Key Clinton 2016 staff going to archenemy Bernie Sanders

By Evie Fordham

A staffer from Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign who specialized in opposition research on Bernie Sanders is joining the Vermont senator’s 2020 campaign.

Tyson Brody, former deputy research director for Clinton’s campaign, will direct Sanders’s research operation, the senator’s campaign manager Faiz Shakir confirmed to Intelligencer Wednesday.

“This campaign will comport itself according to the values of Senator Sanders, which means we will not engage in mudslinging or character assassination. That said, one of the reasons we hired Tyson is to prepare this campaign for whatever false accusations and allegations are leveled against us,” Shakir said in a statement. “Most importantly, Tyson’s work on this campaign will help us educate voters about the issues, policies and stances that the Senator has taken over the course of a lifetime fighting for working people.”

Brody is the first staffer to hop from Clinton to Sanders after their heated battle for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, according to Intelligencer. He will bring with him his experience doing self-research for Clinton as well.

“It’s a really smart move by the Sanders campaign. Tyson literally wrote the book on Bernie’s oppo,” one of his Clinton campaign coworkers told Talking Points Memo.

Clinton never used its opposition research on Sanders for negative paid advertising during the 2016 race, according to Intelligencer.

Brody reacted nonchalantly to the Intelligencer’s story on his hiring Wednesday.

“Soooooooo I did a thing,” he wrote in a tweet with a link to the story.

Brody’s acquisition comes on the heels of the Sanders campaign hiring David Sirota as a top communication aide and speechwriter. Sirota wrote an opinion piece in 2013 headlined “Let’s hope the Boston Marathon Bomber is a white American.”

Sanders’s campaign had the biggest first-day fundraising haul until former Democratic Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke entered the race on March 13. Sanders raised $5.9 million in 24 hours, while O’Rourke raised $6.1 million. O’Rourke’s donors gave more, but Sanders had more donors.

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5 thoughts on “Key Clinton 2016 staff going to archenemy Bernie Sanders

  1. While this show’s burnee to be seriously upgrading his psychops units it will do little against the likes of a beatoff O’rwoke with billions in support cash and the same message. All of the leftist clown show “D”s will have
    full support of the soros cash cow and much better units of leftist slime

    My problem with stinking pile of commie excrement is his latest BIG LIE
    after the muzzie NZ witch banned AR’s

    “This is what real action to stop gun violence looks like. We must follow New Zealand’s lead, take on the NRA and ban the sale and distribution of assault weapons in the United States.”
    Fist off you lying sack of crap the NRA Lobbies for OUR RIGHT’s IT Does not sell guns. Assault weapons are only sold to specially licensed people. and 3rd and
    most important the Armalite Rifle 15 is not and never will be a Assault Rifle. It is however the lightest easy to use for any person home defense weapon. Which we would most definitely need in a social commie administration of free boarders and crime in the streets.

    May be burnee should just move to NZ and take the dead corpse Bitterginsburg
    with him…

  2. It’s reported that the Bern (Burn) cannot be far away from the John. Is that an indication of a bladder disease, perhaps serious (doubt old age). Anyhow what he’s doing in the John is what he’s done to Vets and Social Security recipients.

    Maybe he’s enlisted Tyson Brody to hold it for him.

  3. Here we go again. Watch for another false dossier on Trump so they can get a Special Council to harass him throughout the 2020 campaign.The only difference being that it will be funded by Bernie rather than Hillary.

  4. So he has been hired to handle any false accusations against the Bern. I’ll give him a start.
    Bernie has never done anything for Vermont or this Country. Look at his record, then call it a false accusation. Prove me wrong..

  5. Wow, when you read this article it sounds like ” Socialist Sanders ” is doing everything right,
    by taking Hillary’s Top Dog ( Tyson Brody ) to run his current campaign !!

    So this is the same guy that positioned Hillary, to stop our ” beloved Buffoon” now that didn’t take
    long to make him fold and now he’s working on the Berns Campaign ……Wow.

    What’s Socialist Sanders going to do when he meets the other twenty or so DemocRATs that
    want to take him down, It’s not going to be pretty and he thought ” Cankles Clinton ” was a

    Sanders, just think, If he would win the Presidency the world will be destroyed quicker then Social DemocRAT ” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ” twelve-year prediction.

    Vermont, you keep voting this fool in year after year, what has he done other than promoting

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