John Klar: The infestation and colonization is in the Bloated Dome

I am of blended racial, cultural and ethnic ancestry, and it is conflicting. My great-grandmother, Lillian LaGrange, was of substantial Abenaki lineage, as well as French Canadian. All of my other ancestors were white Europeans, so this means some of my ancestors were of “racial groups” who killed or persecuted others of my ancestors. Which one am I? With whom do I identify?

My problem is compounded by the Klar name, as I am both German and Jewish. In hindsight, my Orthodox Jewish great-great-grandfather John Klar was unscathed by the hate — he immigrated to America after the Civil War but before World War II. Nothing to blame there. But my inner Jew is kinda spliced between the Abenaki and whitey strands of DNA.

John Klar

Four generations of Klars.

My great-grandfather Jules Alexander came to America from Belgium in the late 19th century. He never owned slaves, either here or there, of any race. I have other ancestry back to the Mayflower, but then I’m told they killed my Abenaki forebears, so how great is that? (Though that too is a grotesque oversimplification of history.)

But even my white ancestors are conflicted. I am a Hemingway (my maternal grandmother from Brookfield, Vermont), and a Hemenway (my paternal grandmother from Sheldon, Vermont). I remember the two of them speculating whether there might be some family connection (neither knew). I now know what they didn’t — there were Hemingways who sided with the British in the War of 1812, and following the war they were cast out, moved for some years to the Canadian townships, and changed their names. (And yes, they all lead back to the same great-great as Ernest Hemingway’s — an Englishman named Ralph Hemingway).

I have been compelled to reconcile these conflicted blood lines within myself in order to understand my identity. Yet there has never been any conflict. By definition, those white forebears who married Abenakis were loving; any evil actions performed by others are as lost to time as the Hemingway intra-family bitterness over loyalties in the War of 1812. If my own experience and character do not inform who it is that I am, then I’d be in perpetual split-personality self-destruction, with infinite wars within. (And if my marriage was grounded on an endless accounting of past wrongs, it would not have endured for 25 years.)

There is no difference between this inner conflict and our society today. That “melting pot” exists in America’s demographics, spelled out in my own blood. I am not identified by that blood, but by my culture. We have a shared culture in the Constitution that freed Frederick Douglass and inspired Martin Luther King. It is not a white supremacist culture by any means — the world has not seen America as that but as a beacon of second chances, plenty, and opportunity. America cannot be separated into its past acts, failures or sins any more than my DNA. Lady Justice is blind — that is the system, an aspiration to overcome divisions (and DNA), in favor of equality, not “equity.” “Equity” as a policy serves to eliminate the very idea of equality before the law. “Lady CRT” is sharp-eyed and has ripped away that mask of impartiality. She demands an accounting — on racial lines only.

How many of our legislators, or teachers, or school boards, even understand this about the ideology they have so gleefully gulped down to regurgitate like bird puke into our children’s throats? Have they stopped to taste of it — being a “theory” and all? Either they do not understand and they need some race training and MLK lessons, or they do understand and they need to be removed. Our entire creed — the DNA of America’s Bill of Rights — is being dismantled before our eyes, in the name of freedom and equity, and splintered like my ancestry into an infinite myriad of past grievances, with no aspiration toward equality, ever. No aspiration toward forgiveness, only recrimination. What a horrid, hateful disease to inject into schoolchildren.

It is tragic that Native American tribes were displaced violently in America. As to the Abenaki, they are essentially gone. Like my forebears, they were assimilated. Diversity was embraced, and they integrated, multiculturally. Like the remnant of Vermont agrarian culture remaining today, they eventually were absorbed. Maybe they hid, but they hid in whiter blood, and their language and customs largely dissipated with that DNA dissolution. Today’s “Abenakis” are not Abenakis, they are faux Abenakis. The way “Italian Americans” who never went to Italy and don’t speak Italian are faux. The way African Americanism is faux — they aren’t African, because that’s where Africans live. (In fact, I’m sure that most black Americans would be quite culture shocked to move to Uganda or Nigeria — as would be most white Americans).

I know a great many Vermonters of Abenaki bloodlines — there are thousands and thousands of us. But not only do we not “identify” as Abenaki, we snicker at those who do. Because it is Cowboys and Indians playtime, not reality. A tattoo or earring does not resurrect a dead culture. We thousands are English-speaking Vermonters, defined by a twentieth-century culture. Our links to past grievances against our people are far far away: as reason, memory and common sense say they should be. We live in the now. Those fracturing our state and society over race are splintering us by splitting DNA, to suit themselves. They are race-shifters; race-hustlers; race opportunists; racists.

