John Klar: A tale of two Newarks – New Jersey and Vermont

Vermont’s runaway CRT cult has infected every nuance of Vermont’s bureaucracy, including the public school system. It is astonishing that such a sweeping shift in Vermont law, culture and education would be built on such an unachievable fantasy game as this theory that will never possibly be anything but harmful.

Let us examine what the implementation of current proposals for “racial equity” in Vermont would look like using a hypothetical importation of black people.

John Klar

The first question is: which black people shall Vermont import to “increase diversity” and “wake” Vermonters to their subconscious racism? I have worked for years with Ugandan orphans, of which there are millions to recruit. It is estimated that 800,000 of the some 1.6 million Ugandan orphans lost their parents to AIDS. Surely that would be a worthy pool of candidates for importation to Vermont to implement the new social justice utopia as promised.

However, it is best to help Ugandans in their own culture, and air travel is expensive and harms the environment. (Also, I have spent three years trying to get a single Ugandan pastor a visa, but he has been denied repeatedly he can’t just swim the Rio Grande). So perhaps Vermont’s experimentation must seek American blacks to rescue, to deliver equity (i.e., equality of outcome) and vanquish white supremacy in Vermont.

Newark, New Jersey has a large pool of black candidates, some of whom can be relocated to Newark, Vermont (per the plans of the carpetbagger SJWs who have descended like race-baiting clowns to con gullible Vermonters). Let us explore what that would look like.

Newark has a population approaching half that of the entire state of Vermont — with 282,529 residents suffering a poverty rate of 27.41%, there are plenty of discrimination-suffering candidates for Vermont’s plans. About 50.13% of the city is black, and the crime rate is legendary — triple that for New Jersey as a whole; a 1-in-156 chance of being a victim of a violent crime.

These black Newark citizens can be rescued from the white supremist impoverishment inflicted upon them simply by relocating them to Vermont. Newark, Vermont is 95.7% white, has almost no crime (so it will be safe for new arrivals), and has a population of only 555 (plenty of room for everybody). True, the poverty rate there is 9.2% currently, but that should improve once it is rescued with diversity and inclusion. Newark, Vermont also has a median age of “51.1 years young”; Newark, New Jersey’s is 34.4, maybe because the murder rate prevents people from achieving old age. Balancing out the old white element is exactly what social justice is all about, so these Newarks align nicely.

Applying current Vermont plans to this CRT implementation scenario, we must create a network of BIPOC banks — managed and operated by “people of color,” as required by H. 273. However, that bill only allocates $10,000,000 of white supremacist Vermonters’ money to rescue black people. Clearly much more is needed to ensure proper “equity” — to make sure everyone has exactly the same amount of stuff. Let’s say we import 40,000 Newark blacks to Vermont, that would be a good start to ensure diversity.

In addition to a lot more money, those BIPOC banks will need to be evenly distributed across the state for equitable BIPOC access, especially since H.273 also insists that BIPOC people be granted land in “every town in Vermont” (including Newark). White people are not trustworthy to dispense money to BIPOC residents, just as we are told white nurses, doctors, police, attorneys, and judges are all irredeemably racist — all their jobs must be filled by arriving Newark blacks (regardless of education: CRT abhors merit, which CRT says is a loaded game of tests and education that favor dastardly whites).

Of course, BIPOC-owned restaurants staffed solely by BIPOC waiters and cooks will also be required — can’t trust whitey with one’s food if he can’t be trusted for health care and money handling. Perhaps a BIPOC Wendy’s will be constructed beside each BIPOC hospital.

In keeping with existing policy, the 40,000 suffering blacks will receive healthcare (H.210) and COVID shots in priority to white people of any age. If there is a new virus, relief funds will be disbursed to the 40,000 but not existing white-owned proprietorships. This will ensure COVID impacts everyone “equitably” — whatever Newark they hail from.

Currently, fentanyl deaths and crime in Vermont are spiking as the police are defunded and any black arrests are manipulated to conclude white supremacist motives — every time a black person kills someone in Vermont, it proves even more how racist the police are (this is precisely what has been done!). New black arrivals can rest assured that those damned white police have been restrained from stereotyping black people; even teachers in Vermont will now be restrained from disciplining black children at rates higher than whites (applying “equal” standards to all is a passe tool of white supremacists, dontcha know. Boys are suspended at higher rates than girls — that imbalance will have to be redressed some other day, presumably).

