John Klar: President Biden violates oath of office, attacks Bill of Rights

In his first address to a Joint Session of Congress as president, Joe Biden attacked the very substance of the United States Constitution. Flanked by eerily-masked twin Sphinxes Harris and Pelosi, Big-Brother Biden doubled down on his critical race theory assault against the U.S. Constitution. Emphatically pointing to himself, Joe preached a creepy collectivist incantation that “We the People are the government!”

John Klar

The Second Amendment was portrayed as a mere hunting privilege, followed by a foreboding anti-First-Amendment condemnation of “white supremacy [as] terrorism.” These statements reveal a deliberateintentionality to misinform the public about (and negate the vital primacy of) established American Constitutional jurisprudence. This is a clear derogation of the Presidential Oath of Office.

There are no Steele dossiers financed by political rivals to cloud the evidence — this interminable speech was broadcast live, straight from the horse’s mouth. Joe Biden earned a law degree (barely graduating 76th out of 85 in his class): it would require an ignorance more gross even than Joe’s to conflate the Second Amendment preservation of the right to bear arms with hunting; or to obfuscate clear Free Speech precedent guaranteeing the rights of the KKK and Nazis by labeling “white supremacy” a greater threat than Muslim extremism.

Yet, this is precisely what the unity-promising president did, stating:

Talk to most responsible gun owners and hunters. They’ll tell you there’s no possible justification for having a hundred rounds in a weapon. What do you think, deer are wearing Kevlar vests?

Gun owners and hunters are no better authorities for constitutional law than lawyers are for where best to find woodcock. President Biden knows full well that the Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting or deer. There is every justification for having a hundred rounds in a weapon when fighting domestic terrorists, or a runaway militaristic federal government — should the rare but unfortunate occasion arise. That’s why the Constitution expressly says so, but that clear purpose was here swept aside as if nonexistent by the same mouth that swore just weeks prior “to the best of my Ability, [to] preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Instead, President Biden’s fullest efforts and abilities were applied in this dissembling rant to subvert that document and its underlying creed of personal responsibility and individual liberties. So too when he equated “white supremacy” with terrorism. In 1969, the United States Supreme Court clearly protected white supremacist speech from government intrusion, in Brandenberg v. Ohio. Reversing the criminal conviction of a KKK leader, the Court established that “freedoms of speech and press do not permit a State to forbid advocacy of the use of force or of law violation except where such advocacy is directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action and is likely to incite or produce such action. In his concurring opinion, America’s longest-serving Justice William O. Douglas presciently proclaimed:

One’s beliefs have long been thought to be sanctuaries which government could not invade … the line between what is permissible and not subject to control and what may be made impermissible and subject to regulation is the line between ideas and overt acts.The example usually given by those who would punish speech is the case of one who falsely shouts fire in a crowded theatre.

It is not likely that Justice Douglas, famous for his ardent defense of free speech liberties, could have foreseen that Joe Biden would make precisely that declaration some 63 years later, as Chief Executive. But even that learned justice could not have prophesied that Joe Biden would invoke the “fire in a theater” exemption not to “punish speech” but as rationalization to seize guns!

In 1977, the nation’s highest court again sided with free speech when it ruled in favor of Nazi protesters in National Socialist Party of America v. Village of Skokie. Thus when he issues the unctuous edict “white supremacy is terrorism,” our CRT-Experimenting POTUS sidesteps established precedents shielding free expression, and seeks to unconstitutionally criminalize a vague category of speech and expression. Will confederate flags become prima facie evidence of terrorism, and those displaying them whisked off to Gitmo? Will all Trump supporters/voters now be identified as white supremacist terrorists? Will phones be tapped (and tracked) and internet services monitored by the Department of Homeland Security, to “protect the public” from alt-Right supremacists — a reverse-McCarthyism on steroids? The echo of that recent dramatic oath of office rings hollowly indeed.

Fortunately, our nation’s founders (and the Constitutional contract which etched the foundations of liberty) established clear boundaries to safeguard against a runaway Executive Branch that sought to tyrannically usurp the rights of “We the People” (individuals) in the name of “We the Government.” In science, a “theory” does not become a “law” until confirmed by empirical evidence. Critical Race “Theory” is being implemented by a runaway POTUS on a collision course with the overriding Constitutional “Law” of the land. The “law” has largely won out through America’s brief history.

Upon reflection (and rereading the iconic Brandenberg decision), perhaps President Biden will recant his anti-Constitutional rhetoric. If not, expansions of government restrictions on speech will be challenged in the judiciary. If the administration escalates its blatant assault on long-established free speech and Second Amendment liberties, the law of the land will trump such hateful Napoleonic efforts.

This President’s intentions are clear — he is determined to whittle away at clearly established fundamental individual rights, he’s willing to lie and dissemble to do so, and he doesn’t give a thought to the sanctity of his constitutional oath to We the People..

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield, and the former pastor of the First Congregational Church of Westfield. © Copyright True North Reports 2021. All rights reserved.