I could avoid all this and claim I am Abenaki, and join the social justice revolution: I could have special status, and demand that others genuflect in shame. But then, so can all of you.

Yes, in brilliant Vermontland, one becomes Abenaki by simply saying so. The government will give you money, preferential healthcare and COVID priority, and a special acronym (BIPOC). If you are a child you can go to a separate (but equitable) classroom for special attention to your DNA that you don’t even have. It is a lot like transgender surgeries for children — they can figure it all out in those early years, and decide for themselves what race, gender or species they are. They are our future, after all. Millions of furious Greta Thunbergs, armed with infinite axes for grinding. And they aren’t even their own axes — they stole them as weapons from my dead ancestors.

This whole thing has gotten wicked stupid. Let me explain it to you: we Vermonters are the Abenaki; the infestation and colonization is in the Bloated Dome, where bureaucrats rape our resources while pretending to help us, restrict us more and more in our land and homes, denigrate us and our history and culture, and tell us how they are doing all this through their enlightened desire to “help” us. Which is why they are going to reeducate our children for us so they too can be enlightened. What’s next, forced sterilization of those who dissent? Now that government is to be used to reprogram the human psyche in grade school, the sky is the limit.

We’ve had enough help. Critical race theory is worse than any smallpox infection ever spread to Native Americans. The question remains: was that deliberate, or are they just ignorant?

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield, and the former pastor of the First Congregational Church of Westfield. © Copyright True North Reports 2021. All rights reserved.

Images courtesy of Public domain and John Klar

31 thoughts on “John Klar: The infestation and colonization is in the Bloated Dome

  1. If I had a theory that Bill Gates controlled everything and you said that’s nonsense and here’s why, and I said that you were saying that because you’re part of the conspiracy, you’d think I was nuts.

    This is exactly was CRT does. It’s circular reasoning. Every criticism only supposedly proves the theory: criticisms are a ploy to perpetuate systemic racism, whether conscious or not.

    I’d say this is deliberate. How do you destroy America? Take a good cause– remedying injustice towards blacks– and meld that into a theory that can’t be refuted so that the theory appears to rest on (unquestioned) moral high ground. But actually it’s an insidious theory whose stated intent is to destroy pretty much everything about America. Then what? Then the theory, represented and upheld by the state, becomes the law of the land and can’t be questioned. So the state becomes supreme and the individual only exists to serve the cause of the new justice.

    Ties in nicely with the supremacy of the state in enacting medical mandates out of supposed necessity.

  2. I wonder if the Governor or anyone in his tribe of incompetents could read and understand this excellent explanation of who we are? All of us come from mixed ancestry and most of us have no idea who are ancestors are or where they came from. Sure, we might know a few family related stories and a few generations of our families but that’s it.

    Most people have no idea how the government works or what our constitution says or means. If you don’t believe me just go to a trivia contest and watch the blank stares to the questions asked. The problem is that these enlightened politicians could care less about anything other than the cult they belong too. They can’t be shamed and they shut out any conversation as unagreeable to there mission which is to follow the cult teachings and to be self assured of their elite intellectual status by only those social justice warriors in their club or cult or party or ideology, whatever they call it at the moment. Their monetary gain is worth the false premise!

    Mr. Klar’s intelligence is so far above our resident carpetbaggers and overlords currently destroying Vermont that they would brush this essay off as fake news or disinformation too harmful for the uneducated Vermonter. Expect nothing more than gloom and doom from the golden dome because only these enlightened pols can save you from yourself. It is only them who can identify or create the problems so they can make you think that they fixed or are fixing them just for your safety. I’m from the government and I’m here to help you, yeah sure! This whole racist lie is being brought to you by racist, who know exactly what they are doing. Expect more misery and more restriction in your daily life or Take back Vermont and legalize Freedom!

  3. Here are the Hodge Twins,

    Clearly showing that CRT has no basis with reality, very quickly with the US Census data. Our teachers and leaders are not interested in the truth. Many are pawns of those who are “coincidentally” following the exact actions and plans to subvert the country so we can be a colony of the United Nations, A new world order…


  4. Calling them ignorant only minimizes their culpability and softens the damage they’re purposely inflicting.
    They are not ignorant. They are willful, malicious, and well-organized. The sooner everyone understands this, the sooner it will end.

  5. “The way African Americanism is faux — they aren’t African, because that’s where Africans live. (In fact, I’m sure that most black Americans would be quite culture shocked to move to Uganda or Nigeria — as would be most white Americans).”
    What statement could be more true on it’s face ?!?!?!?

    Let those who endlessly attack our beloved United States – have nothing decent to say, who have zero appreciation, might now try living in all the places they must now prefer1
    Many of us would happily buy them a ticket – one way !!

