John Klar: Gov. Phil Scott must veto the Global Warming Solutions Act

By John Klar

Gov. Phil Scott has stated that he lacks time to debate me or others in the Vermont GOP primary election, yet he has publicly invested great zeal in his venture to crush not only the unseen virus of COVID, but also a claim of systemic racism in Vermont. Instead of standing up to a liberal Legislature, he has bolstered this liberal cause, going so far as to exempt BLM rallies and graffiti from the laws that apply to Republican and other political causes.

It is in this context that voters must view the current battle over the Global Warming Solutions Act (H.688), which has been passed by the Vermont House and Senate. Governor Scott supplied the relevant legislative committee a list of amendments that would have made the bill acceptable to him — but every single one was rejected. Instead, the Legislature is weighing amendments that would remove the governor’s ability to influence the Climate Council, by providing that a majority can call meetings without the initiative of the secretary of administration.

John Klar

The GWSA essentially bypasses not only the governor but the electorate. It imposes questionable, arbitrary “targets” for carbon dioxide reduction, and authorizes private nonprofits to compel government agencies to do whatever courts demand to accomplish those goals. In other words, it just says “do whatever you need to do — forget about the citizenry and the voting process.”

H.688 neutralizes the governor and his role as defender of executive power, even as mail-in voting legislation causes many voters concern over guarantees of integrity in that process. Perhaps when it arrives on his desk, Governor Scott will respond to the GWSA as he did to the Legislature’s hasty push to implement mail-in voting: “If the legislature wants to take me out of it, that’s fine. I won’t stand in their way. They’re the ones who put me in to begin with.” Then the Legislature could accept that invitation and just by-pass him as they have with mail-in voting.

Instead, Governor Scott must demand that the Vermont Legislature respect those constitutional structures that preserve balance and equity in government. He must duly inform the progressive supermajority that their one-sided domination in a time of economic crisis and public health emergency will not be tolerated — that he will promptly veto H. 688.

Phil Scott was elected to defend and protect our constitutional structures and our wallets, not kowtow to progressives on remote voting, mail-in ballots, sweeping climate change laws, or disruptions by Black Lives Matter activists. It is imperative that he do so now and veto of H.688.

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield, and former pastor of the First Congregational Church of Westfield. He is running for governor in 2020.

Image courtesy of Phil Scott for Governor
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39 thoughts on “John Klar: Gov. Phil Scott must veto the Global Warming Solutions Act

  1. The Dem/Progs have veto proof majorities.
    In the Senate, two D/Ps would have to vote with ALL Republicans to sustain a Scott veto

    • Gov. Scott should veto this bill because it is a terrible bill. Maybe some democrats will vote with the Governor to sustain the veto. Don’t any democrats in the legislature care about Vermonters?

  2. In fighting will help a lot. Keep it up and lose again. Sorry Keith but your bitterness is showing through. So when was the last time an independent was elected governor? Split the conservative vote and lose again.

    • Sorry dano but I am not bitter whatsoever. I realized the impossibility of beating an incumbent governor but decided to challenge him anyway. All told I think I did fairly well and educated some people along the way. The pro-Scott people tried to undermine my campaign but in the end it was the conservative voters staying home while the pro-Scott democrats took a ballot to support him.
      So the bottom line is we get the government we deserve.
      Then we have Richard Ley who claims to be a conservative yet is threatening a conservative candidate with stuff from 2 years ago.

      • It is difficult but not impossible. In Vermont strict conservatism is not going to win right now. A candidate has to let people check most of the boxes for approval from the electorate. I get it, I’m a conservative but there has to be reason also. The governor has aligned himself with some policies the left likes as in gun control, mail in voting, no vetoes of crazy bills, etc.

        I think John Klar was a late bloomer and maybe not fully there yet but he has stated that putting the brakes on at Mount Stupid is priority one. I think he has realized the error in his past political votes. To win he has to appeal to a majority of voters. Who else can do that right now? This election is important to me because if nothing changes politically here in my birth state and after 6 decades of being here, I will probably pack up and get to hell out.

        So until the most perfect man or woman who can win this election steps forward to reclaim this state from the current regressive legislature and helpless governor, I’m voting to win. Right now, the only candidate that I see that may be able to do that is John Klar. Like it or not!

