Defending Vermont’s first responders from BLM thugs

By John Klar

Many of Vermont’s streets and parks are now largely controlled by advocates of the BLM ideology. Note that these are not black people — these are white Vermont zealots who import out-of-state suffering by inner city blacks to exploit politically to advance their Marxist platform against rural white Vermonters who are innocent of any wrongdoing. These are white BLM thugs, who demand that all laws bow before them.

Happily, this errant effort is failing miserably in Vermont. The problem with witch-hunting arises when one lacks witches. In Vermont, there are essentially ZERO white supremacist groups, ZERO swastikas, and only a few confederate flags.  The switcheroo occurs by replacing “white supremacist” with “white.” What used to be called “historical socio-economic disadvantages arising from slavery” is now dubbed “systemic racism.”

In Vermont, this definition-altering manipulation is particularly offensive — attacking police as racists for arresting inner city fentanyl dealers. This not only falsely condemns loyal officers: it greatly enables the narcotics traffic to flourish, even acting as an advertisement to gangs to peddle drugs in naive Vermont.

John Klar

Vermont’s police already know this. Commissioned to interdict the fentanyl and heroin flowing North from Mexico, they arrest dealers of those substances — regardless of race. The “Second Wave” of opioids began around 2010, after a government clamp-down on pharmaceutical narcotics led to an explosion in heroin trafficking. The “Third Wave” was the subsequent flood of deadly fentanyl and related analogs, that continues to kill Vermonters (regardless of color — fentanyl is “color blind”).

The resultant uptick in incarceration of “People of Color” led to liberal outrage, as they twisted these statistics to label Vermont’s entire judicial system, and its police officers, as racist. Vermont has so few black people that even a tiny increase in incarceration rates causes a statistical blip. But the leftist screaming of systemic racism ignores a simple analytical question — are they guilty?

Black Americans commit crimes at higher rates than whites. This is not an issue of race but of urbanism — crime rates are much higher in cities.  Yes, this situation is itself a consequence of historic racism, but Mexican cartels and black American gangs don’t admit white people (perhaps they are racists!).

Vermont’s progressive leaders have an agenda built on imputed (not actual) racism, and they certainly will not be derailed by common sense truths about the illicit drug trade. They don’t want to know that drug trafficking causes incarceration rates of blacks to rise, because that would subvert their pathetic mantra that all white people (except them) are privileged and owe a past debt.

These same liberal race warriors call the police in Vermont for the slightest of offenses, and demand defunding. But when their children are raped or murdered, or their homes are burglarized, is it not hypocrisy to call 911? Or what of EMTs? Do they expect EMTs to render aid for $12/hour in a residence where mental illness or drugs expose them to injury, WITHOUT police protection?

Vermont is arguably the LEAST racist state in America. Yet white “BLM protesters” hiss venom if any citizens attempt to express support for our police and first responders. There is NO evidence that either George Floyd or Breonna Taylor were targeted for the color of their skin — it is being imputed by a desperate ideological gambit to enslave all Americans. If there are no witches, they must be conjured; if there is no scapegoat, there is nothing to hate and target.

Vermont’s legislature released an extensive study in 2018 that analyzed criminal sentencing based on race.  It concluded that: “there was no significant difference in the frequency of drug charges issued to White and Black inmates” (p. 11); “… there was no significant difference in sentence length between Black and White inmates” (p. 12); “No significant difference in sentence length was found between the six racial categories” (p.13); “there was no significant difference in the frequency of DRs [Disciplinary Reports] issued to White and Black inmates” (p.13).  Such evidence contradicts the Left’s false narrative, so it is ignored: cognitive dissonance, in plain view.

America’s police are the scapegoat witches of a deluded ideology. This is especially evident in rural Vermont, where low crime rates and comprehensive (if imperfect) social services provide a stark contrast to the turmoil and chaos in many urban centers.  Americans are fleeing cities for the relative security of the countryside, even as rural Vermont liberals invoke the cities’ anarchy as their casus belli against their own police and communities.

