K-12 schools bringing in drag queens to teach gender ideology to kids

By Rob Shimshock

K-12 schools are bringing drag queens into the classroom to teach gender ideology, a Thursday video revealed.

Teachers are praising “Drag Queen Story Hour,” according to a clip released by videographer Sean Fitzgerald and the David Horowitz Freedom Center. The program “captures the imagination and play of the gender fluidity of childhood and gives kids glamorous, positive, and unabashedly queer role models.”

Maurice Sendak Community School, a public school located in Brooklyn, New York, hosted a drag queen and first grade teacher Alexis Hernandez marveled at the event in a testimonial published on Drag Queen Story Hour’s website.

“Drag Queen Story Hour gave my first graders a fun and interactive platform to talk and think about social and emotional issues like acceptance, being yourself, and loving who you are,” Hernandez said. “During our debrief … [students] were preaching the incredible lessons they had learned, like ‘it’s OK to be different,’ and ‘there’s no such thing as “boy” and “girl” things.’”

The first grade teacher said she would be hosting the event again the following year. Katrina Green, a teacher from Chickpeas Preschool in Brooklyn, also lauded the program.

The event “allows preschool children to deepen and complicate their ideas about gender at the exact age when they are often developing rigid ideas about this concept,” Green said.

Drag Queen Story Hour markets itself to children between 3 and 8 years old. The program’s reading list includes books like “Jacob’s New Dress” by Sarah and Ian Hoffman and “Red: A Crayon’s Story” by Michael Hall. While the former book’s plot revolves around a boy convincing his parents to let him wear a dress to school, the latter chronicles the journey of a crayon “mistakenly labeled” red to identify successfully as blue.

Fitzgerald cited articles noting a spike in children identifying as transgender within the past few years.

“Think about how absurd this is,” the videographer said. “The taxpayer is funding adult-themed performers to come and read to our smallish children in order to indoctrinate them into a political ideology about gender while, at the same time, school districts across the country are removing any and all references to biological sex from science textbooks.”

Fitzgerald directed viewers to stopk12indoctrination.org, where they can report indoctrination in K-12 schools.

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5 thoughts on “K-12 schools bringing in drag queens to teach gender ideology to kids

  1. This is the product of warped, perverted, sick minds, engaged in “defining deviancy down”. “Give me just one generation of youth and I’ll transform the whole world”…Vladimir Lenin

  2. My God, let the kids be kids instead of poisoning their young minds with more indoctrination bulls–t.
    This Country is really going down the tubes with the kind of crap that they are teaching our kids in public schools. Teach the kids the basics and let them enjoy their childhood.
    Parents really need to pay better attention and make their voices heard.

  3. What is this county coming to? This is about as sick as it can get,If parents care anymore, get to meetings and find out just what is happening to our kids.

  4. Parents, drag your kids out of public schools. They are nothing but cesspools of indoctrination of everything you, as a parent, don’t value. Socialism, filth, hatred of country, hatred of religion, hatred of white people. This is what public schools are now all about. Home school or send to a private school. Public schools will kill your child’s soul.

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