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13 thoughts on “John Klar: President Biden violates oath of office, attacks Bill of Rights

  1. One of Biden’s favorite lines is, “You don’t need an AR-15 to hunt deer”! That is true, however, you could hunt deer with one if you wished but you do need an AR-15 to protect your freedom!


  2. Death by a thousand paper cuts, bled to death, one stripe at a time! One law at a time
    A new regulation, report and tax every month!

    The Continental Soldiers, the Northern soldiers, all the soldiers in the world wars – apparently died in vain.
    The mice in Montpeculiar and Foggy Bottom office have scuttled away our liberties – one by one
    Our last liberty will be to sign our tax checks, and say “Yes Sir!! to our oppressors.

  3. Even though I believe that Biden stole the election, I am more concerned with those who actually voted for him and Harris. After 8 years of Obama and his ruinous, corrupt administration and Biden’s son running illegal foreign deals in China and the Ukraine enriching the Biden family, how could anyone look at him as presidential. While the media, the establishment government and never Trumpers tried everything from day one to destroy the Trump administration, we now have the criminal in chief as the titular head but he is running nothing. Why is Obama in Washington DC when he has million dollar mansions in Hawaii and Martha’s Vineyard? My opinion is that he is the shadow president and his government is finishing or trying to finish his fundamental transformation of America. The oaths of office are meaningless now both here and in DC. As long as our constitution stands, they are neutered by the courts as long as the courts apply the constitutional freedoms in our Bill of Rights. So the fundamental question remains, when politicians swear on the bible to protect and defend our constitutions (state and federal) and they violate their oaths and lie, where is the punishment? The commander in chief’s first obligation is to protect the constitution and the nation. When this fails isn’t the military our only hope short of a revolution? No one answers these questions, locally or nationally. The oath of office have no teeth, witness what’s happening to our country just on the southern border as an example. People actually voted for this man who in 50 years in government did nothing but enrich his family and now he’s destroying the country. Thank you, Biden voters. This is on you and people like you are the problem!

    • Joe Biden does Nothing. The handlers of his Handlers tell us what “he said”, they write every short speach,
      They wrote those 31 new presidential orders on his desk on morning one.
      They tell us what he said, they write orders, he signs

      I am half way thru Pres. Trumps 5 hour Historic speach at the Mount Rushmore Memorial !!
      Just Fantastic – the grasp of History, the grasp of the efforts to make America Great and KEEP it Great!
      Trump answered every question at a news conference from his personal deep grasp of issues !!

    • And you have to go to Amazon to buy a book about freedom and the little guy’s rights

      And other billionaires to communicate your displeasures.

  4. The commies are building a case to take guns, because if there are no guns they will be able to do whatever they want and no one will be able to stop them. Think out how that will go after a generation of their uncontrolled rule, and you can see what they are up too.

  5. When your 50 years of criminal life in the swamp finally pay’s off in the biggest fraud perpetrated on the American people I guess you don’t have to worry about silly things like the Constitution or rights of WE THE PEOPLE. The low IQ do nothing swamp creature while being a perfect representative of the left with his incoherent speech that’s fraught with lies and BS stories, he’s taken the mantel from Obozo and Carter in just 100 days to become the worst and hopefully only instilled idiot in The top spot.

    That is if we ever get back to having fair elections….

  6. Creepy Joe and his HOs are nothing but dangerous JOKES. All 3 have no idea how to handle a gun much less use one. Matter of fact they don’t even know which end is which.

    They don’t want anyone to own a gun except the ones who protect their old wrinkle butts.
    I feel if they have security to protect them with guns them we should have guns to protect us and our loved ones too.

    It’s my Constitutional right to own a gun. The 2nd amendment gives me that right, Our forefathers understood that. That’s why it’s in the Bill of Rights. Our loved ones fought for us to have that right.

    So creepy Joe and Phil Scott can .. well you know what I am thinking..

  7. Sure, Illegitimate Joe knows all, just ask him if he doesn’t muck it up,
    what a senile old fool !!

  8. “Gun owners and hunters are no better authorities for constitutional law than lawyers are for where best to find woodcock.” ? While I agree with almost all of this article I would argue that the hunters I know are well versed in constitutional law, specifically the right to bear arms, even more so than the lawyers I know, with John Klar being an exception. This is just anecdotal from reading the anti gun commentaries of both lawyers and politicians. As a hunter, Joe Biden is not someone I can imagine knowing anything about what goes on in the minds of hunters or any freedom loving American.

    • I agree completely. However, “hunting” is not a discipline connected with Constitutional law, and Biden and others (because he IS a lawyer) know full well that the Second Amendment has zero to do with hunting and yet make that allusion methodically. It is a deliberate subterfuge, and it is vile. Maybe we call the right to an abortion a cosmetic surgery — that would be comparable, and cosmetics have nothing to do with abortions. Hunting has zero to do with the duty to bear arms against lying thugs who would steal our rights and heritage. I am sure most hunters agree. 🙂

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