John Klar: The rise of far left hate speech

Hate speech is on the rise in America — by those on the political left. Invoking allegations of far-right extremism as grounds to assault people, and to dismantle free speech protections for “hate speech,” many on today’s left are expressing hate. This includes dehumanizing hate speech justified using a “two wrongs make us right” hypocrisy.

John Klar

Examples are widespread, but a recent “letter to the editor” exhibits the general tenor: all conservatives are evil, reduced by the least common denominator to a group that should be universally hated and reviled.

Painting themselves as victims, authors of these simpletons’ screeds are generally very wealthy, and as disconnected from their neighbors as they are from reality.

A hater named Nancy Braus has shamelessly shared this new left wing hate with Vermonters. Per Nancy, all Republicans are evil racists and “monsters.” First she sets up her pathetic strawman argument by stereotyping all conservatives using the actions of a few:

The Charlottesville march by predominantly young, white male racists yelling “Jews will not replace us.” The despicable Marjorie Taylor Greene (somehow still in the Congress) declaring that wildfires are caused by Jewish space lasers. The cold-blooded murders at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. And so much more…. Yes — these Trump supporters want to live in a fundamentalist, heteronormative, white Christian nation, and the rest of us are an impediment, so we need to be disposed of. … And since the march to white fascism is being facilitated by the entire Republican establishment, what do we do to survive, thrive, and move ahead in the face of millions of heavily armed extremists who want nothing more than to kill Black, Brown, LGBTQ and, yes, Jewish neighbors?

Most conservatives know that not all Democrats sniff little girls’ hair: some Dems might even be trusted to babysit. In her stereotyping hysteria, Ms. Braus reveals only her own hatred and dishonesty. Calling conservatives anti-Semites is pretty rich, coming from the “social justice warriors” who lump Jews in as white supremacists who have benefited from white privilege despite being wiped out by the Nazis (who Braus laughably invokes as her moral cause).

Nancy Braus purports to speak for black people, Jewish people, and “those of us who believe in love and justice,” but her disjointed and untrue rantings instead reveal a profound hatred unjustified by reality:

I am not armed and I am not violent, but I am angry and determined to fight these far-right monsters to the end of my life. They are calling for a civil war — if we are fortunate, maybe someday they can live in their own cruel and miserable, selfish, white Christian colony. But I am certain I want no association with people who want to kill my family and those I love and work with.

How loving and unifying. History confirms that Americans treated actual Nazi prisoners of war with more love and decency than this “loving” liberal projects against her neighbors. She calls for a one-party unity against anyone who differs with her manic cult: anyone who is not on board is to be hated, shunned, and killed in self defense? Note how she went from objectionable speech in others, to employing stereotyping hatred against a broad swath of humans she calls “monsters.”

Nancy Braus has lost control of her emotions — for which she shifts blame to conjured demons in the form of every Republican Vermonter around her. So intense is her witch-hunt that she transfers past actions by people in Virginia, Georgia, and Pennsylvania to her Vermont neighbors — a pretty horrific, if ignorant, public exhibition of contempt. She will scour the news for a single objectionable statement by the most extreme right-winger, then weaponize it for her crusade against white Christian men and America. Two wrongs make a righteousness for Miss Nancy, the judge of all. Her emotional instability means she can be tipped into a frenzy by the slightest “offense” (“Oh no, there’s a confederate flag on a license plate!”). Apoplectic Nancy is unhinged at a myriad of provocations; so many windmills are there at which to tilt.

Conservatives increasingly find this amusing: sputtering haters who have lost their minds persist in the drumbeat in the Democratic ranks, even as Donald Trump recedes into the rearview mirror of American political history. How much hate and vitriol can the haters milk from Trump before they realize that angst-cow ran dry? That they themselves are out of touch with most sensible Amercans? Endless false recriminations are not the way of love, but of social decay and barbarism.

