John Klar: Oh Xusana! Racist property redistribution hits Vermont

By John Klar

Last year, Xusana Davis was appointed by Vermont governor Phil Scott as the state’s “first Racial Equity Executive Director.” Davis, formerly of New York City’s Department of Mental Health and Hygiene, applied for the job “on a whim” and was installed to “identify and address systemic racism in Vermont.”

The law labeling Vermont as systemically racist was also a whim, backed by no evidence aside from bald assertions that racial disparities in prison, land ownership, or school disciplinary actions reflect a disparity in treatment of people of color. The dangers of this false assumption are demonstrated in Xusana’s latest gambit: to “codify community engagement” by “considering racial and environmental justice in land use.”

John Klar

Davis has been commissioned by recent Vermont law to “develop a strategy to address racial disparities within the State systems of education, labor and employment, access to housing and health care, and economic development.” Racism is presupposed by this legislation, and the solution is also presupposed: minorities must be incarcerated at rates which reflect the underlying population regardless of guilt; white people are all privileged; schools must discipline students based on race, not behavior.

Xusana burst out the gate to use government regulations to institute racist wealth reallocation, in the form of transferring land and economic opportunities from whites to minorities, without evidence of wrongdoing:

“Housing is a means of transferring generational wealth, and people of color have been shut out,” she said[.] … “The future of Vermont is going to be a lot more diverse. Our towns will be denser and more colorful.” Considering racial and environmental justice in land use, she asserted, will set the stage for a more diverse and more prosperous Vermont[.] … Too often, she said, people of color and the economically disadvantaged are shut out of “the quiet closed rooms where decisions are made.”

There is no proof that such closed-room meetings actually occur. But no proof is required for social and environmental warriors. As a liberal reporter intoned of Davis’s orations:

The all-white membership of House Natural Resources was, at times, a bit taken aback by Davis’ testimony. That’s the thing about implicit bias: It’s implicit, which means you aren’t even aware of it, so it’s a surprise when it comes to light.

Thomas Sowell cautioned about precisely such consequences in his 1999 book, The Quest for Cosmic Justice:

[W]hat is called “social justice” might more accurately be called anti-social justice, since what consistently gets ignored or dismissed are precisely the costs to society[.] … Not only does cosmic justice differ from traditional justice, and conflict with it, more momentously cosmic justice is irreconcilable with personal freedom based on the rule of law[.] … Merely the power to select beneficiaries is an enormous power, for it is also the power to select victims — and to reduce both to the role of supplicants of those who hold this power.

How are Vermont’s white people to respond to such attacks? They are allegedly guilty of implicit bias, which means they don’t even know what they did wrong. They are to be retrained by the benevolent government:

“[I]mplicit bias training” means training designed to help individuals identify and address unconscious associations, biases, and stereotypes that they hold about certain groups of people.

Vermont is vulnerable to such ideological incursions, being rather clueless, and quite white.  Milton Friedman warned us:

A society that puts equality — in the sense of equality of outcome — ahead of freedom will end up with neither equality nor freedom. The use of force to achieve equality will destroy freedom, and the force, introduced for good purposes, will end up in the hands of people who use it to promote their own interests.

Slavery was never legal in Vermont. Most whites here have suffered hundreds of years of poverty, and most family farms were sold long ago. Vermonters tried to hold on to farmland for their children. This, we are now told, was a preferential “transfer of intergenerational wealth.”

Xusana is quite proficient in “promoting the interests” of one group over another based solely on race. She employs Native Americans against white people, to provide black people with societally imposed preference:

This includes Vermont’s indigenous people. “We have a responsibility to be humble about the fact that we’re using land that wasn’t ours,” she said.

We are losing both equality and freedom in Vermont, through social engineering laws. My family has farmed here (and paid taxes) for 200 years, and I am of Abenaki Indian heritage. I don’t require a black person relocated a year ago from NYC to reallocate my land on my behalf to black people whom our Vermont ancestors died to free in the Civil War.

Oh Xusana, don’t you cry for me.

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield, and former pastor of the First Congregational Church of Westfield. He is running for governor in 2020.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Ardfern

24 thoughts on “John Klar: Oh Xusana! Racist property redistribution hits Vermont

  1. A good place to start with property redistribution would be the Governor, the Lt. Governor, the speaker of the house, and every democrat in the state house. That should take care of most of “their” problem.

