John Klar: Liberties have been erased in the name of ‘real science’

Fear-mongering efforts to greatly compromise constitutional liberties during the COVID pandemic have often been justified in the name of “real science.” Seemingly every issue today is politicized, revealing that mechanical “scientific” thinking does not shield one from dishonesty and abuse.

Recent revelations about COVID-19 have arisen from both the left and the right, and together they reflect a nonpartisan recognition that the “real science” proves COVID-19 was, without question, man-made. It was developed in a Wuhan laboratory, interconnected with the Chinese military, financed significantly with United States government grant funding, and  covered up by American bureaucrats with conflicts of interest.

John Klar

An extensive expose by left-leaning Vanity Fair links the genetic footprint of the COVID-19 virus to an infection of humans excavating bat guano in Mojiang mine in China, and also directly to the DNA signature of a virus developed at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV). Concurrently, the conservative Wall Street Journal (previously booted from China for asking hard questions about WIV) printed a strong argument that this same genetic footprint could only have been produced in a laboratory. This smoking gun has been proven by “real science” — the politicians and special interests tapping millions of dollars from U.S. taxpayers for “gain-of-function” bioweapons research have used a political smokescreen to block the world from learning the truth of the origin of COVID-19. That origin is a Frankensteinian Chinese lab funded by U.S. taxpayers despite warnings of extreme danger of creating a superbug.

The Vanity Fair article meticulously tells the entire tale, which spans both the Obama and Trump administrations (it’s hard to blame either without the other). But that’s worth noting — the graft of big money and well-positioned bureaucrats with conflicts of interest (assisted by a biased liberal mainstream media) transcended government regulatory and investigatory agencies commissioned to protect the public from harm during a “once-in-a-century” pandemic. As Vanity Fair describes:

Lab-leak talk was mostly confined to right-wing news outlets through April, gleefully flogged by Tucker Carlson and studiously avoided by most of the mainstream media. In Congress, the Energy and Commerce Committee’s Republican minority had launched its own inquiry, but there was little buy-in from Democrats and the NIH didn’t provide responses to its lengthy list of demands for information.

Underneath the partisan bickering over the true source of the WIV virus is a much deeper problem not discussed much: why is the United States investing taxpayer dollars into efforts to create pathogens that can wipe out humanity through “gain-in-function” technologies. Many esteemed scientists tried to warn the world about the risks of exactly this type of scenario, yet they were ignored, and now those responsible for creating this pandemic with “real science” have lied assiduously to evade accountability. Will the merit or morality of “gain-in-function” research ever be assessable without the clouding moral lenses of human, individual and nationalist biases and errors? The human race rather counts on it.

This raises further moral questions that “real science” can never answer: If government cannot be trusted not to invest in Chinese labs to seed genocide through unfathomably dangerous genetic tinkering, can it be trusted to do the following:

  • honestly report on COVID deaths?
  • prohibit hydroxychloroquine or antibody testing?
  • protect health care workers with proper PPE?
  • tell the truth about the efficacy of masks?
  • decide what businesses and individuals should do in response?
  • produce a vaccine for which more billions were spent, to yet more tech companies, insulated from liability?
  • tell the truth about adverse vaccine reactions, or other effects?
  • report flu deaths accurately?
  • assert that unvaccinated people should be marginalized and stigmatized?
  • implement race-based preferences and discrimination in schools to counter past discrimination?
  • balance a budget?

What of leaders in Vermont who have aped the mainstream media’s dishonesty about the origin of COVID-19, favoring the anti-Trump narrative that the disease developed from a “natural” transmission from bats to humans, and portraying any other theories as racist and hateful? This dangerous and irresponsible bias was repeatedly couched in arguments invoking “real science,” when it is clear that science was abused from beginning to end by errant humans with corrupt motives. Lancet magazine was strongly implicated in the cover-up — so much for the integrity of science.

If the mainstream media is now also proven complicit in this unconscionable failure, the same list of questions above can be asked once again with regard to the trustworthiness of today’s journalism. Given this epic failure, it would be welcome if government bureaucrats and mainstream media reporters could attempt a little gain-in-function of their own competence.

Citizens have good cause to distrust government competence to research the creation of new deadly viruses (as most every science fiction movie also affirms). As Harvard University’s Marc Lipsitch noted well before the current pandemic: “Enhancing potential pandemic pathogens in this manner is simply not worth the risk.”

The problem with “real science” is that humans can never be trusted with it.

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield, and the former pastor of the First Congregational Church of Westfield. © Copyright True North Reports 2021. All rights reserved.