Nancy Braus has not convinced anyone but her fellow cult thugs that Vermont is teeming with synagogue-blasting, tiki-torch-rattling, “despicable” space-laser “enemies.”  Indeed, she is reflecting why many Dems are fleeing this hate-filled insanity by the lunatic fringe. It is liberal principles that are being destroyed by the Brauses of the world as they weaponize everything within their grasp for their barbarism. There is no defending to the death the rights of others to speak freely, as in civilized modern cultures: there is a call for death upon those whom she characterizes as subhuman. “They are calling for a civil war!!” she shrieks — while calling for a civil war.

As a conservative committed to the liberal Supreme Court decisions that protect the rights of stupid haters to say and write ridiculous and vile things, I support — even welcome — Nancy Braus’ liberty to so publicly proclaim her dysfunction: the display of a frighteningly murderous inner heart. Hate the sin, and not the sinner: “Forgive Nancy Braus, Lord: she has lost her mind to blinding hate, and knows not that she has come unglued.”

Let us not dehumanize or hate our flesh-and-blood Vermont neighbors: some conservative please drop off a bottle of maple syrup and an American flag to this sad soul, or maybe an apple pie, to remind her you are a human. She clearly needs reassurance that her neighbors aren’t conspiring to kill her, lest her paranoid delusions fester.

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield, and the former pastor of the First Congregational Church of Westfield. © Copyright True North Reports 2021. All rights reserved.

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18 thoughts on “John Klar: The rise of far left hate speech

  1. Mr Johnson once again follows predictable pattern of throwing shade upon deeply disturbing Democrat positions under false flags of forgiveness and bipartisanship. Not a conservative patriot or Republican position is presented that does not result in petty pushback, shaming, villification or all three as their position is routinelely slammed.

    Forgiveness does not avoid calling out the Devils disciples but exposing them and treating as one would anyone else period. It is not affection, friendship or bipartisanship. As Mr Johnson has asked when has a Republican invited a Democrat to dinner would like to ask when Neil has asked a Rino or his most despised enemy – Republican. This does *not* include Rinos bc the ones making the arguments are not. And there are in actuaility few areas Republicans And DemocratMarxists can find common ground or agree.

    Abortion is nonnegotiable as it is aka “murder”. There is no Republican pattern of unforgiveness here so another strawmanned false argument to avoid placing the blame squarely where it belongs, the overwhelming Democrat support for organ-farming of babies allowing abortion to moment of birth. This includes removing organs from living breathing babies which renders Mr Johnsons position reprehensible.

    Republicans are not averse to abortion but simply want limits such as ending live-birth murder of children and such provisions as the heartbeat law disproving Mr Johnson once again. And “solutions” are silly.

    • As Mr Johnson sits in own world of spreding misinformation stating fanciful opinions as forgone conclusion, there is a big wide world out there that stands in stark disagreement such as constitutional conservative patriots taking our nation back from a Marxsist occupation and Maoist Cultural Revolution. We believe that all political alliance must have at its center the constitution as opposed to unproven ideas and watered down ideas to make the enemy happier.

      There is absolutely *no proof* ‘Lets Go Brandon” was a “bad idea” and like all propagandists nor does is any offered. It was amazingly well attended with many conservatives voicing opinions in opposition to the prevailing leftists – Mr Johnsons clear ideological friends as evidenced by lack of support for the event – some Communist bff egos may suffer severe bruising lol.

      It was not in fact “corporate media” pushing this – in fact it was the dastardly Conservative Patriot and Republican media nationwide as well as worldwide including well-respected antiCommunist publication Epoch Times – but hey, we don’t count, right?

      It is the abjectly arrogant Marxists here in VT who continually make claim to VT being the “first” @ everything as if our collapsing backwater filled with thumbsucking backbenchers along with some really smart ppl can “change the world” lol. There is absolutely no proof that we or anyone holds the key to anything.

  2. Interesting as I generally find the left to be more antisemitic, anti Zionist and anti Israel. And of course anti religious towards all faiths. Are there those on the right that are antisemitic Jew haters? Absolutely. The left seems to have the lion’s share of them these days though.

    • Think about it. If an enemy of individual liberty and freedom wanted to eliminate a deeply held truth, “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,…”, the first thing that enemy would do is eliminate the notion of a ‘Creator’.

      In other words, to the Marxist, Godlessness has a purpose. They know that if they can eliminate that ‘higher authority’, they can move in to fill the vacuum.