In these surreal times, most Vermonters know who stands on the front lines against sex and drug traffickers, home robbers and rapists. The liberals aren’t going to police the streets they are tearing up: loyal and underpaid police officers are.

All patriots, and those who endorse the Rule of Law, will stand with them.

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield, and the former pastor of the First Congregational Church of Westfield.

Image courtesy of city of Montpelier

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  1. Why is it Google won’t allow us to see the 2018 report?
    This is a first!

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  2. I’m jumping on the “Defund The Police” bandwagon. If any police officer is willing to serve under the control of Socialist controlled city or state government, as an American you should be extremely
    concerned. They stood bye while Communist slogans were painted on streets across America. They arrested citizens who tried to remove them. They stood aside and allowed citizens to be assaulted and vacuously beaten by Socialist/Communist thugs. They allowed citizens and taxpayers property to be defaced, destroyed, looted and burnt. They allowed elderly men and women to be violently beaten in cities across America. In Virginia they actually worked with the Communist mob to move counter protesters into a location with no means of escape and then disappeared and left them to them to the violence of the mob. Anyone willing to serve a government that foul for a paycheck deserves no respect as a decent human being. I say “Defund The Police” leave the Socialist/ Communist cities to their own destruction, deafened your family and your property. The only answer, short of civil war, maybe a taxpayer’s revolt and “Defund Entire Socialist State Governments!”

  3. The white, BLM bullies cry “systemic racism” and succeed in intimidating because no one ever asks them for a falsifiable definition of that word salad. Demand that they prove their assertion. Don’t waste your time trying to prove a negative, that you or we are not racist. They succeed when we jump to a defensive position. All they have to do is to create sufficient self-doubt in our political leaders and they will defund and demoralize the police without our permission. Our towns and cities pay the meager salaries of our police. And they command them to stand down and to allow the bullies to proceed.

    Demand clear definitions whenever anyone charges racism and make them defend and explain their charge. Any definition must include objective, countable behavior, not thoughts, and it must permit the possibility of “not racist”. Memorize this phrase and use it constantly: “What, exactly, is racism.” Put them on the defensive. Truth dies when we are lazy and accept mishmash and vague statements from those who would destroy our peace and our society.

  4. John, you are spot on! BLM and Antifa have nothing to do with race and everything to do with anarchy, the overthrow of our government and the imposition of communism. You hit it square on the head when you said “that all white people (except them) are privileged and owe a past debt.” Reminds me of the line from George Orwell’s book Animal Farm: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

  5. Just make sure everyone goes and votes GOP down the line, even for dog catcher.
    That would be the only way to finally neutralize the Dem/Prog cabal.

  6. Thank goodness for people like John and others who stand firm against the thugs and bullies. You have to call out these violent misfits who have been brainwashed by the left throughout their school years. It is hard to turn them around and it will take time, but we must see the fight through to the end and restore sanity to Vermont and the nation! Appeasement doesn’t satisfy thugs and bullies – strong pushback is necessary.
    Thank you John for being a true leader.

    • The longer this charade is allowed to continue, the more difficult it will be to crush it. The thugs are emboldened by the criminal District Attornies refusing to prosecute them.

  7. Truth dies when the mob lies! Another truthful and insightful commentary by John Klar. Either the voters of this state love chaos and all this racist turmoil in the streets and in our faces all the time or they are just plain ignorant from being lied to by a supportive media that helps stir the pot. Visions of the Salem witch trials come to mind. If you can’t find any witches make them up and burn them for everyone to see. Just like the systematic racism it has to be manufactured and promoted by those who will profit from it. The poison keeps coming in from the cities as the police are denigrated for arresting those who bring it here to poison and kill Vermonters young and old. This can be changed by voting for change or continue to vote for the people who condone and enable the Vermont rot.

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