Jayapal no vote on Supreme Court security bill no good, Vermont candidates say

By Guy Page

Two candidates for Congress disagree with Rep. Pramila Jayapal, a prominent endorser of Democratic State Sen. Becca Balint’s run for Congress, for her “no” vote on a bill to protect Supreme Court justices and their family.

U.S. Congress

U.S. Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash.

Jayapal is a leader in the House progressive caucus. On June 15, the Balint campaign published a press release proclaiming Jayapal’s support for Balint. “We are at a crucial moment in time for our democracy. As our rights to choose, to vote, and to love who we love are all being threatened, we need bold leaders in Congress unafraid to step up to fight for the rights of working people,” said Jayapal.

“Becca Balint is a fearless leader driven by her values and commitment to Vermonters. She has led the way on affordable housing, gun violence prevention, and reproductive freedom in the state,” she added.

On June 14, all but 27 members of the U.S. House voted to approve S.4160. According to Congress.gov, “This bill grants the Marshal of the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court Police the authority to protect any member of the immediate family of the Chief Justice, any Associate Justice, or any officer of the Supreme Court if the Marshal determines that such protection is necessary.”

This bill was approved by the Senate in mid-May.

Rep. Peter Welch was among the majority of Representatives of both major parties supporting the bill. Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Washington), who a day later endorsed Sen. Balint, was among the 27 House members to vote no.

Thursday, Vermont Daily Chronicle emailed Democrats Balint and Lt. Gov. Molly Gray and Republicans Ericka Redic, Liam Madden, and Anya Tynio and asked if they agree with Jayapal’s vote, and why or why not.

“No. I would have voted differently,” Madden — retired U.S. Marine — said. “Why? Because we don’t want the Supreme Court’s decisions influenced by intimidation.”

Tynio answered: “I disagree with her vote. In order to make judicial decisions free from intimidation and distraction we need to ensure the protection of the Justices, court employees and their families. It is extremely disappointing that any member of Congress would vote against protecting innocent people from violence.”

As of 12:52 pm neither Redic, Balint nor Gray had responded. Vermont Daily Chroniclewelcomes their responses – and those of any other U.S. House candidates – for future publication.

Guy Page is publisher of the Vermont Daily Chronicle. Reprinted with permission.

Image courtesy of U.S. Congress

8 thoughts on “Jayapal no vote on Supreme Court security bill no good, Vermont candidates say

  1. She comes from the state of Washington, what would you expect. If Washington, Oregan and California broke off and drifted out to sea, America would be a better country. If only Minnesota could go with them that would also help.

  2. History does repeat, and we are repeating Pre War Germany, 1938. Lawyer Alan Dershowitz, life long liberal, Harvard constitutional law professor, long time Clinton ally….see’s it all changing for the worse….the rabid foaming hate by most progressive & liberals contr=ol and even violence . Quotes by Dershowitz:

    ““… legal expert Alan Dershowitz predicts a “summer of violence,” with more unconstitutional abuses of power and politicized justice in America…..”You won’t find congressional committees controlled by Democrats evaluating whether there was incitement, whether by Black Lives Matter — or women’s groups.”…. Dershowitz denounced the hands-off approach and failing to hold those accountable in violent race riots in the summer of 2020, —-while Jan. 6 defendants are selectively prosecuted and treated more harshly than other more alleged violent criminals……The abuse of power will not be limited to the Justice Department’s selective enforcement of the law against conservatives either, Dershowitz lamented…..”Look at Judge [David] Carter in California … he rules that President Trump committed three crimes, without taking one bit of evidence from Trump, without hearing from him, without him being a litigant in the case.
    “He makes up crimes. So here’s the judiciary overreaching.”
    “Each branch of the government today is guilty of overreaching.”

  3. It’s just disgraceful. These progressives would like nothing better than for one of their whackos to assassinate a conservative supreme court justice to upset a possible court decision to overthrow Roe V Wade. Then, old man Biden gets to nominate another left wing radical to fill the empty seat. The Supreme Court justices must have protection. All of them. I agree with their families also. Court clerks? No.

    Jayapal is nothing but a communist and It’s hard to believe she was actually elected.by American citizens.


  4. “traitor” noun – one who betrays another’s trust or is false to an obligation or duty”

    Jayapal and her cohorts took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. Instead they have attacked both it and the government structure of the United States of America. They wish to change it by revolution instead of the process laid out in it. I think that fits the definition.

    • Steve,
      It is ok, because it is blessed by our “watchdog” media.
      If she had been a Republican, all hell would break loose

  5. Anyone demonstrating within a mile of a Supreme Court Justice House should be arrested and get a minimum of 5 years in jail.

    That would stop the intimidating, infata, blm, crt, etc, nonsense in its tracks, because those folks usually are the professional demonstrators, who show up at various sites to foment chaos and distractions, to keep the pot boiling, as part of THEIR “rebuild back better” campaign

  6. This Congress lady who voted “no” for protections for Supreme Court…is not just a Socialist-Progressive….she’s basically a facist in the sense that if she hates you…(as she seems to hate the Supreme Court because the majority are “conservatives”)…..then that hatred is fine-by-her to allow violence, or even murder – as was being planned against Justice Kavanaugh.

    I’m glad this article came & how this lady voted.. because for all intents she & her
    “party” are exposing who they really are… just what Hitler did…..Hitler hated Jews (just as progressives hate conservatives) and Hitler promoted violence & death against them. This Congress lady hates conservative opinion similarly and is willing to strip safety protections so they can exposed to violence & harm (or DEATH)…just like a being “Juden” in pre-war Berlin 1938….except it is now Washington DC 2022.,…and Progressives want to rule like Brown Shirts…In Berlin 1938 the Brown Shirt squads (our CONGRESS has a PROGRESSIVE SQUAD!) burned your books….and basically the Brown Shirts are today’s rabid progressive activists.

    “Liberal Logik” on display. Oh! and let’s not forget the Progressive’s “partners” – in ANTIFA and BLM….(similar to Brown Shirts in Germany 1938)… who were (and are) freely approved allowed mayhem, arson, destruction and riots, even death…..look just like German book burnings 1938…..into billions of dollars damage…..no penalty, few arrests.

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