      “The very first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom, was Lucifer.” Saul Alinsky

      Anti-Semitic, Anti-Muslim, Anti-Catholic, Anti-Evangelical, Anti-what have you. It’s a smoke screen by the dark side. They are Anti-Religion. If they can kill God, they kill our freedom.

  3. How do we counter hate? Perhaps first by being centered in our own lives and then responding to hate with love, as those of us believing in the teachings of Jesus attempt to do. Spending more time in nature also helps break the cycle of hate and grievances promoted on the Internet.

    While some of us find the solace and strength we need in church and prayer, others including my eldest son and my oldest grandsons subscribe the adage ” I would rather be sitting in my tree stand thinking about God, than sitting in church thinking about hunting”.

  4. Generally, people are good, kind, and thoughtful. The control mechanisms pushed by the power structure has divided and conquered for centuries. However, history shows the rise and fall of those structures. Now is no different other than the technology that warps many a mind. Perhaps this is the time – the meek inherit the earth and the power structure tumbles into the rubble. God is in control – don’t forget. Every evil will be exposed (we are certainly seeing much evil exposed into the light!) There is a segment of society that will forever cling to the deception – they cannot be saved. We are not through the dark period – more events coming that will separate the wheat from the chaff. If a person cannot feel in their bones what is coming…they are not awake, they are not ready.

  5. In 1984, I came out of the closet and wrote a short pro-life letter. I was immediately branded a right-wing religious conservative republican wacko. I was amused by the response I received but I thought, how dare they call me a conservative. So I looked up what conservative meant and determined I was conservative. So I have long been used to being labeled all kinds of names simply because I am Pro-Life. My thoughts and ideas have no value because I have been labeled a single issue person because I am Pro-Life. This did not bother me because Life includes all issues. I am not afraid to be called names for speaking out. Since 1984, I can include many other labels I have been openly branded with, such as racist, bigot, homophobe transphobe ect, ect…. I don’t retaliate with name calling. It is quite clear that some people dismiss others by resorting to name calling. Name calling is losing its affect.

    • Being branded a Right-wing Conservative Republican Whacko seems like a good thing now as much as it was in 1984. We have 30+ years of liberal follies to show the damage caused.
      Klar’s writings ring true, any sort of debate with a liberal thinker usually ends poorly- upon becoming unable to defend their position- charges of racism, homophobia, misogony, bigotry etc. are the go to response. That the majority of liberal thinkers cannot engage in a conversation, let alone a debate without resorting to this tactic bolsters the division in Vermont and the US. As much as it pains me to say it, perhaps it’s best to cede Vermont to the liberal mindset and let them continue the destruction of a once great state. It appears that as Vermont is now being challenged about vax rates and increasing infection rates, so too shall the weight of socialism collapse Vermont around the liberal faithful.

  6. Question: is it effective that we openly characterize certain people as haters, only to give them an apple pie to demonstrate that we aren’t?

    History shows us that, sometimes, people are going to disagree, no matter what. Figuring out how to coexist is the key. Apple pies, after all, can be laced with poison. But if we come up with a method allowing each of us to make our own apple pies, we’ll have solved the problem.

  7. Interesting clip from Mr. Kennedy….

    Corporatist, Globalists, Communists, NWO Pimps…it’s all the same. Power, money is their God. It’s amazing in one sense people could be so heartless and evil.

    But then every Sunday you could hear or read a wonderful book, that talks about how leaders have and can be corrupt from time immortal, be it Egyptians, Kings or Judges. Sadly this is no new, but this is of epically bad proportions.

    • Neil, I appreciate Robert Kennedy’s sentiments, and agree for the most part. But he’s wrong when he says, ‘the people aren’t stupid’. Yes, we are.

      The internet titans make their billions because we follow their lead. I, for example, am not, nor have I ever been, on Facebook, or Twitter. I use the internet only when it suits my purposes. But I also try never to throw the baby out with the bathwater. The enabling benefits of the internet are nothing short of spectacular. But that’s no guaranty that we will use those benefits wisely.