        • Only a conservative, kind hearted and American loving democrats can right this ship. The trick is to understand the language and traps set by those who have subverted our republic. If speak red meat, we lose epically. Whey we find the common ground, to which all Vermonters suffer we bring people together. Pimps for the NWO can not solve the problem as their actions and policies created it.

          Affordability – School Funding – Drugs

          These are the issues all Vermonters are looking to solve, they can only be solved by strengthening our republic.

          These will be the problems in 2 years and 4 years from now, because those in power will not and can not solve it.

  3. I agree, Gov, Scott should veto this bill, like he said he would. I do not want unelected people mandating what I can and cannot do to survive in Vermont. What if they decide outdoor wood furnaces are not good for the climate? Lots of people in Vermont still heat with wood. I don’t want costly lawsuits at taxpayers expense. This is like the health care mess. Unelected people making the rules and regulations for the people of Vermont because the Vermont Legislature relinquished it’s responsibility to the people. The legislature should not have wasted valuable time and money on this bill at this time when Vermont is in an economic crisis. Thanks to the Franklin County legislators who voted against this bill. Gov. Scott, veto this bill.

  4. One of the major sources of global warming in Vermont is the hot air coming out of Montpelier every year while the legislature is in session. If these folks would sit back, take a very deep breath and reflect on all the dumb legislation they dream up and leave Montpelier before they exhale, the state would be a much cooler place.

  5. If Governor Scott has one once of dignity left he will ” veto ” this boondoggle,
    time will tell.

    If he’s for Vermont or the WTO and Progressive Democrats agenda for the
    state, and we all know what the progressives have already done to the state.

    Wake up people, before it too late !!

  6. Everyone should be afraid of a socialist.

    John klar is a Bernie Sanders supporter who voted for Obama twice and voted for Clinton he also voted for Phil Scott.

    He is the only socialist running on the Republican ticket for governor.

    just remember he doesn’t support our great President Trump and US calls himself an Agripublican.

    we do not need to infiltrate our socialist government with another socialist.

    we need to elect a conservative to the office of governor in the state of Vermont.

    • The shill for Governor Scott, at it again. Many, many republicans in Vermont voted for Phil Scott, I did, was I to vote for a United Nations Stooge again. Also many republicans voted for Bernie Sanders, it was the Republicans that put Bernie into power, because the Republican candidate waffled on guns, the rest is history. These same exact things can be said for Donald Trump and were said for President Trump. So what.

      Governor Scott is the United Nations stooge, for sure. His actions clearly state his position. How he remains on the Republican ticket I’ve no idea. Governor Scott will allow tampering of the elections, has taken liberties with the 2@, has taken orders from WHO, has threatened business, but somehow can’t keep 5,000 people off his front lawn, allows the destruction of state property, neuters the police department,

      and will surely go along with this Global warmings act. Has he rallied the Republicans? Nope not to my knowledge, I’m sure True North Reports would allow him to speak freely, but have yet to seem him post, or place a report here.

      Governor Scott does have to work with the New World Order pimps, no doubt, but he doesn’t have to side with them….but he does all most all the time.

      Your Guy Kevin has yet to submit an article, where is he? All I see is people bad mouthing a candidate that has a chance to beat Phil Scott in the primary. And just like the last time, when Keith Stern ran….everybody said he wasn’t this, wasn’t that. We eat our own, it’s sad to see.

      • Scott is a player of the “Grabbler Globalist Club” and he’s sacrificing Vermont for his own political agenda with the Big Boys. It’s obvious by his actions. Most Vermonters are ill-informed and believe the lies of “Democracy Now”, “NPR”, “VT Digger” in addition to the propaganda of VT main stream media. Will people wake in time here in Vermont? It’s sketchy and horrifying. Rosa Koire called out the Agenda in her book, “Behind the Green Mask”, Agenda21 to be exact. Research and inform your friends and family before it’s too late. #Klar2020

        • Excellent book, she totally rocks. We Vermonters are being played, without question.

      • Neil,
        Before you bad mouth Kevin why don’t you ask the people reporting the news why they haven’t published what he has given them.