  2. Some people do not want to live in a predominately cold harsh expensive environment. Period.

  3. This discussion, or a permuation of it, is currently a contested topic in VT DIgger as well, and its indicative of our continuing divide, much of which is based on myth and misrepresentation from all sides.

    It’s a legitimate discussion. But it is anything but “…a new way of looking at U.S. history”.

    When will the penance for ancestral injustices be sufficient? Only the offended can say. But it has been said that:

    “To forgive is to set a prisoner free… and discover that the prisoner was you.”
    — Lewis Smedes

    • That’s the one I was totally censored from, yup they don’t want any dissenting ideas published.

      • In frustration I sent in this comment….which of course never saw the light of day.

        You guys censor comments because you have no basis in truth. If you had a good response or represented the truth you’d be able to stand by and defend. How’s it feel to propagate lies?

        • Any comment criticizing Digger or its methodology will be censored. I have, on the other hand, had significant success having my comments published by addressing specific factual discrepancies and avoiding ad hominem attacks. Everything I published above was published by Digger. This is not to say that Digger treats comments fairly. Ad hominem attacks by the progressive left are often published while push back by a conservative target is censored. One need only look at Diggers exclusive Danziger cartoons to see Digger’s overt bias in action. None the less, a carefully constructed comment on Digger, direct and to the point you want to address, is often successful.

  4. When one begins to think Vermont has concocted all the social hijinks possible, it comes up with another more onerous than the last. It is so sad to me that my home state has become so mismanaged and void of any real, sensible, fiscally sound, inclusive vision and direction for all its citizens.
    It’s only purpose now is an example for all the other states in our union of what not to do and how unfettered socialism becomes the Titanic waiting for its Iceberg.

  5. This is all about the implementation of socialism and agenda 21. The housing to which she speaks will be rental housing, as we have been doing now for decades, calling it “affordable housing” which is renting from the state or their agencies.

    If she wishes to talk about missed opportunities, it is the White (any color really) Vermonter that has lacked opportunity, not the man or woman of color. A Vermonter would have to walk or ride a buss through many states that many minority’s can find within 5 miles of their home or a short buss ride.

    This woman is so indoctrinated she doesn’t knoe reality from propaganda, a common problem these days.

  6. I would imagine she jumped at the chance to get out of NYC so she could fully implement her plans. (And get out of that jungle).Sort of a big fish in a little pond kind of thing.

    • There are serious recruiting networks, getting “organizers” to move into our state to help us Vermonters. They have completely taken over the Democratic Party. Follow the money, follow the “organizers”, suddenly they are all into politics there first or second year into this state.

      They were moved here for their politics….look at all those in office. The pattern is NOT a coincidence.

  7. Apparently Xusana has a lot of hate inside her for the system. The system she works for and says is responsible for all the implicit racial inequalities. No one can deny that there is racial bias in VT. But it isn’t blatant, on a large scale, in your face hatred like what Xusana is suggesting. There is a small number of individuals in every community who don’t like minorities. In most cases they have no influence in local governments or law enforcement. They are mostly working poor males, bitter over their lot in life and find it gratifying to blame minorities. Hitler used his POLITICAL clout in Europe to blame the Jews and Jehovah’s Witnesses for it’s economic problems, incarcerating and eliminating them in concentration camps. Is this what Xusana is recommending for all the displaced white folks she will create?
    From this read, Xusana is probably the most racially biased person in VT, using her political position to further her hatred of VT’s working white class, who pay the lion’s share of taxes in VT, including her salary. What puzzles me the most is, now that she has shown her hand, why is the Governor tolerating her?

    • They chose her for the hand she is showing. She is a perfect radical, a disciple of Saul.

  8. What do you expect when you allow a racist activist group to come to our public schools and guilt the administration into flying a Black Lives Matter flag for over a year. This is called “reverse discrimination” and it is only getting worse.

    When I read the article on Zuckerman’s Facebook page that this woman was hired, I knew this State was going in the wrong direction. I have lived here for 14 years and see the changes that are being forced on the taxpayers of Vermont. I went home for Thanksgiving after ten years and didn’t recognize my home township anymore. I was surrounded by illegals that couldn’t speak English and the first thing I thought of was “If a democrat wins this election, how are we supposed to afford to pay their healthcare and everything else they will be getting at the taxpayers expense.” I also wondered why I can’t afford to go home because of the housing prices and property taxes, but these people are able to afford to live here when they can’t even speak English.