      The first step to solving any problem is, first, identifying it. The second is accepting personal responsibility for doing something about it. Yes, ‘we the people’ have been stupid. But we’re learning. Screw the NWO, the globalists, and the corporatists (whoever they are), and the Communists (they’re the least of our worries). ‘We the people’ still have the power – even while our newly educated points of view are in the minority.

      • True for the most part people have no wisdom. Wisdom can be found in one source. It allows people to see the world differently. It allows them to see good from evil. It allows them to find truth and love.

        This is why the source of wisdom is banned in all the totalitarian countries, Iran, North Korea, China, the list is long and where you find the banning or of countries taking religion and making it a theocracy, you’ll find much suffering, poverty and hopelessness.

        So unless you spend some time learning this wisdom, you’re pretty hopeless. Most churches don’t help people with it. And while I can most certainly appreciate enjoying what has been brought before us, weather it in a deer stand, hiking trip, or walk in nature. Unless we spend time learning, studying we will forever be duped by others and ourselves in coming up with some pretty lame ideas.

  8. I think this kind of crazed syndrome is a newish phenomenon. The nonstop media madness, along with direct interference to the brain caused by pulsed cellphone radiation, subliminal messaging available to modern TV technology, plus scientifically designed psychological manipulation is having the intended results.
    I used to love TV until a few years ago, when I perceived the evil manipulation in it, and quit watching.
    The technologies of mass mind control have advanced a lot over time, and today’s technology is about perfect for its deployment.
    Even the cell phone–it can talk to the brain. Microwave hearing is a phenomenon. No wonder I only have one for my car. No payphones!
    You have to be aware of it in the first place to be able to actively oppose it. It’s been going on for so long, it feels normal.
    Those old zombie science fiction movies are reality now.
    Like The Invasion of the Body Snatchers…don’t you feel like everybody has been zombified? A few survivors here…must be some more…I don’t run into them every day, but maybe like me, they are careful to whom they reveal it…could be fatal!

  9. The nonstop barrage of lies and hatred presented by corporate legacy media has created a divide as wide as the Grand Canyon between what would otherwise be loving neighbors. If a bridge over that divide is ever built the perpetrators of all this uneccessary hatred will be hiding under rocks.

    • Notice how the corporate media has totally taken over the “lets go Brandon!” Event our VTGoP put on? Anyone with a brain would have advised him this was a dumb idea for VERMONT and the town of Brandon.

      So it begs the question? Did they do this to lose? Are they playing the minority fiddle for the uniparty? Uniparty right as it may be. So are they purposely sowing seeds of division, so we can be played like Charlie Brown going to kick the football?

      VERMONT is in dire trouble. Vermont also holds the key to healing our nation. If we can heal VERMONT, we can heal the nation. That would be a VERMONT first we could be proud of, just like us abolishing slavery. Abolishing the uniparty with love, kindness and a good time would be productive and fun. TGBTG

  10. Love thy neighbor has no qualifications, NONE.

    When the populace, both sides can start showing kindness, start finding common ground the common man will have won and the uniparty will have lost.

    There is no area where we can’t find some common ground. That is not asking anyone to give up your values. Let’s take a really, really hot topic for example.


    Uniparty left says – my body my choice.
    Uniparty right says – murder.
    ( I am not ignoring , nor absolving the uniparty from their evil works)

    They, the uniparty has both sides where they want them so nobody can find a better solution. Those on the left can’t change their position, otherwise,they admit to murder. Those on the right won’t grant forgiveness so nothing changes.

    This is where they want us divided.

    possible solution.

    Those in right (not uniparty) can be doing everything possible to make unwanted pregnancy, unwanted children a thing of the past. With adoption and no unwanted pregnancy we no longer have abortions. We can forgive people, they carry a terrible burden and were lied to.

    Those on the left can also be working toward family planning. Planned parenthood is not the answer.

    This is about, power, money and control. That is the problem and it will not be solved by power money and control, it will only be used by the uniparty to keep us from coming together.

    If your thanksgiving is ruined by politics, then the uniparty has yet won again.

    Peace, Love, a kind heart is kryptonnite to the uniparty. May your banquet table be filled this thanksgiving.

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