        Second I will never vote a socialist for governor in the state of Vermont.

        John Klar Klar can write all of the propaganda he wants to try to convince dumb vermonters to vote for him but that in no way changes his ideology he has believed in for years.

        Anyone believe in his propaganda is easily fooled.

        Kevin Hoyt is a lifelong vermonter and a conservative who has served Vermont well for years as a citizen exposing voter fraud and corruption in Bennington.

        Kevin has some great ideas you can check out Kevin Hoyt 20/20.

        He cannot force these people to publish his articles and we cannot figure out why they do not get published.

        we have choices and if we’re really interested in replacing Scott we have a fine young gentleman to do it that aligns with the Republican party not with the socialist agenda of John klar.

        John Klar is there a Bernie Sanders supporter has voted for Obama twice and Clinton.

        He also voted for Phil Scott.

        Anyone with an ounce of common Sense can see this man is no Republican.

        He refuses to run as a republican calling himself an agripublican.

        There’s still plenty of time to elect a conservative to office without pushing this gentleman who is trying to pull the wool over the eyes of vermonters.

        as a lifelong vermonter I refuse to vote for a socialist we are at the tipping point of losing our state to socialism.

        People in the state of Vermont need to wake up.

        anyone really that concerned about what is going on in the politics in Montpelier as far as the gubernatorial race needs to take the time to take a look at Kevin Hoyt.

        while John is writing his Aesop’s fables Kevin is out doing investigations and trying to expose the corruption in Bennington county which by the way I’m hearing a lot of stuff is going on right now through investigations..

        We need a man to WORK as our governor not just write some nice stories.

        I’m hoping John klar does not get the opportunity to prove we are dumb vermonters because he is depending on that.

        This is no time for gullibility on the part of anyone that wants to save the state of Vermont.

        • I don’t believe I bad mouthed Kevin, only wanted to hear his words and platform. I support all conservative running for office. Is Kevin barred from the commentary? I support Kevin in his quest, but I’ve heard, nor seen anything on the only site in Vermont that does not ban conservative ideals and discussions. You are very correct, writing articles and getting them published means very little in the way of getting elected, it is a start.

          I fully support all kind hearted conservatives.

      • As consummate Chairman Scott supporter, hater and nonstop bully of Keith Stern slammed him many times in 2018 and after, Dick! Supported a Democrat aka Communist for governor in 2018, Dick, and Facebook page lists Trumphater Mitt Romney as a fave? Lol! – Correction: Democrat Party isn’t ‘socialist’ but Marxist sir:

        And why would you vote for someone you have previously dumped on, Dick?
        And if you’re in Bennington/Rutland doesn’t affect Keith Sterns run? Hoyt is running as Indy, Dick, and John Klar is running as Republican so it’s not even a valid issue until after the primary. If your bff wishes to debate someone needs to come out of his cozy closet, quit hiding behind his friends and domestic partner, man up and put himself out there by submitting his bid to a news source – entourage of drinking buddies is *not* generally considered a news source.

        Clearly display behavior of a mere troll bankrolled by Comrade Scott so screaming ‘socialist’ simply doesn’t pass muster sir.

        • First of all I love the fact that you don’t have guts enough to put your name on anything.

          That is how spineless people operate that want to throw insults at someone without receiving them back.

          I have a good idea who you are and eventually I’ll find out and expose you.

          Let’s be clear I support Donald Trump 100%. I have shared Donald Trump’s information thousands of times if you had a half a brain you could see that.

          time for you to stop hiding come out and be a real person so I can respond to you and not some coward.

          Klar is a socialist attempting to claim he is a republican but calls himself an agripublican.

          Based on his past voting record and support of Sanders and other politicalcandidates he also supported taking away constitutional rights including gun rights.

          Anyone with a half a brain can understand that.

          it must be you support the same things if you are supporting this fraud for governor.

          Expose yourself wimpy stardust

          • Let me ask who did John Rodgers vote for? Was there an issue supporting his candidacy for governor?

          • Oh, and historically I think you’ll find some of our greatest leaders in American History used pen names. It should be easier not more difficult to defend an argument.

