USA….they, with cartels, operate some of the largest illegal “pot” farms in Calif:

        “Chinese and Mexican nationals operate almost all illegal marijuana growing operations in the United States’ largest county, the leader of a local marijuana enforcement team told Fox News.

        “When most people talk about gangs, they think about the typical Southern California gangbangers,” Sgt. Rich Debevec of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Marijuana Enforcement Team said. “And that’s not the way it is.”

        “Mostly what we deal with are either Mexican nationals or Chinese nationals as our two largest groups of people that we deal with,” he continued. “I would estimate 85% are non-citizens.”…ILLEGALS….wide open border.

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