    Either we take our Country back and send the Progressives and Liberals packing soon, or this Country will be too far gone and it is going to turn into a cesspool. John, I hope you win the election and send Xusana back to NYC.

    NYC was another place that I witnessed a sudden change. When my husband was hospitalized for over two weeks in an upper east side hospital back in 2015, the hospital staff was a mixture of all races. When he was hospitalized again, less than a year after his surgery, the staff was all black, with not one white person working the floor. I remember being the only white person in a cramped elevator. (I did get to ride an elevator with Ivanka Trump when my husband was there for his surgery though) I didn’t see a white employee at the hotel affiliated with the hospital either. It scares me to see how ignorant our race is. I want to see equality, but that is not happening in this country anymore. When is enough, enough. Even the dentists at the Lake George office I go to doesn’t have one white dentist anymore. It just seems to happen over night and it doesn’t seem to be coming in a natural manner where one or two minority families arrive. Someone is behind this and sending them to predominantly middle class white neighborhoods. I just don’t understand what their agenda is.

  9. HA!! Loved the “implicit” kick in the pants delivered to Xusana by the last line in this article Sadly, Xusana is a perfect product example of what has been pumped out of our government schools and liberal colleges, for the last 60 or so years. Take your kids out of government run schools and pray that God will protect America from the onslaught of these brainwashed brats infiltrating every facet of our society.

  10. Great article John. You have pretty much confirmed my questions, and thoughts, about this subject. Having grown up in Vermont, I remember when there was racism, sadly, but I think that has changed significantly. My parents and grandparents worked hard to maintain this property, which I value.

  11. This is such a joke
    1) That Scott hired a racist from NYC
    2) To even suggest taking property from people and giving it to someone just because they are Black
    3) I grew up in Montpelier.and there was only 1 black person that lived there. She was a sweetheart, she was a little old lady and this was in the 50’s. When I was in HS in the mid 60’s there was 1 black student. His father was in the Air Force. Very nice family.
    4) having some fool from NYC come here and start calling us racist makes me MAD. I have a niece who is black and NO ONE treats her any different then anyone else.
    and last Xusana Davis needs to pack her bags and go back to NYC.

    • In 1957 there was one black in St Albans, Ozzie Sweet. Great basketball player. The only black I knew.

      When I went into the AF 1958 and in the south, TX, it was a wonderment. Segregation was all around, black restrooms, drinking fountains. I traveled often thru the south and it was in every state, seemed normal there. I didn’t think much about it as it was at that time and a different world from mine. The AF made sure of integration and had a black with me in my room. But he didn’t want any part of me and kept to his own. Some things take time to adjust, can’t be forced. Had some blacks being friends, great guys. Also had Navajo Indians. I don’t like the obvious separations and the politically correct. It a problem and whites are “racist” no matter what they do.

  12. The only racism I see in Vermont is that no matter what you say to a Liberal and they don’t
    like it, they’ll probably call you a ” racist “, even though you’re not or some other “ISM”,
    Liberals what a joke !!!

    As far as Xusana Davis, she’s probably a nice lady, but coming from New York City I’m
    not sure what she can offer to Vermont, I know the Governor Selected her but he couldn’t
    find someone from within the state, that knows the state, not NY-City !!!

    Racism in Vermont, another Liberal problem that’s not a problem !!

  13. Well said, Mr. Klar! Assumptions are not facts and must always be challenged, regardless the topic.

  14. The first wind mill was same sex marriage, then on to the legalization of marijuana, then global warming and now racism, WOW, what in heaven’s name will these dreamers come up with next???? Sorry I asked ’cause the question will send their collective imagination into over drive.

  15. Just how many blacks are living in Vermont today anyway? When I grew up in Montpelier , the state capital, there was ONE ( a real estate agent as I remember and well accepted and liked). In my high school there were ZERO.
    What did the 2010 census say? I bet the #’s are still very low in Vermont even when including immigrants both legal and illegal. This is just another clever progressive stunt to grab more social and legal control over ALL the people by pushing massive guilt on Vermonters. Categorizing people constantly, which progressives love to do, will produce another Holocaust someday. Why? Because such categorizing creates envy and “why not me” feelings and focuses only on differences and what group is entitled over the other and eventually only grows immense evil hate.

  16. She sound very racist herself. But, hey let her line up blacks that want to buy the homes of people who have had it with this liberalism and want out of this state. that will solve both problems.

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