          • Nerve struck much Dick lol. Textbook example of behavior displayed by bullies unable to control those around them. When called on deceitful dishonesty suddenly firing black smoke like a loose cannon? Thanks for exposing self – good to know. Effectiveness of crying wolf has its downside.

            You brought it – it’s called blowback sir. Infiltrating and using a comment platform to push agenda of Comrade Phil and campaigning for John Rodgers – a Democrat no less – is hypocritical. Bullied and bashed Keith Stern – even well after campaign – because you’re a bully?

            And still doing it – claiming you have ‘screenshots’ lol in attempt to hurt his senate campaign and claiming to withdraw nonexistant support? Hoping everyone in Windsor Cty votes for him on this alone as your employer consummate commie Chairman Phil is clearly running scared and froightened by true conservatives.

            Most of the commenters on blogosphere including TNR have brains enough not to use names? Oh, but you don’t like mine and detect I’m not a burly alpha-male lol – suck it up sir.

            No one is owed *anything* – this also means you. Soo…lessee…ya need a map to my door to, um, bully me? Not buying your bs sir. and proof of why unrestricted RKBK so crucial – are you ashamed of supporting Governor GunSense yet?

        • I see you still will not put your name on anything but it doesn’t surprise me.

          John Klar does not support President Trump John Klar has never voted for President Trump he has always voted the socialist agenda.

          That is the very same agenda this supports gun laws across the nation which by the way affected the state of Vermont.

          Had we like to John Rogers to governor we would not have any gun laws in the state of Vermont today.

          Anyone with an ounce of common Sense can understand that.

          Anyhow I am an avid Trump supporter I support the Republican party and I’m a true conservative but at times you have to choose the best candidate that is running for office and that’s exactly what I did along with many other people that understood what was taking place in the state of Vermont.

          please tell Keith Stern that the only reason I was going to bring out screenshots of him is because he thought he was being funny with his disgusting comment.

          The day of the toy run in Montpelier when John Rogers was riding a Harley Eddie Cutler called up and wanted to show up there after he turned out to be a traitor to the campaign.

          We told Eddie Cutler the head of gun owners of Vermont don’t bother coming up.

          You see sometimes it’s a little rough to stand up for what’s right but I will always do it.

          Thought you and your Klar supporters might enjoy this.

          • Mr Cutler is *not* head of Gun Owners of VT – how did you miss that one? Why shouldn’t you be kicked out for supporting defacto GunSense activist Chairman Phil? Pulled your cowardly attempt to slam Keith Stern – likely the most conservative candidate VT has ever had, still making idle threats – and here we go again. Slamming the best shot we have to reign in the Marxist Dome-dwellers. Display same snakeshifting as all who represent Benedict Scott and Mitt Romney – another Soros-backed phony and Rino.

            As Mitt Romney supporter no reference on Facebook of any Trump-support. As a committed deplorable have family members who won’t speak to me. Making America great again is more important than making friends. Known by the company we keep much? If it walks like a traitor…

    • I could agree with some of your thought, but Scott is not a conservative. So who are you actually for?

    • Kevin Hoyt is not going to beat Phil Scott in the primary, period. I suppose you think your continued diatribe about John Klar is working, it’s not. John is not a socialist, if he was you would see it in his writings. You just don’t get it. If you want to lose the chance to get rid of Phil Scott vote for whoever you wish. I’m voting for John Klar, he is our only chance to reclaim this state.

      • FYI Kevin will be on the ballot as an independent so will not be in the primary.
        I encouraged John Klar to have a debate between Kevin Hoyt and himself to distinguish themselves from each other and gain some name recognition. He refused.

        • I think you really surprised everyone with the debates, you did exceedingly well, very well. Debates are very good, many people never see them or look to see them which is a serious problem.

          We’d have been much better off with you as our Governor, that is for sure.

        • Refused bc Hoyt is running Indy and John Klar Republican ticket – and John Klar has also answered this. Plus validates Hoyt who I do not accept bc he has too much baggage to hide – and after the crazytrain and three-ring circus his ‘campaign’ has become wouldn’t vote him as dogcatcher.

      • One of the things that you have to look at his junk cars past voting record the clearly supports a socialist agenda.