Image courtesy of state of Vermont

13 thoughts on “John Klar: Liberties have been erased in the name of ‘real science’

  1. In a free market economy, when a producer or a consumer sells or buys something, it has to perform as advertised, lest the seller and the buyer fade away into oblivion. The political class, on the other hand, buys votes with failed promises at every election, yet never seem to fade away. Perhaps this is because politicians are so good at convincing everyone, on the right and the left, that the voters are to blame for all failures. Left-wing politicians blame voters on the right. Right-wing politicians blame voters on the left.

    The paradox is that they are correct. At some point, we’ll figure out that it is the political class we elect who are failing, and we would be better off having fewer of them managing fewer things.

  2. Facing a pandemic from a new source has to be among the worst nightmares of a public official. There are many unknowns and huge potential risks. While it is easy to second guess or Monday morning quarterback, those who have had the burden of making decisions with thousands of lives our on the line in an unprecedented situation should perhaps cut some slack.

    The reality is that President Trump in creating Operation Warp Speed to develop vaccines and President Biden and Governor Scott in the roll out of those vaccines deserve credit in helping to stop the spread of the virus which is still devastating other parts of the world. Governor Scott has been criticized severely from those who feel he should have done more and those who feel he should have done less. Yet, in retrospect the choices he has made and continues to make have met with success and have widespread approval, and the removal of emergency provisions is eagerly anticipated .

    Does this mean everything has been perfect. Of course not. Science does not have all the answers, it is a continuing work in progress in which new data is constantly coming in and new theories tested. Government is not perfect either and while constantly needing to be challenged ( and following up on the origins of the virus is definitely needed) it might also be worth giving those we elect, no matter what the party, a little understanding that what they do is not always simply based on self interest but also what they truly feel is best for our state and nation.

    • Best for whose nation, and whose state?

      Governor Scott and Dr. Levine are good men but incredibly naive.

      Anthony Fauci, however, is decidedly not working for the American people, nor is he naive. Neither is the CDC or the WHO.

      The World Economic Forum is an influential international organization that sponsors the annual meeting of movers and shakers called ‘Davos.’ It’s pushing the Great Reset, wherein we’re told we’ll never go back to normal. Another name for it is the UN’s New World Order, but one doesn’t hear so much of this these days, perhaps because the name is off-putting; ‘great reset’ sounds less threatening and is in line with the theme of ‘build back better.’ The goals of this are harmonious with China’s desire for a world order that destroys democracy and freedom and puts the state supreme.

      We know for a fact that global actors have planned for and are pushing a great reset. The only real debate is how far have they come, how detailed and expansive are their plans, and how many institutions, organizations, and individuals are involved? Anyone pushing for a coordinated and quick response to catastrophic global warming (block the sun??) is also pushing for a great reset, though they may not know it: the great reset is justified as a response to supposedly catastrophic warming. This makes one wonder if the pseudoscience of catastrophic CO2 warming wasn’t part of the plan.

      Freedom requires vigilance, not naivete.

  3. This is all a coordinated attack. Science is being destroyed, society is being destroyed, morals are being destroyed. Why? To “build back better,” the motto of Joe Biden, the motto of the WEF, the motto of Boris Johnson, who just uttered that phrase at the G7; a phrase repeating endlessly across the globe. To build back better, you first have to destroy.

    Who’s doing this? China and the WEF, for certain, but there are allies all over the place, people who are following along in the track of the new normal. They’re in every country, and that’s why most of the world locked down for what was basically a bad flu, and that’s why life-saving medications were deliberately denied to much of the world. The plan was to destroy, not heal.

    Who isn’t building back better? Sweden isn’t: they never left normal, except in modest steps and under immense pressure. Florida isn’t building back better at all: they’re saying you can take it and shove it, we don’t want your masks or your social distancing or your CRT, either. They’re going 100% back to normal. Texas isn’t building back; they’re going back to normal.

    It’s a coordinated cabal against the free people of the world; it’s world war three. It’s not coming, it’s here. This is what it looks like, a long-range plan to destroy everything and build back not a better world, but a world of fear that’ll be managed by the globalists. How on earth will they do this? By a virus that will create fear and chaos and by deliberately planned lockdowns; possibly by massive cyber attacks, which Klaus Schwab was good enough to warn us would make Covid-19 look like a walk in the park; by the pseudoscience of CO2 warming, which has destroyed honest science and critical scrutiny and replaced it with a confusion of causality and groupthink adherence to a doctrine that can’t be questioned: just like Lysenkoism. By deliberate disruptions in global supply chains. By CRT, which asserts that there’s no human goodness, only inescapable power struggles embodied in our language and in the very fabric of society, which must be overthrown so that we can “build back better.” Just coincidence?