  6. Yes, this is one of the best commentaries I’ve seen on the spread of the anti-American anguish being foisted on us. And, I must say, so far at least, the responses to Mr. Klar’s honest disclosure by TNR readers are equally reasonable. It renews my hope for a better future.

    Again, I struggle to comprehend the left’s motivation in the furtherance of their distorted sense of reality. But they do seem to despise their own existence, and then project that despair on everyone around them. I can only surmise that misery, real or imagined, does indeed enjoy company. After all, it has been said that ‘despair all too readily embraces the ills it perceives, while hope imagines the good that can be’. The leftist, anti-American, naysayers have made their respective beds. Now, it’s up to them to decide whether or not to lay in it.

    Thank you, Mr. Klar.

    • Jay,

      You write:

      “I struggle to comprehend the left’s motivation in the furtherance of their distorted sense of reality….”

      “The left’s motivation” is Power. Control. Dominance.

      It’s not that difficult to “comprehend”.

      • Tom, I believe you are correct about the motivation of the left. Power, control and dominance. As a conservative- I find the need for those things difficult to comprehend. The founding principles of our country have and will continue to serve us well, if we can continue to follow them.

        • Comrade Bammo, You know that has been forbidden by the Party! I minus you -30 Social Credits!

      • I agree, to a point. At least, for our political elite, that is likely the case. And we all know who they are.

        But for the average ‘woke’ citizen, I think it’s more about being accepted without assuming the social responsibility that comes with the hard work and risk taking it takes to be successful. I think followers of the left are driven by their fear. Socialism is the coward’s governance.

        As one of libertarian sensibilities (i.e. live and let live), I could care less what other people do with their lives, as long as they don’t impose their values and judgements on me. After all, I agree to afford them the same courtesy. But individualism and self-determination threaten the left’s very existence. If an individual can succeed, the collective is exposed as a non-essential element for our survival. In that regard, it’s my neighbors who baffle me – the people I know, who are, otherwise, reasonable, down-to earth, average citizens. They have no chance at gaining any ‘power, control or dominance’ through the collective. And they know it.

        So why do they persist?

        It can only be the fear of being held responsible for their outcomes that drives them. Again, I think they know it. And they despise themselves for their cowardice. And they can only rationalize their existence by projecting their despair on the rest of us, because they don’t know how to be any other way. The political elite, their propaganda machine, and their ‘public education system’, have done their jobs well in that regard.

        As for the ‘leftist political elite’… I suspect, in the final analysis, history will handle them as history always has. And its not going to be pretty.

  7. “There is a thought that stops thought, and that is the only thought that ought to be stopped.”

    Chesterton understood that ‘we can abuse our reason to undermine our reason and that we can abuse speech to undermine speech’. This is why Critical Race Theory and Black Lives Matter must be stopped in our children’s classrooms and in society writ large.

    All societies throughout all human history have embraced certain standards and practices of speech and behaviors. CRT and BLM aim to destroy Constitutional Republicanism and replace it with socialism. Control of words and thoughts lead to control of behavior, speech, culture and ultimately civilization.

    We are in a civilizational fight.

    • Semantics is important. It should be the temperance of language AND strength of conviction. I would like to reiterate that the ‘aim to destroy Constitutional Republicanism and replace it with socialism’, is not yet a civilizational ‘fight’, but still a ‘conversation’ within that very system that may be hanging on by the skin of its teeth. Nonetheless, reason can still prevail, if we give it a chance and present our views as thoughtfully and inclusively as has Mr. Klar. After all, when the day for ‘fighting’ arrives, as it may, the talking stops. But we’re not there yet. Not yet.

      • Jay,

        You write:

        “I would like to reiterate that the ‘aim to destroy Constitutional Republicanism and replace it with socialism’, is not yet a civilizational ‘fight’, but still a ‘conversation’…”

        I couldn’t disagree more.

        Are you blinded? “Still a conversation,” as they censor and pervert speech and language while rewriting America’s history?

        This is a fight, not a conversation.

        • If you’re going to shoot, Mr. Licata, shoot. Don’t talk. False bravado has no place in my social tenants. I know what a ‘fight’ looks and feels like, and this isn’t it. And we all better hope to high heaven this ‘conversation’ doesn’t come to that.

  8. Thanks Mr. Klar for another interesting commentary. The key to America is while celebrating and honoring our diversity that we have allegiance to the ideals that bind us and are enshrined in our founding documents: the Declaration of Independence and our ever evolving Constitution. This welcoming of all people from different backgrounds and making them equal members of our society is in the history of the world is unique and the bedrock of what is known as ” American Exceptionalism”.