        He also supports Bernie Sanders.

        If you were going to run for the governor in the state of Vermont after being a socialist all your life and voting that way what would be the first thing that would come to your mind to try to cover that up.

        writing these wonderful articles to deceive people into believing you are now a Conservative Republican.

        This is all too familiar to this olde vermonter for me to buy into this garbage.

        Kevin Hoyt is well-known has run his own business for years has been a gun instructor and a gun right supporter forever.

        Kevin is a lifelong vermonter the values not only Republicans but Democrats in the state.

        Kevin is a boots on the ground guy working his butt off daily to expose corruption in Bennington Vermont while the socialist John klar is doing his writings.

        Kevin has brought much corruption to light in Bennington county and a lot of big stuff is taking place right now as we speak.

        John klar won’t come close to beating Phil Scott in a primary.

        We will have choices it’s time to vote.

        We need to calm down and do some research and not buy into propaganda. We are on the verge of losing our state to socialism and I sure as hell am not going to elect a socialist to represent me.

    • So where were you 2 years ago when we had the chance to elect a conservative and you decided to help torpedo my campaign? Time to sit quietly on the sidelines Dick because your credibility should be zero with any thinking person.
      I am not a Klar supporter but enough is enough by you!

      • Keith…. I have been silent even though you are running as a candidate in the state of Vermont.

        I have screenshots of all the disgusting things you said and you were not a viable candidate for office because you were as confused as John Klar when you were running for office.

        now if you want to start a battle I’m willing to participate but don’t start a war you can’t win.

        I was considering supporting you and your run but now you are putting yourself in the same category as John klar

        My name is Richard Ley however it shows your intelligence by making a derogatory remark calling me “Dick”

        If anyone is an ignorant dick here it is you.

        maybe if you up your game just a little bit you would stand a chance of being elected.

        You first have to decide which party you belong to.

        • Just where on your Facebook page does it say anything supportive about our great president Donald J Trump – that’s right it *doesn’t* bc you *don’t*… why is this…bc bff Comrade Scott not only fails to support DJT but also a fellow avid Trumphater, Dick? But *you do* support Soros-bankrolled Red Chinese Communist dictatorship supporter, Trumphater and wimp-bag Mitt Romney??? Wow just wow! Yeah bring your damn ‘screenshots’ but pls quit acting like a big baby – and your ‘socialist’ silliness rings hollow.

          • Stop hiding who you are and I will bring out the screenshots that will make everybody drool.

            Only a coward has to hide their name when they are making threats to someone.

            You said your piece now let me know who I’m responding to so I can say my piece…

            I don’t make false accusations so I don’t have to hide my identity do I.

            Remember no guts no glory..

            I’m thinking that’s why you are a Klar supporter.

            I’m asking true north to make it a policy that people have to use their real names when posting especially when they are making false claims. It is hard to rebut a coward…

          • “Hiding” who I am…ya mean like everyone else lol. As you wantonly libel and slander – too funny Dick. Have been repeatedly asked to bring your ‘screenshots’ to back your lies about John Klar – and completely ignore?

            Have yet to prove *anything* you’ve claimed. Now suddenly demand ‘proof’ of who is calling your rank hypocricy – a bit rich Dick. My name is Stardust and was raised by wolves cantcha tell.

          • Honestly I think you were raised by fairies…

            Libel and slander are strong words for somebody the doesn’t have guts enough to put their name up here.

            the hypocrisy is on you while making statements with nothing to back them up not even a name.

            Star musk you are a fraud.

            You’re not the guy backing John klar from New York are you.

            You know the guy trying to bring more gun laws into the state of Vermont with the help of John klar…

            I think I know who you are now

            Nice try…

            Keep an eye out for those black helicopters

          • Black helicopters much? Huge reveal as it’s the Democrat Destroyers and assorted leftist loons who whistle that tune Dick – and following Snowdon all Tin Foil Hatters deserve an aplogy.

            Completely unable to provide a shred of evidence to back your unending falsehoods despite numerous requests – bull**hit-ometer breaks with every comment. Please stop standing with the Marxists attacking the only hope true conservatives who want our state to prosper have as it merely proves who you are.

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