John Klar: Illegal health insurance to encourage illegal immigration in Vermont

In the latest in a long list of revoltingly stupid examples of disconnected legislation that destroys Vermont and its economy, H.430 offers more ideological dung embraced warmly by RINO Gov. Phil Scott. This bill will provide health care for illegal aliens who are attracted to Vermont by these buttery public offerings. But let us analyze this silly bill, employing the critical thought that is so visibly absent from our so-called leadership.

First, let us see how they have wrapped destructive policies in the emotionality of “we care about the children.” As with so many of these emotions-supplant-reason initiatives, it is as if the drafters and signers only got a modern NEA indoctrination education and lost the ability to think sensibly. For example, I support orphaned children in Uganda, where there are an estimated 2.5 million orphaned children in desperate need. Maybe the Vermont Legislature hopes to bring them all here to Vermont, but it is axiomatic that they are better served in their own culture, tribes and community rather than reinstalled in the alien Green Mountains, legally or illegally.

John Klar

I would love to relate what I could accomplish in Ugandan medical care with the $1.4 million of Vermonters’ tax dollars being routed to fund H.430 — probably we could get basic care to about 100,000 children with that sum. Vermont will spend that money on an estimated 122 people who are in the state illegally. Rewarding people for illegal behavior is part and parcel of the ideology that is being imposed on Vermont by mob rule, flouting the Constitution and traditional civility.

As with racism, COVID funds and the environment, the ruling elites in Montpelier who pat themselves on the back for doling out our money for their personal virtue-signalling sprees do not anticipate that we ignorant subjects might take exception. Ignoring the rule of law has become par for the course, necessary to implement the new ideology. This includes giving voting rights and free health care to illegals, even while many Vermonters are disenfranchised from voting and pay thousands monthly for health care on limited incomes, and illegals receive fuller driving and hunting privileges than Vermont citizens (who can’t drive or hunt if in arrears on child support; illegals are exempt). Such perversions abound and continue to proliferate.

With the fourth highest welfare benefits in the nation, of course these policies advertise to illegals to come live here. Who doesn’t want their children to have health care for free, to gain the benefits of citizenship without burdens like tax returns and taxes, to be treated as a victim when they commit crimes, to be shielded by the state government from federal enforcement of immigration laws? Vermont exceeds the welcome of the Statue of Liberty — it just hasn’t given any thought, or care, to the consequences.

Of course Vermonters’ votes have been diluted — Jim Condos encourages out-of-state college students to vote here. Why wouldn’t they invite others to vote as well? Really, why not just let Chinese, Russian and Ugandan citizens vote from their foreign homes in Vermont elections by absentee ballot? And if Jim Condos objected, we would finally discover his limit (or whether he has any).

If it costs $1.4 million in taxpayer money for 122 illegal aliens (a factually accurate, historical term for those who deliberately violate laws of sovereignty to enter a country surreptitiously), how much will it cost next year as the numbers inevitably swell? Proponents argued that we provide health care for these people anyway, justifying this unconstitutional policy. But we provide health care to pregnant 12-year-olds also — we don’t encourage them to get pregnant. This is called a “moral hazard,” and only a single Vermont senator had the integrity to stand up and say so:

Sen. Russ Ingalls, R-Essex-Orleans, said that, instead of creating a new program for undocumented immigrants, the state should be finding ways to help them become legal citizens. …  “This just draws more people here illegally, versus letting them find ways to come here legally and to enjoy what it means to be a citizen of the United States,” Ingalls said.

That common sense is easily ignored by those who eschew such critical thought. But allow me to share a critical thought that should be allowed to sink in very deeply: the Progressives do this deliberately to conquer and dehumanize native Vermonters. That’s right — they think they are rescuing impoverished people from the assault and prejudices of native white Vermonters, rather than what they are really doing: impoverishing good Vermonters in the name of unknown foreigners and an infinite list of past grievances. It is mob rule, and the rule of law has left the building.

It is easy to comprehend that the demographic composition of illegal immigrants (just as with out-of-state fentanyl dealers) differs markedly from white Vermont. As more and more illegals are rewarded for arriving at destination Green Mountains, the poverty, mental illness, crime and health issues that they bring in tow are then laid at the feet of Vermonters as cause. Examine my recent article about median black incomes in Vermont, and how precipitously they have dropped in recent years (because of the new poor arrivals). The lying Progressives in our Legislature then use those numbers to allege that Vermonters are historically and culturally racist, and that this racism caused these discrepancies. Then they use that scurrilous lie to shame people based on their white skin, taking yet more money from our wallets.

The math is clear, and it is all “on the record.” It doesn’t matter whether the Progressives ever wake up to the folly of their compounded errors and sins against decent citizens — it matters when the rest of us do. A subjugated people cannot be ruled for long: it is unsustainable. It is high time for Vermonters to recognize that the Legislators who signed H.430 either don’t understand, or wish to destroy, the Constitution. They don’t understand, or they wish to destroy, the economy. They don’t understand, or wish to destroy, Vermont’s culture and farming industry. They don’t understand, or they wish to destroy, our children and their future needs. In matters not whether their perfidy is ignorant or deliberate: it must be opposed regardless.

Progressives resent that We the People seek to restrain them. But when elected officials flee the reservation of agreed principles of law and representation, they have abdicated their authority and will be restrained by force if necessary. It is the American creed, and it remains the law of the land, even in Vermont. We must thank our Legislature for H.430, wherein they show just how much they are the representatives of some other people — not the people of Vermont.

