John Klar: Rage against the racist machine

Vermonters are beginning to awaken to the fact that the new racism that has infiltrated the Green Mountains does not desire reconciliation, or even its stated goal of “equity” — it is a racist, partisan ideology focused exclusively on race identity and retaliation against white people for ancient wrongs. Basing its entire worldview on skin color and material wealth, this intellectually-vapid ideology is being unconstitutionally embraced by numerous Vermont government agencies and nonprofits, in violation of the Equal Protection clause. This is already creating race-based divisions.

John Klar

A shameless example of this abuse occurred last year in an overtly racist “event” hosted by a presumably nonprofit chamber of commerce, titled “Race Against the Machine: A Webinar Addressing Systemic Racism.” The title may refer to the 1990’s rock group “Rage Against the Machine.”

Offered as “educational” by the clueless Chamber of Commerce, the webinar materials don’t explain the title. But the lyrics of Rage Against the Machine resemble the urban poetry of Rajnii Eddins, whose angry rage is taught to children as “equity” in Vermont schools.

The founder of Rage, Tom Morello, was raised by his Irish-Italian mother. Morello graduated from Harvard with a degree in social studies, which he used to become a mega-millionaire celebrity despite his supposed suffering from systemic racism. One of his other bands, Prophets of Rage, similarly profited from angst. The common theme, as in social justice warrior wars generally, is rage.

Among Rage Against the Machine’s rhetoric are lyrics that repeatedly “rage” against America and its “culture.” Consider “Take the Power Back”: it speaks against  “Eurocentric” culture and “Uncle Sam,” and sings of being able to “see right through the red, white and blue disguise.” The solution, the lyrics say, is to “take the power back.”

Perhaps Burlington’s webinar supports the language and messaging of this and similar songs?

As for Vermont’s social justice progressivism, the hidden “rage” is behind speakers who use words like “equity” and “inclusion,” but practice the racial stereotyping and cultural denigration invoked as justification for its “cause.” Any political or moral views that dissent from its monopolizing totalitarianism are condemned. This is because contrary to rosy promises of social utopia, “critical race theory[‘s]… stated aim is to separate us from our country’s Consti­tu­tion and history.”

The Vermont webinar exposes the offensive, race-centered fury and hatred of its eugenics-like ideology. At the center of “anti-racism” is a focused racism against white people and their culture. The whiter they are, and the more they have a so-called “European” culture, the more they are to be targeted and reviled — unless, of course, they submit and grovel and join the hate-Borg of hostile warriors in a Trojan Horse labeled “equity.”

This webinar was “co-facilitated” by Vermont Executive Director of Racial Equity Xusana Davis, and Dr. Jude Smith Rachele of Abundant Sun. The stated objective was to conduct a workshop “on how businesses can address systemic racism and achieve better racial equity.” This is a public event employing overt ideological propaganda, incorporating an extremist bias against white-skinned people and their culture. Xusana Davis in my view has contempt for Vermonters and their culture; Dr. Jude Smith Rachelle is an “adjunct professor in cross-cultural psychology,” and purports to educate Vermonters about their white supremacy through her cultural discipline.

It is this “cross-cultural psychology” that must be examined closely by Vermonters to uncover why it is so consumed with fury and unjustified contempt.

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield. © Copyright True North Reports 2022. All rights reserved.

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5 thoughts on “John Klar: Rage against the racist machine

  1. I am, a halfbreed. I was the product of love beteween a white woman and a black man. Racism is caused , as I observe, by only a few things, in my years of living while black. Yes black, because I have NEVER been seen as a white man. I feel that I am more qualified than most to point out the glaring problems in their effort. First, They forget that we are all HUMANS. A knife will cut me just as fast as a white person. I digress. It is apparent that what is wanted is a continued division in the race of man. So, after they (any anti racist) give me a big speech about how blacks are treated unfairly and its white people’s fault, I say two things, One I am 1/2 white and 2nd, WHO ASKED YOU TO DO THIS? They cannot even call us black men/woman, you must continue to degrade, even discribe us a “different” American , not just Americans (hence the term african american). Other countries do not differentiate between “white ” Americans or “black” Americans. They call us Americans. ( pc crowd not withstanding). There are already laws, that most respect, that say discrimination is illegal. People should not make ANY money off exploiting the divide between the races that was and is created by people who just want to either divide us or get paid instead of getting a real job.

  2. I’ve come to think most of these anti-racists are nothing more then hippy’s that simply refuse to learn, think clearly or listen to others with reason and thought.

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