Kayleigh McEnany calls CNN ‘a sad parody of a news network’ over coverage of Pro-Trump protest

Mary Rose Corkery

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany tweeted Wednesday that “CNN has become a sad parody of a news network” over their coverage of a pro-Trump protest.

“This CNN chyron is unsurprisingly OUTRAGEOUS!” McEnany tweeted with a screenshot of CNN’s broadcast.

“Apparently abiding by a constitutional process that Democrats themselves have used is now considered a “COUP” by the Fake News activists! CNN has become a sad parody of a news network,” McEnany tweeted.

The CNN chyron in the screenshot that McEnany tweeted said “SOON: Trump to speak to supporters in desperate coup attempt.”

President Donald Trump tweeted last month about a “big protest in D.C. on January 6th.” The president said in remarks at the protest on Wednesday that he would march on Capitol Hill with the protesters over the election outcomes, however, reports say he instead returned to the White House.

The protesters intend to march while Congress accepts the Electoral College’s certification of the 2020 election results.

Thirteen senators have said they’re objecting to the Electoral College’s certification of the presidential election outcome. Dozens of House Republicans are also objecting to the certification, but 24 senators said they’re voting to certify President-elect Joe Biden’s win.

McEnany’s office didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

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7 thoughts on “Kayleigh McEnany calls CNN ‘a sad parody of a news network’ over coverage of Pro-Trump protest

  1. Video: Trump Supporters Stop ‘Antifa’ From Breaking Windows at Capitol
    By Kristinn Taylor
    Published January 7, 2021 at 1:03am
    Videos taken of Trump supporters gathered at the West Front of the Capitol during Wednesday’s protest show that they stopped a person whom they believed to be an Antifa thug who was trying to break windows in the Capitol.

  2. What does this have to do with a ‘democratic process, Mr. Cassady? McEnany’s call was no less an insurrection attempt than was the 2016 Russia Collusion Hoax, the Mueller Investigation and the Ukranain telephone call impeachment. Welcome ot our world. I’m the pot, you’re the kettle. It certainly has nothing to do with the rule of law. So, now what? Would you like to debate specifics with me? Go ahead. Make my day.

  3. This is a BS story. It is obvious that you have no understanding of our Democratic process and the rule of law! This is no less than an insurrection attempt!

    • Yesterday was indeed a sad day for our country and yes, the storming of the capitol was an insurrection attempt. Fortunately, despite the damage, loss of life and explosive devices left on the capitol lawn, it was not effective.

      We do indeed, reap what we sow. However, today is a new day, a new morning. We all would do well at this point to look into our hearts and say, is this the best we can do, for ourselves, each other, and our country. Of course, we will always have disagreements and conflicts, but it does not need to be like this. We can and must do better.

      • No – this is not about “we”, and I see you and ilk have stood silent as BLM has terrorized our nation and caused plenty of trouble right here in VT. If it was an “insurrection ateempt” it was your Antifa friends false-flagging of event.

        Leftist wing are oh-so selective when it comes facing themselves and calling out their own. Comment doesn’t belong here or in any conseravative platform. We conservative patriots are not the diabolical disrespectful Democrats who make a full time job of causing trouble wherever they are.

        Kindly reach out to and huddle with fellow Marxists and preach to them – I for one don’t need your selfrighteous sermons. The terrorist wing of your Democrat Party Antifa was responsible for the destruction.

        • One of the hardest lessons to teach and one which must be constantly re-learned is to accept responsibility for our actions. Having worked with children for decades, the excuse of about some one else doing something just as bad is often given. The reality is that we are all responsible for our own actions and our actions have consequences.

          We will always have disagreements and we should always advocate and work for what we feel is best. However, we need to move beyond the name calling, unsubstantiated allegations and thinking the worst about each other.
          We need to recognize that violence is not only wrong in itself no matter what the cause, but in America violence whether from the left or right ends up doing damage to the cause being advocated.
          We can and must do better than the tragic actions we saw in the capitol yesterday.

      • The folks gathered in the courtyard, perfectly behaving American Citizens, were hardly noticed,
        in their colorful clothing and American Flags.
        What we saw on TV is view after view of thugs dressed in dark clothes, smashing windows, scaling the walls, pushing and shoving the police. Black Lives matter and Antifa shoving the blame on Republican supporters of Pres Trump. They knew the date and place just as soon as the event was scheduled.
        TV Cameras focused solely on confrontations and violence, with little notice of the colorfully dressed quietly showing their support – without shouting, shoving or punching.
        When announcement was made that the end hour had been reached, there were very few views of hundreds of people flowing like a river going back to their transportation to go peacefully home. Uninvited thugs continued to smash and grab.
        Once you realize and see that factor , ignoring the news reports of the very worst,
        You can see the rational and proud support for Their President – who could not control the Antifa, BLM thugs who suited the “news Media Cameras” the best!

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