    America is a beacon of hope because good people here are standing up and saying “no.” The Arizona audit is almost done. We still have media outlets telling the truth. Texas and Florida and other states are standing up. People are saying no to CRT. I have to believe that good people in this country are working behind the scenes to anticipate and counter the next moves of the cabal, because without a doubt it’s fighting for a new world in its own image, and not in the design of a good and free people. They even tell us what they want to do– what this “build back better” will look like– although they conveniently leave out the fact that it’ll require a global police state to keep dissidents in line.

  4. Our own government was hand in hand with china on this! Faucci worked to enhance this virus from 2014 until it was handed over to wuhan labs in 2018, with a $3.7 million dollar check from our government to wuhan, to be released!!! That’s what all the smoke and mirrors have been about! Population control, anyone? George orwell was so ahead of his time…covid-1984!

  5. I just love the propaganda signs around stating, Vermont Strong, Be Safe masks up, remember to socially distance and the signs with arrows in the grocery stores, wrong way. Vermont isn’t strong and the people are sheep. How about the plexiglass with gapping holes to pass food and drink through. Be a good liberal and take your government, politically approved medicine, don’t worry. Don’t worry, even though no one knows the outcome and no one can be sued if you become sick or die. The media lies, the government lies, big tech censors, the government censors and the media covers it all up. Ask questions and you are a trouble maker and shamed or attacked in one way or another.

    None of this matters now because we are all racists. We all have white privilege and are to blame for harms caused centuries ago. None of this is going to end well. I wonder if all this social justice BS would survive if it didn’t pay so well. The governor brought in a racist SJW and is paying her $125,000 per year to solve a race problem that doesn’t exist. Her job is to find racism even if it isn’t here.

    How can we trust the media, social media, the science, the pharmacies, our institutions, our teachers and our government? We just can’t get the truth in anything anymore and then we have to be shamed by people who came here to tell us how to live there way after they ruined where they came from.

  6. Control of the message is a prime tool of totalitarian states. “what distinguished the Third Reich from all previous dictatorships was its use of all the means of communication to sustain itself and to deprive its objects of the power of independent thought.” – Albert Speer
    Stifle the information – so people won’t have the tools to question the doctrine.

  7. Funny how LONG things take to gain “traction” as I had asked the Guv & Dr. Levine about this very subject at their bi-weekly press conferences on Oct. 2nd (at 1:18:20 timestamp) AND Oct. 6th, 2020, and prefaced the questions BOTH times w/research & articles from peer-reviewed journals like “Nature” and “Science”. Dr. Levine dismissed my questions BOTH times as “conspiracy theories”, NO surprise as he had alluded to me being an “armchair epidemiologist” earlier. You can see both press conferences at Orca Media’s Youtube site. Is it really any wonder why they CANCELLED me from attending their presser’s on Feb. 3rd, 1st accusing me of “racist comments & questions” (NO examples given) the changed a day later to my show @ NEKTV being “hobby news”? They keep mentioning “science & data” but it’s ALWAYS BOTH that they cherry-pick and then cancel anyone questioning their narrative & policies, which have been a disaster for SOME Vt. businesses that may never return & kids who lost a YEAR of school attendance. Typical, SM, N.Troy.

  8. John,

    What an excellent article.

    It is out in the open now the truth no longer matters… control is the only thing that the socialists want.

    We continue to parade around in masks that do absolutely nothing to protect us… They only promote the stupidity of a governor that for joe biden.

    We have been sold out at the hands of flip flop phil scott and his brown nosed followers.

    Now we are being called racist in the state of vermont because we refuse to bow to the idiocy of the NAACP and black lives matter MARXIST movement of our failed governor scott and his we need followers keep promoting…

    Vermonters wake up before it is too late….

    • I apologize for the mistakes of my comment…

      It should have said the stupidity of a republican governor that voted for the idiot joe biden…

      It is also disappointing that we have republicans following our socialist governor around like sheep…. Joe benning is one of them…

      If you’re in the republican party keep both eyes open and pay attention to those that denounced president trump at the urging of our socialist governor phil scott and senator joe benning…

      Joe benning you went on to condemn the patriots that were at the capitol on january 6th prior to any investigation being done… You condemned members of the republican party in the state of vermont who were present at that rally..

      Seems pretty odd to me that no one wants to name the officer that killed an innocent woman that day… This while the line news media claimed the police officers were killed at the hands of the people supporting Donald trump…

      And it’s time for the truth to come out without any denials from any party and those that would condemn the best president in American history to be removed from office…

      Come on joe benning convince me that the idiot governor and you know more than the voting public…

      Look at the state of affairs across america today and we have an idiotic governor who wants to bring illegal immigrants into the state of vermont and we don’t even know if they carry covid or not.

      The stupidity under the golden doom is limitless.

      I hope republicans in the state of vermont wake up soon.

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