    I have a friend while an extremely proud American, who is also a proud member of the Societa’ Di Mutuo Soccorso in Barre, a Italian American self help group, started by granite workers who due to the working conditions in the sheds had a very high early mortality rate. Initially you needed to be full-blooded Italian and speak Italian to join. During his lifetime things loosened up and you were allowed to join if at least half Italian and the language requirement no longer needed. Good thing as while his mother was Italian his father, a granite polisher, was of Scot origin.

    What a truly wonderful country we live in where we can appreciate and honor our ancestors while being part of a greater whole.

    • Beware a ‘Trojan Horse’ in the guise of an ‘ever evolving Constitution’, the proverbial nose of the revisionist’s camel pressed under the tent of our Constitutional Republic. It’s not the Constitution that is so much evolving, but rather the attitudes of the people it protects – from everyday citizens to Supreme Court Justices.

      The Constitution was last amended 30 years ago. It was the ratification of the 27th Amendment, preventing Senators and Representatives from raising their own pay during the term in which they are currently serving, an aspect having been proposed more than 202 years and 223 days earlier.

      The amendment process represents anything but an ‘ever evolving Constitution’. It does, however, demonstrate the intentionally deliberate process of the long-reasoned considerations envisioned by our Founders.

      • One can argue over the best choice of words, but the fact is the Constitution is not a static document and was written to provide for change. And thank goodness for that.
        Not only was it amended (first 10 amendments) to provide for what is known as the Bill of Rights but also to provide an end to slavery and women the right to vote.

        Agreed, it should not be done lightly but as a “deliberate process of the long-reasoned considerations envisioned by our Founders”

        • John, The Constitution is only malleable thru the process of amendment, not by reimaging the meaning of words.

        • It is my understanding that the constitution had not been ratified prior to the addition of the Bill of Rights. The 10 amendments were added to get the necessary votes for ratification. In essence, the constitution was still a work in progress and the amendments were not added in the same manner as outlined as the constitution now requires after it’s adoption. Initially, the founders were debating the document and it had not been ratified as the constitution when those changes were made. This is why it is so despised by the left, it stops them from taking ultimate power. The left pays no attention to the document now and they write their laws knowing they will be overturned in the courts. That’s why the judiciary is so important to hold the line on unconstitutional power grabs. DACA, just ruled unconstitutional by the courts. Obama said it was unconstitutional but his party passed it anyway.

        • Once again patently false and completely untrue the same song sung from the choirbook of all devious Democrats. There would need to be a convention – no one wants this bc either or both sides of divide could end up shortchanged imo.

  9. Wouldn’t it be nice if this were just ignorance?
    Unfortunately, if you read Agenda 2030, its all in the details, right out in the open – and this is how its carried out: divide and conquer, divide and conquer.
    As long as we keep assigning any other motivation such as ignorance, we play right into their manipulations that are forcing us to stay in true ignorance, and be played to the advantage of the oligarchs who own Vermont and live in China, and are pulling the strings under the guise of ‘helping stupid and ignorant Vermonters’.
    Chinarmont looks like this, and this is how its made.
    We are watching a coup never seen before in the history of the world happening right before our eyes, and calling it, in part, CRT.

  10. The” Bloated Dome “, kind of says it all, this gaggle of fools thinking they are superior
    to the laypeople, they wouldn’t last a day with a working man or woman having to deal
    with real conflicts…… pathetic !!

    Most Vermonter’s if you go back in our heritage we are a melting pot, the problem is
    those liberals ” carpet baggers ” in the statehouse don’t or won’t see it, as it’s not in
    the “woke ” agenda

    Montpelier to me is ” The Golden Doom ” never nothing worthwhile or meaningful
    will come out, just look at this year’s legislative agenda just more ” Doom & Gloom ”
    but your taxes will be going up……… Wake up, people !!

  11. Most of them start out ignorant, “useful idiots”. Their ignorance becomes evil, and willful when they refuse to admit the evidence, and change their attitudes.
    Those pulling the strings know exactly what they are doing and how to do it. Like George $.

  12. What a pleasure to read this article! The history of your bloodlines is so well articulated. Being well aware of ones ancestors and having lived with the various bloodlines, you have the perfect perspective to call out the real racists and manipulators!
    Thank you for another fine piece, combating the social injustice warriors.

  13. What a pleasure to read this article! The history of your bloodlines is so well articulated and being well aware of ones ancestors and having lived with the various bloodlines, you have the perfect perspective to call out the real racists and manipulators!
    Thank you for another fine piece, combating the social injustice warriors.

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