As in recent years, the influx of low-income blacks to Vermont will lower the median income of blacks in the Green Mountain State — proving once again that Vermont is systemically racist! (This is exactly what has been done in H.210). In time though, with all the promised economic growth that will flow from equity (whether or not the 40,000 receive $7,500 each as relocation pay from whitey), it can only be expected that the new Nirvanah-land will lift these incomes, if only through redistribution of white wealth. Then Vermont can proclaim itself “equitable” — but only when white and black incomes are exactly the same — otherwise there is more work to do.

The 40,000 will also be protected from First Amendment protections for white people that allow them to display “hate symbols” or “incendiary images.” Governor Scott and the Race-Justice Police will decide what those are and inform whitey: no U.S, Supreme Courts stating this is patently unconstitutional will be permitted to prevent equity from being achieved.

Act 250 will be altered to allocate land based on blackness; compliance with climate change timetables will be suspended for blacks; prostitution will be legal so it won’t be used to target black people in Vermont like it used to be. The black students will be assured “safe affinity spaces” where they can gripe against whitey and not fear the white supremacy in which they are saturated in Vermont.

Additionally, “affordable housing” will be required in Newark, along with universal lunches, daycare, and heating assistance. It’s time white Vermonters paid their fair share of reparations for the sins of their privileged white supremacist forebears.

No matter that thousands of BIPOC arrivals will die in the first Vermont winter, stranded as they are in towns where no human has lived for a hundred years. Those kinks in the social justice utopia will be worked out in due course, along with figuring out how to determine who is an Abenaki (impossible). But hey, one must have a few dead czars in a revolution to create the master society that ends prejudice and bias in the human soul forever. Let’s be positive and anti-racist, OK Vermonters?

Dear readers, I can sense the howls of hate emanating from liberal hearts as they read this article — “look how Klar characterized black people as Newark criminals.” No, actually I chose that demographic very specifically to reveal the pathetic racism of those who howl. Phil Scott calls for “more diversity in Vermont,” as does the cacophony of social justice converts. These flippant goals of “diversity for diversity’s sake” are the very definition of racism: quotas, token blacks, body counts of statistics. Is there no difference between relocation to Vermont of accomplished blacks, and the inner city drug dealers for whom the red criminal carpet has been so warmly (naively) extended? Lumping all black people together is more akin to Nazi efficiency than American egalitarianism. As we see urban graffiti on Vermont’s covered bridges, and hear hateful hip-hop lyrics blaring over our hills, are we improving the future by “creating diversity,” or are we merely desecrating a wonderful rural culture by importing urban problems when we already have enough? Does it not matter which black people relocate?

George Floyd was not killed in Vermont. The “urban problem” is foreign to Vermont, though being imported rapidly in the name of “social justice.” If moving inner city Newark residents to Vermont is not acceptable (BLM activists and CRT “scholars” condemn integration as serving white supremacy, btw), then why not, and what is the plan?

I’ve simply scratched the bizarre surface of this insidious race-baiting dogma that has attacked Vermont. Perhaps our nation must help the people of Newark — as with the orphans in Uganda — where they are, rather than create strife and inequity by trying to fashion the perfect theoretical society. If this is what it looks like now, imagine what Vermont will look like following another decade of this toxic subjugation in the name of skin color.

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield, and the former pastor of the First Congregational Church of Westfield. © Copyright True North Reports 2021. All rights reserved.

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One thought on “John Klar: A tale of two Newarks – New Jersey and Vermont

  1. John,
    Thank you for your tongue-in-cheek exposure of the implications of government-imposed diversity.

    Newark, NJ, is as much of a hell-hole as are Chicago and Haiti.
    Very few whites live in Haiti
    Haiti is as black as Vermont is white.
    No Whiteys are oppressing Haitians, so Haitians cannot blame Whiteys for their poor conditions.

    Based on my experience, no two Vermonters are alike.
    Each one has his own quirks.
    I think that is true, natural diversion, which should be applauded, celebrated, and strengthened.

    The government-defined-and-mandated implementation of diversity would be an artifact, as phony as a three-dollar bill, and would be subversive of Vermonters’ well-being.

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