When they say “Oh, but the children,” I say, “I could do infinitely more with that money in Uganda if you are determined to help people in foreign lands.” But then, what I say is unheard, as are all of the very logical objections related in this commentary — critical thought is excluded from the Vermont Legislature, a nuisance to this cultish ideology. Profligate spending and limitless regulation will crash the economy and cause food inflation, even as floods of illegals seek Vermont as destination. Remember what these Progressive fantasists are doing, Vermonters.

Vermonters’ incomes have not kept pace with inflation for more than a decade, even as state worker salaries have outpaced inflation. We are being made steadily poorer as our wealth is drained away by the gloating, bloated progressive tick that is sucking the life out of wonderful Vermont. Ideologies cannot defeat math, or ignore human nature, for long. As will soon be evident, Vermont doesn’t grow enough food to feed its own population anymore — perhaps Somalia will give us all free food as well as health care when our economy collapses under the burden of limitless government spending.

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield, and the former pastor of the First Congregational Church of Westfield. © Copyright True North Reports 2021. All rights reserved.

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12 thoughts on “John Klar: Illegal health insurance to encourage illegal immigration in Vermont

  1. Nothing is changing in this State. NOTHING! We all decry what the leftist Progressives are doing to this state but nothing changes. I buy nothing in the state of Vermont unless I absolutely have to, just like I purchase nothing that has the Hecho en Chine tag on it. We have a voice that is not listened to in Montpelier. All these people there (with the exception of a few, mostly in the Northeast Kingdom) either have drunk the Koolaid or are truly virtue signalling so they will not be a target. However, being white means that eventually even they will be targeted, they just don’t have it painted on their backs yet. I voted here in Hartland on May 4th. Voted no on almost all the spending, especially including the increased School Board Budget that increased an ungodly amount with FEWER students attending schools here. Guess what? EVERY bit of spending passed with flying colors. What in the hell is wrong with people here. I keep asking myself and others, where the hell are the hippies that fought back against The Man in the 60’s and 70’s? Well, they are now the fvcktards running this state. They are now The Man. They are now The Establishment. They are now The Enemy of the People. Pray hard.

  2. Jon C, Frank,, JohnF, Leslie, CHenry, I agree with all of you. The left only cares about the illegals. The hell with the seniors, Veterans, and Vermonters. The State of Vermont gets money from the Fed government for illegals. along with money from the people who work in Vermont.. you know “US”…the ones who have to pay bills, buy food, pay house mortgages or rent, pay for our cars, driver’s lic and Ins.and taxes for schools and property. all the things that the illegals don’t have to pay.for.

  3. Seniors struggle to service under this destructive socialist Governor…

    Free for illegal immigrants…

    Free for those that REFUSE to work..

    Free for those that bleed social security with false claims of disability…

    Free to rob social security…

    All this with ZERO regard for Seniors who live on much less than the $15 dollars per hour that the COMMIE Bernie Sanders says is necessary for survival.

    Our state is screwed at the hands of the socialists and the RINOS that have been elected to office under the Golden Dome of GLOOM..

    We must remember everyone that denounced President Trump and replace them with real leadership..

    We have been sold out!

    • Richard Ley you got that right. Our Rino so-called Gov is a joke and the deep swamp left only cares about their bank accounts and their pet projects.. That’s what happens when the liberals out-of-staters move up here and take over. Scott called creepy Joe and told him we want triple the numbers of illegals sent here. that we want to help them. We have people who can’t find jobs, businesses who won’t be able to reopen because of the fake lockdown. We Vermonters need to take back our government. drain the swamp in Montpelier and TAKE BACK VERMONT !!!

  4. First off, the state should hang its head in shame, seniors and vets are tossed to the
    curb like trash, and the state allows benefits to Illegals aka ” criminals ” for breaking
    our immigration laws and rewarding them…… pathetic leadership.

    If you want to the benefits, then you need to become a citizen of our nation, follow the
    laws we have, if you break them you’re a criminal and deserve deportation.

    If the powers in DC really cared about the plight at the southern border, they would fix
    the immigration process, and secure our borders for its citizens and those wanting to
    enter our country legally ……..DC is a disgrace !!

    I know too many people that came here ” legally ” through the burdensome process
    that we have, but they endured, and they are US citizens this free handout is just a
    slap in the face of real immigrants.

  5. The problem of illegal immigration might take a big towards be solved if we focused more on the employers of illegal immigrants. If for instance there were stiff fines and jail terms for those not using the existing verification system and raids on those who employee illegal immigrants with the preps. being hauled off to jail, the job market would dry up and reason for coming to this country greatly lessen.
    Combine this with an expanded regulated guest worker program for jobs that can not be filled by our existing labor force might be a way of having a system where laws are obeyed by all.

  6. Illegal immigrants, allowed into the US by the Feds, should remain under Federal care and responsibility, wherever they reside.

  7. This ‘State’ does less than jack squat for vets and military retirees, but our tax dollars will now support health care for illegals? Unbelievable.

    Every year we pay more for less with Tricare – all approved by Congress.

    I no longer purchase anything of significant value that requires me to pay Vermont sales tax. Either it comes from NH, the military exchange system, or a private sale – otherwise we don’t need it.

    • Good for you sir from one vet to another. Now if we all stopped buying Chinese “stuff. They might be really screwed.

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