John Klar: Social justice warrior fragility on full display

As Americans have awakened to the travesty of critical race theory — and also learned that it has been implemented in all areas of their lives, including public schools — the folly of this toxic ideology is becoming apparent. In response, snarling social justice warriors (SJW’s) are exhibiting the vapid failure of this idiotic effort by viciously attacking anyone who dares question CRT’s illogical conclusions and hateful rhetoric. Nothing more clearly reveals the folly of this intellectual faux pas than the writhing contortions of SJWs when their fragility is on display.

John Klar

In writing about this new racist ideology over the years, I have been viciously attacked — but never with facts.  Like others who raise facts, history or the Constitution as meriting discussion, I am labeled a racist, plastered with obscenities, personally insulted, and told my views are the product of my “white fragility.” In one video I created relating statistics from Census data about the overwhelmingly white history of Vermont (because we never dragged people here in slavery), and stating that blacks were not ejected from farmland here (despite a recent Vermont law that falsely states they did!), some of the comments were particularly vicious. Typical of the assaults against the truths I share is the slur that my video reveals “fragile whiteness on display.”

Actually, this display is of CRT and SJW fragility. Since neither CRT nor social justice ideology can survive in the light of critical assessment for more than a few minutes, these travesties only got this far by shaming anyone who dares to turn on the intellectual lights. This might be humorous if Joe Biden et al had not embraced this CRT malarkey wholeheartedly in a cynical power grab that makes the pullout from Afghanistan look innocuous.

Consider what causes fragile breakdowns and screams of angst from SJW’s:

Pointing out historical facts. In Vermont, the liberal media has refused to publish commentaries that reference Vermont’s leadership role in the Abolitionist movement, or the many statistics that reveal this is the best state in America for black people to reside, economically. One statute says Vermont banned prostitution for racist motives.

Correcting errant statistics. In Vermont, SJWs have perverted statistics during a fentanyl crisis, to falsely portray police as racists, when in fact there is a flow of drugs coming from points south — where people of color drive to Vermont to sell drugs. They have also twisted race demographics to label Vermonters white supremacists due to wealth disparities caused by relocating poor black immigrants here.

Free speech. Merely differing with SJWs triggers paroxysms of racist angst on behalf of inner city blacks or long-dead Southern slaves. Vermont is being portrayed as a giant plantation that never closed its operations; merely pointing out that this is ridiculous occasions hate and spittle. No free speech allowed for dissenters.

The 14th Amendment, Civil Rights Act, and Bakke decision. Invoking existing laws of the land that CRT policy openly violates incenses SJWs.

Jews. CRT and SJWs don’t like to talk about Jews. The hypocrisy and hate of CRT become immediately evident, and this sparks SJW fragility. Mostly the issue of Jews just makes them sputter and seethe, since they have no answer other than “Jews are white supremacists too. All that genocide and persecution against Jews doesn’t count.” CRT is extremely delicate here: it doesn’t like its anti-semitism to show.

BIPOCs. “BIPOC” is one of the numerous acronyms-du-jour that SJWs concoct to create terminology for their hate ideology. It means “Black and Indigenous People of Color.” The problem is, “indigenous people” cannot be scientifically identified — it’s like social justice gender: one can just decide to be an Indian, then receive special privileges, money, and even get the COVID shot first! Yup, even white people can do this. Saying so makes SJWs very fragile, as they don’t like discussing truths that reveal the complete impossibility of application of their racist doctrine.

CRT is a theory with almost zero scientific support. But as a school curriculum, indoctrinating children to see all things through the lens of color, there is zero scientific evidence that this will be beneficial — and much professional opinion that it will be profoundly damaging to children. These facts send SJWs into paroxysms of angry screaming, and so should be inflicted often.

Martin Luther King, Jr. makes SJWs cringe. They aren’t quite ready to tear down his statute and hate him openly — they are aware of how many “fragile” white people hold him in higher esteem even than most U.S. presidents. MLK is a thus a double-wammy to SJW fragility: everything he taught and lived was opposed to their stupid hate; everything they advocate reverses all his teachings; white Americans adore him as a martyr for a noble cause.

This is just a partial list. Due to the fact that CRT is so utterly unsupported by truth, facts, history or decency, it is no surprise that the list of triggers for SJW fragility will continue to expand exponentially, unless they silence all opposing views — which is what the “theory” says it must do.  Indeed, white Americans who have spent their lives opposing racism, applauding Martin Luther King, and watching racial divisions improve are very deeply offended when they are falsely labeled racists solely for possessing white skin. Viewing America’s tumultuous history in balance, the travesty of re-writing its past as one solely of oppression and discrimination does not jibe with reality — and makes many Americans understandably furious.

But this is not fragility — this is justifiable indignation. Fragility occurs when someone is too much of an intellectual wimp to engage in civil, critical exchange. Social justice theology (because that’s really what this is — a silly fantasy cult) cannot survive in the light of intelligent analysis. This is why Thomas Sowell calls this CRT guff a “seemingly invincible fallacy” — it is built on falsehoods, wrapped in the race card, and then used to thwack anyone who dares question its false foundation.

It is understandable then why SJWs are so sensitive about truth, facts, logic, history and Constitutional law — all of these relegate their silly CRT nonsense to the dustbin of history, beside the equally pernicious and ill-advised eugenics and lobotomy movements. Proponents of CRT get very sensitive when these facts are explained. They are fragile when shown that they are racists, groundlessly attacking their own ancestors, neighbors and nation for a fabricated, patently-false narrative that fuels a faddish political ideology.

It is understandable why that degree of public embarrassment would make them so frangible. It is also why CRT is DOA: once scrutinized, it falls shattered to the ground.

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield, and the former pastor of the First Congregational Church of Westfield. © Copyright True North Reports 2021. All rights reserved.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Hsing Wei

4 thoughts on “John Klar: Social justice warrior fragility on full display

  1. Digest this quote slowly and think about it. It is from a French writer in 1905. It explains how and why the VT Progressives act without thinking, logic, facts or truth. It is all about “feelings” and “emotions” which rule their minds. Zero logic…they just want to be “lliked”….because as everyone else repeats the same narrative fibs – I better agree and not dissent…. Other wise they won’t like me.:

    ” I recently had occasion to quote Charles Péguy’s observation, from a 1905 essay called “Notre Patrie,” that….. “It will never be known what acts of cowardice have been motivated by the fear of not looking sufficiently progressive.”

  2. hope this doesn’t post twice lol
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  3. All of this racist crap and the Covid-19 frenzy has created the mass psychosis of the population as a whole. Tell a lie, tell it again and again then create the storm and fear. After the production, those pushing the narrative propose the solution. In order for this to work, the mind has to be numbed and confused, people need to be isolated and controlled. Opposing ideas are not allowed and those who suggest otherwise are shunned and humiliated.

    We are living in mass psychosis right now and the government, the media, social media controllers like Facebook, Twitter and Google etc. have enforced and promoted the makings of all of it. And then, here in Vermont the local politicians support it and make it flourish by encouraging Social justice warriors, CRT training for government employees and by public school indoctrination. Even our medical practitioners and so-called experts have squashed alternative treatments and have pushed experimental injections onto the public again creating the mass psychosis we are experiencing. Here is the video that explains the process. Take the time to view it and then think about what you see happening all around you.

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