John Klar: Why Vermont’s GOP rejects exploitative genderism

In a recent VTDigger commentary, Elaine Haney put forth the argument for electing a woman to replace Sen. Patrick Leahy. Ms. Haney did not express any qualifications for this “must-elect” candidate other than gender — in the upside-down world of today’s liberalism, merit must be sacrificed to gender, race or other primary identity indicator. This is “social justice” politics, and it is firmly rejected by Vermont’s GOP.

John Klar

Vermont has a number of qualified black conservatives — shall they be selected as token representatives of the Vermont GOP, and thus betray the values of equality and merit that undergird our Party’s creed? Republican hands are tied — we do not ferret out token blacks or hispanics to seek office, any more than we favor white men. Indeed, Ms. Haney does not address the old white man in the Democratic living room — insider trader, elitist, and mega-term incumbent millionaire Peter Welch.

But then, neither does Elaine Haney endorse conservative women — her organization “recruits, trains and provides a powerful network to Democratic women who want to run for office” because “studies have shown women in elected office overwhelmingly support and push forward democratic principles like equity and fairness.” Leaving aside the fact that the new extremist ideology of social justice eclipses democratic principles like equality with anti-democratic principles like “equity and fairness” — this web site essentially holds that all women are Dems, or that only women who are Dems deserve support and respect.

This mirrors the hypocrisy of the Left’s support for Peter Welch despite his long history of dubious insider trading, more terms in office than tree-rings on an old maple, and millions of dollars in “fair and equitable” campaign contributions from large corporate interests eager to secure their place at the federal pig trough. Ms. Haney does not support or endorse women, only Democrats, of any gender (despite massive evidence of corruption). Her pretense otherwise is amusing, if deceptive.

Vermont’s GOP welcomes women candidates and campaign supporters, who wish to affirm the Constitution, fiscal integrity, equal rights, and other traditional conservative principles under direct attack by an ugly and divisive identity politics charade. Indeed, gender and race politics have become a laughable joke, as thinking voters are well aware. Separating children by race in schools is a similar farce — do the Emperors (and Empresses) running naked around the political landscape not yet feel the winter draft? They are completely out of touch with large swaths of the voters they deride as racist, misogynistic, and ignorant. This is why Vermont will swing red in 2022, a la Virginia — including through record numbers of women GOP candidates, selected for the merit of their wise political views and life’s experiences, not their birth anatomy (which can suddenly change by the hour anyway, per the new ideology of gender).

What will be interesting in 2022 is if the Vermont GOP supported an Abenaki candidate. This would quickly expose the fraud of gender- and race-based voting (the exact opposite of Martin Luther King’s admonition that people be assessed on the basis of character rather than genetics). It is axiomatic in social justice theory that women cannot begin to comprehend the suffering of BIPOC people — to even say so is a microaggression. (There are tiers of identity hierarchy in the new anti-hierarchical nonsense-ideology and its intersectional levels of grandeur.) Thus, unless she seeks to depart from the rubric of her own “equity and fairness” chant, Ms. Haney and all women candidates — of any political stripe — must indeed vote for a male GOP BIPOC in preference to a woman. To do otherwise would reveal that it is not about gender or race at all, but about ideology. (Which is the truth of it.)

The Vermont GOP is grateful that this extremist, divisive, nonsense Left-wing identity politics is on full display. Voters will reject such hypocritical nonsense, and elect qualified Vermonters — of any race, gender, or creed — who will devote their abilities to benefit all Vermonters equally, without prejudice toward people for being male, or white, or elderly.

Conservatives are not the exploiters of race, gender and other divisions that the Democrats are. That much is as plain as the hypocritical nose on Peter Welch’s old white face. And equally so for calls to vote based on biological sex.

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield. © Copyright True North Reports 2021. All rights reserved.

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5 thoughts on “John Klar: Why Vermont’s GOP rejects exploitative genderism

  1. Well the VTGOP ( uniparty right) helped miss grey get her office as lt governor by not even contesting the simple fact she wasn’t qualified to hold office and look, now she’s running to hold federal office.

    Many were talking about this in her first run for office.

    Uniparty right did the bidding of the UNIPARTY. This is another example of Uniparty games. VERMONTERS were played once again.

    Everything power and money wants, power and money gets when that is what we worship. Welcome to the New World order.

  2. You could run John…? I know i’d vote for you. Heck, put on a dress and some blue streaks in your hair and they might even vote for you…

  3. Vermonters in large part will blindly support a progressive candidate regardless of qualifications and platform; it’s just the majority want. Bernie, Pat, and Pete never attempted to work on fixing the impending Social Security and Medicare insolvability and they have repeatedly supported the massive debt we have. The vast majority of voters support them just on rhetoric alone.
    Now we have Molly Gray who ran for lt. governor just to position herself for a congressional run.
    God help this state wake up.

    • It’s interesting, if the uniparty right, (VTGOP) gave miss grey as hard of time running for office as they did for you running for governor, we wouldn’t have a lieing cheat running for federal office!

      I saw first hand how they wouldn’t even introduce you at major republican events. No support. All hail the uniparty chief! We are stuck witha New World Order pimp in the highest VERMONT office, because the VTGOP does the bidding of the party, the uniparty, not the constitution nor the people.

      The game is most certainly rigged.

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